Saturday, July 28, 2012

Grey2K USA, Board of Directors, #2

Grey2K USA Board of Directors' ineptitude in acting as a responsible Board for a tax-exempt organization.
Continuing on the quest to improve Grey2K's Board of Directors, the 2nd of the basic responsibilities to address is....
2. Select the chief executive. Boards must reach consensus on the chief executive's responsibilities and undertake a careful search to find the most qualified individual for the position.
Grey2K USA came into existence 11 years ago in 2001. It was founded by the husband & wife team of  Carey Theil & Christine Dorchak.  The founders have been the Executive Director and President ever since!  There has been no change in leadership and, as far as we can tell, there has never been any discussion amongst the Grey2K Boards of Directors to change said leadership.

Now, that act in & of itself may not be bad...  However....  in this particular case it is disastrous for Grey2K, if it is to have any success of meeting it's goal as previously defined.  You see, the leadership of Grey2K, while drawing a handsome salary, has failed to accomplish any goal at any track in any state.  With the exception of Idaho, which banned greyhound racing in 1996, 5 years prior to the formation of the lobbying group, Grey2K USA.

Grey2K and many of it's animal rights associates CLAIM that racing is banned in 10 states: MA, ME, ID, PA, NC, NV, VT, NH, VA and WA.  Well, that's not so...  Greyhound racing is still LEGAL in 49 of the 50 states.  The ONLY state to have banned greyhound racing is the previously mentioned state of Idaho back in 1996. Massachusetts & New Hampshire have banned wagering on the dogs, not the actual racing.


In addition, the "leadership" lies to their constituents, as well as politicians, voters, the media, etc. Here is a current example from the Grey2K USA FaceBook page...
"GREY2K USA: Please send an e-mail to Arizona Governor Jan Brewer asking for the removal of Rory Goree from his new position as the greyhound welfare representative on the Arizona Racing Commission. The dogs need an even-handed, neutral regulator, not a biased proponent of dog racing."
One would think that the two well paid folks like them, one of whom is supposed to be an attorney,  would first look up the position about which they speak before making bold face lies about the position and the person who fills it. 

Something we have noticed through the years is that Grey2K Board members are replaced when they make faux pas. Earlier this year, prior to their Annual Meeting held on May 24, 2012, Karen Zoldan a member of the BOD, made several highly offensive statements, comparing greyhound racing kennels to Auschwitz and referencing "wet dreams" when speaking about the Skecher's commercial, which was aired during the Super Bowl.  Shortly thereafter, Karen Zoldan was removed from her position on the BOD.  Go figure...  However, for all their faux pas, Dorchak & Theil remain in power.  

We think it's time that the people involved with greyhounds on all sides of the issue step up to the plate and do their job...  clean the bases, dust off home plate and kick the managers & coaches out of the game.  That's right....  get rid of Grey2K in its entirety...  No Earl Weaver like manager in Christine Dorchak...  No 1st base coach in Carey Theil.  And no inept "upper management" in the guise of an "independent Board of Directors".  All of them have failed the team - the Greyhounds!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dorchak & Theil Get A Pay Raise...

Grey2K USA Board of Directors' ineptitude in acting as a responsible Board for a tax-exempt organization. Dorchak & Theil give themselves a pay raise and still no support of greyhound adoption.

The Board of Directors for Grey2K USA need to be called to task for neglecting their duties. The purpose for a tax-exempt Board of Directors is to:
  1. Determine mission and purpose. It is the board's responsibility to create and review a statement of mission and purpose that articulates the organization's goals, means, and primary constituents served.
  2. Select the chief executive. Boards must reach consensus on the chief executive's responsibilities and undertake a careful search to find the most qualified individual for the position.
  3. Support and evaluate the chief executive. The board should ensure that the chief executive has the moral and professional support he or she needs to further the goals of the organization.
  4. Ensure effective planning. Boards must actively participate in an overall planning process and assist in implementing and monitoring the plan's goals.
  5. Monitor, and strengthen programs and services. The board's responsibility is to determine which programs are consistent with the organization's mission and monitor their effectiveness.
  6. Ensure adequate financial resources. One of the board's foremost responsibilities is to secure adequate resources for the organization to fulfill its mission.
  7. Protect assets and provide proper financial oversight. The board must assist in developing the annual budget and ensuring that proper financial controls are in place.
  8. Build a competent board. All boards have a responsibility to articulate prerequisites for candidates, orient new members, and periodically and comprehensively evaluate their own performance.
  9. Ensure legal and ethical integrity. The board is ultimately responsible for adherence to legal standards and ethical norms.
  10. Enhance the organization's public standing. The board should clearly articulate the organization's mission, accomplishments, and goals to the public and garner support from the community.
*References: Richard T. Ingram, Ten Basic Responsibilities of Nonprofit Boards, Second Edition (BoardSource 2009).

Grey2K USA is a tax-exempt organization. (They are not a charity and donations to them are NOT tax deductible.) In these 10 basic purposes, as outlined above, the BOD for Grey2K USA have failed & they have failed miserably.  We shall address their failures individually, starting with...
  1. Determine mission and purpose. It is the board's responsibility to create and review a statement of mission and purpose that articulates the organization's goals, means, and primary constituents served.
The mission statement as provided on Guidestar is...
"GREY2K USA is the largest greyhound protection organization in the United States. As a non-profit 501(c)4 organization, we work to pass stronger greyhound protection laws and to end the cruelty of dog racing on both national and international levels. We also promote the rescue, rehoming and adoption of greyhounds across the globe."
Since Grey2K was formed 11 years ago in 2001, they have not been successful in banning the act of greyhound racing in any state!  That's right... not a single state contrary to their claims.  In 2001, it was legal to race greyhounds in 49 states and it is still legal to race them in 49 states.

Grey2K likes to claim that greyhound racing is banned in Massachusetts, but it isn't. It isn't a victory...  The only thing banned in Massachusetts is WAGERING on greyhound races. It is still legal to race greyhounds there.

A goal of Grey2K which is NOT mentioned in their mission statement is the eradication of gambling. That really needs to be added by the BOD.  But, of course, Carey Theil keeps denying that part of their goal. He keeps saying that "Grey2K has no position on gambling."  Well, if that's true,

Why is the anti-gambling advocate, Rev. Tom Gray, Stop Predatory Gambling & the National Coalition Against Gambling on the Grey2K BOD?

Why does Carey Theil, Executive Director for Grey2K, sit on the BOD for Stop Predatory Gambling?

Why did Grey2K contribute more than $19,000 to a Florida gambling ballot initiative, No Casinos, in 2004?

Why does the South Florida Business Journal in Jan 2008, "Anti-gambling coalition No Casinos Miami is urging voters to reject the ballot issue. Its members include the Christian Coalition of South Florida, the National Coalition Against Legalized Gambling and greyhound rights group Grey2K USA."?

And, finally, WHY are there statements like this...

November 30, 2004, Grey2K Press Release by Carey Theil - “The fact that at least one racing greyhound recently tested positive for cocaine is very troubling, and calls into question the integrity of wagers being placed at Massachusetts dog tracks."


May 14, 2005 in the Boston Globe by Bray Hiawatha - "Critics of legalized gambling, already appalled by the spread of online casinos, view the coming of cellphone wagering with undisguised dread. "Anytime you are expanding gambling on an electronic platform, I think there are concerns about gambling addiction," said Carey Theil, a Brighton resident who sits on the board of the National Coalition Against Gambling Expansion. "Studies have shown that the faster [the] forms of gambling are, the more addictive they are."

Then, the other part of the mission statement which is not being met...  supporting greyhound adoption.  Up until very recently, Grey2K has not supported Greyhound adoption efforts and, in fact, it is STILL VERY DEBATABLE as to whether the single webpage they have erected is an HONEST EFFORT to support adoptions. After all, in 2008, letters were sent to both GPA and other racing neutral groups in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Connecticut demanding info, which is publicly available, and then follow up letters threatening the groups with exposure to fines up to $10,000!  How is that supporting greyhound adoption?  Grey2K USA, with all their hundreds of thousands of dollars, donates NOTHING to provide services to greyhounds in need.  Instead, they pay lobbyists, attorneys, and others who do not provide any services to greyhounds.

Grey2K USA does pay their Executive Director, Carey Theil, and the President, Treasurer, and General Counsel, Christine Dorchak, salaries. Theil & Dorchak are husband & wife and they did, in fact, receive a pay raise of nearly $4,000!  Not too bad for not accomplishing anything!

And the greyhounds...  How much did they get from Grey2K?   $0.00 - not a penny...

So, as LuLu so appropriately stated, 
"I think we need to ask the public this question: Would you rather see $343,362 go towards helping Greyhounds in reputable adoption groups with the resources they need & helping the Greyhounds who land themselves in horrible situations such as the FT Worth 28, animal hoarding/backyard breeding situations & Giles Express to name a few?   
Or, would you rather see that money go towards salaries from $79,000 to $83,000 to line someone else's pocket, lobbying expenses, supporting/endorsing politicians, paying someone else's phone bills, paying for someone else's expensive travel trips, paying for someone else's expensive awards banquets, paying for ties to a federally recognized known domestic terrorist groups who want NO animals to walk this earth with us, causing the loss of thousands of jobs, not donating 1 dime to help the Greyhounds themselves & purchasing hundreds of website domains that all point to 1 domain?
It's your choice... 
I support the 1st choice. Which choice do YOU choose?"
These monies are monies diverted from real welfare providers. Which is interesting, as Grey2K loves to accuse greyhound adoption of being a factor in displacing other adoptable dogs who would erstwhile find homes were it not for the yearly "glut" of retiring greyhounds. 

I think the Grey2K BOD needs to start asking some hard questions of their employees, Theil & Dorchak.  Questions such as...
1. What plans are in place to ensure the welfare of the dogs that will no longer race when the adoption system can't handle the thousands of dogs that will flood the system all at once? 
2. Will our organization spend the hundreds of thousands of dollars we raise each year to help maintain and care for those dogs until they can be placed? If not, why not?
The greyhounds affected by Grey2K's litigation and lobbying need to take priority over the salaries of Theil & Dorchak and their wining and dining of politicians. If it doesn't, then it isn't about the dogs after all.

One has to ask, how does Grey2K support greyhounds and greyhound adoption, especially when one reviews their history. I think most of us, regardless of which side of the fence we are on, would agree that hundreds of thousands of dollars has been wasted and much of it has been used to hamper the adoption and welfare effort of ex-racing greyhounds.

Truly, the Grey2K BOD has failed in its purpose and it has failed miserably.

Yours in greyhounds...

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Politicians & Their Associates...

Candy Beck of New Mexico Greyhound Connection speaks out about greyhound adoption, greyhound racing and Grey2K USA (Grey2K) with regards to the Florida issues.
Candy Beck:

"I have been involved in greyhound adoption since 1997 and have run my own adoption group since 2003, I also own an actively racing greyhound. My greyhound races in Florida at Orange Park Kennel Club in Jacksonville. I am licensed with the State of Florida and have paid a license fee to the State of Florida.

It appears that Senator Maria Sachs of Florida has swallowed the Grey2K party line - hook, line and sinker as she parroted all the talking points of Grey2K. I would have hoped that someone such as the Senator would have done a bit of research and looked at both sides of the issue before aligning herself with a group such as Grey2K, and against the interests of those in her state who make a living, pay taxes and contribute to the coffers of the State of Florida.

Just a couple of facts about Grey2K
1. Grey2K is known for distorting the facts. On Nov. 6,2000, the Boston Herald called Grey2K's campaign to ban greyhound racing in Massachusetts "...a ruthless campaign of deceit, distortion and defamation of character".

2. Grey2K provides NO direct services to greyhounds. Grey2K's 2008 IRS 990 return reveals that the organization spends nothing-zero-on direct services to benefit greyhounds or adoption. Instead, 53% of its budget goes to lobbying. (
It is my hope that Florida does not lose live greyhound racing due to the misinformation and lies of those whose agenda is not about the greyhounds, but about lining their own pockets. Thanks to racing, greyhounds are well adjusted and social animals. They are wonderful dogs that are treasured by adopters all over the United States due to their breeding, careful raising, and racing... not in spite of it.

Please folks, do some homework.  Do not swallow the whole Grey2K line - hook, line and sinker. Save the racing greyhound from Grey2K!"

Addendum From Grey2K Lies

Make no mistake folks, Senator Sachs, who is running for re-election in 2012, is an animal rights activist.  There cannot be any other reason for her actions, her joining ranks with Grey2K USA and their radical agenda, which is based upon Christine Dorchak's association with radicals such as the Animal Liberation Front (ALF), Humane Society of the US (HSUS), and Ingrid Newkirk of PeTA!

Index List of Animal Liberation Front's "Saints - Hall of Fame" files. Please note Christine Dorchak in purple.

Senator Sachs, in addition to falling for the "kool-aid" of Grey2K, has also accepted money and an endorsement from them, as have many other politicians.  You have to ask yourself...  WHO are they representing?  Are they representing you? Or, are they representing the 2% who would do away with our ownership of  and interactions with animals?

You have to ask yourself, do you really want politicians in office who associate and support a woman closely affiliated with a domestic terrorist group - ALF???  Here's what the FBI has to say about ALF...

So, who are these politicians who are lauded by Grey2K and their minions???  Here are a couple...

Representative Dana Young
Senator Maria Sachs
Senator Don Gaetz
Rep Vic Williams & Karen Zoldan
Representative Joe Abruzzo

Representative Nancy Young Wright
Representative Vic Williams

Representative Mary Mascher

Senator Stewart Greenleaf

In the image at right, Rep. Vic Williams of Arizona is accepting a Grey2K USA award for his support of Grey2K USA rather than for his support of the good people of Arizona. Many of the good people of Arizona lost their livelihoods because of Rep. Williams support of Grey2K.

Karen Zoldan, the presenter, is known for making very offensive remarks such as, "Middle class, educated, white people don't go to bet on the dogs. That is Skechers or the TGP's (Tucson Greyhound Park) wet dream."

And, "If you drive by where the dogs are kept, it looks like Auschwitz..."

If I were a politician, I sure wouldn't want to be seen with a person who makes remarks like that!

When will GREY2K USA tell the world exactly what the involvement of its President/Treasure/General Counsel (yes the wife of the husband and wife dictatorship team of GREY2K USA holds all three titles) with ALF might be?

The public has a right to know who they are working with and what other organizations they “the leadership team” of GREY2K USA have ties with! What is wrong with a little transparency of an organization that relies on the public for its finances and salaries?

Birds of a feather flock together and perhaps if one bird in the flock is deemed to be what the FBI labeled a “threat to our society” then other birds of the flock probably have similar ideas and beliefs.  That includes those running for public office.

Yours in greyhounds...

Friday, July 20, 2012

Florida Political Candidates... Tied to AR Groups

Grey2K Supported Candidates in Florida

This fall, several anti-greyhound candidates will appear on the ballot in Florida. These candidates will be running for either the Florida State House or Florida State Senate. We need your help in defeating them as they have been endorsed by the rabid animal rights group, Grey2K USA.  We and the greyhounds need your help.

For those who do not know, Grey2K USA is affiliated with the Animal Liberation Front (ALF), Humane Society of the US (HSUS), and also PeTA.  The President of Grey2K, Christine Dorchak, participated in PeTA protests at the New England Aquarium and she was a keynote speaker at an ALF event.

Dorchak's mentor, Ingrid Newkirk, stated at a press conference following the 2005 arrest of two employees, Hinkle & Cook, in North Carolina"PETA believes euthanasia is the kindest gift to a dog or cat..." Newkirk has personally stated that she's killed "thousands" of pets at the PeTA facility. (New Yorker Magazine; "The Extremist: The Woman Behind the Most Successful Radical Group in America" by Michael Specter; April 14, 2002)

Christine Dorchak in Foreground

GREY2K USA Endorsements

Florida State Senate and State House
Brevard County
John Tobia (R) State House (District 53)

Broward County 
Eleanor Sobel (D) State Senate (District 33)
Jared Moskovitz (D) State House (District 97)
Louis Reinstein (D) State House (District 98)

Duval County
Audrey Gibson (D) State Senate (District 9)

Hillsborough County
Joe Wicker (R) State House (District 59)
Betty Reed (D) State House (District 61)

Miami-Dade County
Gwen Margolis (D) State Senate (District 35)
Kionne McGhee (D) State House (District 117)

Orange County
Tom Goodson (R) State House (District 50)

Osceola County
Mike Horner (R) State House (District 42)

Palm Beach County
Joseph Abruzzo (D) State Senate (District 25)
Mark Pafford (D) State House (District 86)
Dave Kerner (D) State House (District 87)

Polk County
John Wood (R) State House (District 41)

Sarasota County
Ray Pilon (R) State House (District 72)

Seminole County
Scott Plakon (R) State House (District 30)

Volusia County
Frank Bruno Jr. (D) State Senate (District 8)

State Senate District 1
Don Gaetz (R)

State Senate District 3
Bill Montford (D)

State Senate District 14 
Darren Soto (D)

State Senate District 34
Ellyn Bogdanoff (R)
Maria Sachs (D)

State House District 20
Marihelen Wheeler (D)

State House District 55
Randy Johnson (R)

State House District 100
Joseph Gibbons (D)

Please note that these are candidates running for the state legislature in Tallahassee, not the US Congress in Washington D.C.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Giles Express, The Auction

Giles Update....

As of Saturday, July 14, Gile's hematocrit is up to 35. That's normal for most dogs but it is still low for a greyhound. Even so, that is great news! I'm told his blood values continue to improve and, at the end of July, he will be heading to his new home with Nancy Hanrahan, a woman who specializes in adopting creaky, old boy dogs. That news makes me and many others very, very happy!

The Auction...

Thanks to Cyn's efforts, the Greyhound community knew that Gile's problems were not because of the racing community but because of an adopter, who dreadfully neglected him. Everyone on both sides of the greyhound racing controversy REFUSED to let anyone blame this on racing or to even discuss the "racing issue"...
"KEEP THE RACING ISSUE OUT OF THIS AUCTION......we are all joined to help this boy. You are pro racing.....anti racing.....this is NOT the place, BOTH sides have stopped what they're doing to step up and help a hound so please RESPECT THAT."
The emergency auction for Giles Express was held from July 5 to July 15. Items were donated from across the USA and also from places as far afield as Germany and Spain. Donated items included jewelry, stuffed toys, collars, books, stained glass, note cards, and other odds & ends. More than 200 items were donated and bid upon. There were even items donated AFTER the donation period had closed.

One thousand & twenty-five (1025) people attended the auction and four people, the 'Auction Team' aka 'Auction Ninjas', handled the auction (Facebook Names): Wayne Da Greyhound, Chai Huggable Hound, Jessica Worklan, and Arch E Beebuster. The 'Auction Team' is known for only doing auctions for Galgo Espanols, but they stepped up to the plate "to help in an area we are not really familiar with." As always, some people questioned the "names" and there are always the naysayers & troublemakers. To counter them, "Wayne D. Greyhound" responded....
"FACT: Your admins ARE REAL...

FACT: Giles needs our help....let's just ignore the to not respond to them, it's being handled..."
Giles & His Vet, courtesy of ARI
The people in attendance were from all over. There were people from Scandanavia (Sweden & Norway), people from Germany, and others from eastern European countries. Giles had friends in attendance from Germany and, of course, England. Friends from Australia and from Canada. Friends from all over the world! Most of his friends have greyhounds, but many did not. There were people with Saluki, Borzoi, Pharaoh Hounds, Chart Polski, German Shepherds and many other breeds & mutts. There were known & avowed animal rights actvists, as well as, known & avowed anti-animal rights activists. There were greyhound racing folks & dog show folks. Vets... vet techs... mechanics... etc...  All had two things in common...

helping Giles & helping those who were helping him.

As at least one person voiced, "I am sad that we need to do these fundraisers, but greytful (sic) to all those who are participating (donors, bidders and admins). It proves that any of us who love our 'fur kids' want to help out others in need."

The support was overwhelming; it was mind-blowing. I have to tell you that I stopped being able to afford anything after about 15 minutes AFTER the auction started. The compassion and the coming together to help is awe inspiring; it has touched many people. It just goes to show that when people set aside their political agenda that anything can be accomplished and that the dogs benefit. 

At the end of the auction, July 15, 
more than $14,000 had been bid on the auction items!

On July 17, it was divulged that the Grand Total bid was $14,644.00!

Break Down: $12,000.00 already sent, $1931.00 still owed, and $713.00 held and not yet sent.

Remember now who stepped up to help Giles....EVERYONE! From all walks of life....and from all over the world....not just the USA. Let's please remember that. 

Giles & Friend, Deanna - courtesy of ARI

About At Risk Intervention

At Risk Intervention (ARI) is not really a rescue group, not even a Greyhound rescue group. ARI is a "force multiplier and back up for frontline rescuers." They provide the infrastructure and resources to shelters and individuals who are determined to save lives.

As an example of what they do, when all this went down with Giles, ARI also took under their wing, Gulliver, the Shih-Tzu who was surrendered with him. The normal population of dogs at ARI is 12-15. When the call about Giles came in, they had 15 dogs. That week, other ARI activities included, but were not limited to...
  • Health Certs for four (4) small dogs going to Canada 
  • Intake of a Beagle mix and another Shih Tzu from Florida 
  • Put the Beagle mix on a transport to Maine 
  • Make arrangements for the FL Shih Tzu to go to Canada in August 
  • Pay vet bills and send Giles into foster care 
  • Get more health certs, 8 or 9 of them, for more dogs going to Maine 
  • Health certs on two (2) Great Pyrs heading to New Jersey 
There were more health certs obtained, more dogs vetted, kenneling set up, more dogs taken in and sent out... and that's just for starters! While some of the destinations to which the dogs go, such as Canada & the Great Pyr group, many of the destinations to which the dogs were headed do not offer reimbursement. So, ARI covers those costs, as well as the costs for feed, water, Frontline, heart worm prevention and other kennel costs, which people sometimes forget about, such as electricity (air conditioning & lights), fence repair, water buckets, etc. They may not do direct to the public adoptions as the dogs they help go to adoption groups, losing the revenue from any adoption fees. ARI survives off of donations and fundraisers. In describing ARI, Cyn Mobley, ARI President, says, "We're not your first call --- but probably your last. We're there after groups have exhausted the normal resources and we're the ones who can usually say, "Yes, I will meet you at the Emergency Room." That's what ARI does.

ARI is a small, under $20,000 a year group. Their website is ARI suggests that if you have any questions and cannot find the info on their website to please "feel free to check with any Greyhound groups around". Their EIN is 26-188433 and their TN Charity Registration number is CO14323. Another place to check is with the Division of Charitable Services (I think that's what it's called) to see that they are a registered charity, exempt from solicitation permits because they are under $30,000 a year. To date, they have moved more than 450 dogs through the 'way station' and the 'maternity ward' in the past 3 years.

One of the driving forces behind ARI is their President, Cynthia Mobley aka Cyn Mobley. Cyn is an attorney and an avid lover of dogs. She has owned many greyhounds, several Airedales and a couple of all-American dogs aka mutts. She is also a USA Today bestselling author and a former officer in the US Navy.

If you wish to help At Risk Intervention, there is a DONATE button on their website. If you would like to send a check or money order, their mailing address is

At Risk Intervention
2000 Stock Creek Road
Knoxville, TN 37920

Donations are tax deductible.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Giles Express, Part 2

Part 2...

Giles made it through the night. The next hematocrit taken was 22. His red blood cells doubled over night!  One could see dramatic improvement over night as he lifted his head when called and his eyes were brighter.  He could also stand!  Giles held his own through the night.

Potty Break on Tuesday, 7/3
Since he had been on oxygen all night, At Risk Intervention (ARI) elected to transfer him to University of Tennessee Vet Hospital (UT) for at least the day. He walked to the transport van on his own, but his gums were far too pale and his breathing too rough and upon arrival and UT, a gurney was requested for the trip into the hospital. He spent another two nights in the ICU at UT.

He improved so much over the 4th of July weekend, that he was again transferred on the 6th of July to a local vet office. He was stable and doing well on room air. Even so, he spent another two days in the care unit at the local vet office before being transferred to an experienced foster home, where the woman of the house was an experienced vet tech.

How much had he improved?

Giles hematocrit had risen to 28, up 17 points (more than 50%) since the day he was dumped. Bloodwork showed that his malnourished body was producing red blood cells. He had also been eating like crazy and gained 10 pounds!

Cyn's efforts also found out that the same people were involved in another abuse case involving a second greyhound, which almost died the previous year. She is making it her job to follow the progress of the abuse case. She stated,
"If no action is taken, I will file a writ of mandamus to ask the court to order the DA to do his job. I really doubt that will be necessary given the conditions and documentation of these dogs. Don't mess with Greyhounds around a Greyhound-loving Lawyer."
One woman, Carla, put this story into perspective,
"He is who I think of when I tell people that the only greyhounds I have "rescued" come from prior adopters...  that my straight from the racing kennel or straight from the track or group adoptions are just that-- adoptions."
Cyn posted at update on the boy, letting everyone know that
"he has a permanent home with Nancy Hanrahan in NJ, when he's well enough to travel -- no more changes for a little while! I've known Nancy for a couple of decades and she specializes in old man fossil dogs, so I know he'll get the best of care. His vet bills are covered with donations. Hemocrit was originally 11 when he came in to the animal shelter and was 28 on Friday. He is making red blood cells just fine per his retic rate. A happy ending when we were about four hours from a tragedy. He probably would not have made it through the night, the vet says. Animal Control is pursuing an investigation, they say, and I have the couple's home address."
To get the boy to this point, ARI used every dime they had. Now was the time for the greyhound community to help ARI and the way to do it was with an "Emergency Auction".

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Giles Express, Part 1

Giles Express - the story of an abandoned greyhound who brought together people from all over the world and from both sides of the pro-racing / anti-racing debate. Part 1 covers his condition on intake at the ER and the treatment received in the first 24 hours.
"Meet me at the ER with all the cash."  That was the message relayed to Rebecca Braker during a phone call. Rebecca was not thrilled. She was in the middle of cooking dinner, hot and sunburnt, and worn out after coordinating an event the weekend before. However, as much as she did NOT want to meet up at the ER, she loves dogs and will do anything for them!

Word was just received by Cyn Mobley, President of At Risk Intervention (ARI).  She'd been told of an elderly greyhound, dumped by its adoptive owner and suffering greatly from neglect, which was on the verge of dying.  Little did Cyn know that she would quickly be overwhelmed at the response that that one badly neglected, black greyhound would elicit.

Giles Express On Intake
On Monday, July 2, two people went to Knoxville Animal Control and attempted to turn in two dogs - a sick Shih-Tzu and a Greyhound.  The Greyhound was emaciated and infested with fleas.  He had so many fleas that his skin was crawling.  His fur rippled from the movement.

Fleas on the rear of Giles Express on Intake
The people claimed that the dogs were strays, however, the shelter workers recorded the greyhound's ear tattoos and found that the people were actually the dogs' owners.

ARI took immediate ownership of the greyhound and had him transported to the Knoxville Pet Emergency Center. On intake at the ER, he weighed 56 lbs, down from his racing weight of 73 lbs, and his hematocrit (1) was 11.  A hematocrit that low is NOT conducive to living.  His gums were not just pale... they were white.  Giles received a blood transfusion and, post transfusion, his hemocrit went up to 17. The Vet said that's about as good as he could have hoped for but it was still a long, long way from the normal greyhound values of 45-65%. (2)

Giles Express on Intake, Note the White Gums
Capstar was given, orally and rectally, to eradicate the bloodsucking fleas. One thousand (1,000) fleas died and fell off of him and it was only a drop in the bucket. 

Dying fleas on the blanket and on the dog's face & legs

Dying fleas on the blanket around Giles Express
To aid his labored breathing, he was placed on oxygen. A lot of his bloodwork was wonky and it was feared that the lack of oxygen in his system may have damaged his internal organs: the liver, the kidneys, and the heart. 

Giles Express - Bath to Remove Dried Blood & Fleas
Doing as well as could be expected and as much as could be hoped for at that point, he was still a long way from being out of the woods. The vets pulled him back from the brink. However, in truth, he was down to hours of survival... at best. The ER had done all it could do.  Now, it was a wait to see if he'd survive the next couple of hours and, hopefully, the night.

1) Hematocrit or Packed Cell Volume (PCV) - Provides information on the amount of red blood cells (RBC) present in the blood. Decreased levels means anemia from hemorrhage, parasites, nutritional deficiencies or chronic disease process, such as liver disease, cancer, etc. Increased levels are often seen in dehydration.
2) "Making Sense of Bloodwork in Greyhounds" by William E Freeman III, DVM; C. Guillermo Couto DVM, M. Cristina Lazbik DVM, and Liliana Marin DVM; Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences, College of Veterinary Medicine, The Ohio State University.

Friday, July 6, 2012

PeTA & Grey2K USA... Bosom Buddies

On 14 Jun 2012, the Huffington Post Canada published a piece by Douglas Anthony Cooper titled, PETA: Fighting for Its Right to Kill.  As you may or may not know, according to reports submitted to the State of Virginia, PeTA kills about 97% of the animals that it takes in as an "ethical shelter", what PeTA prefers to call, euphemistically, "A Shelter of Last Resort." In reality, PeTA's headquarters is according to government records filed by Newkirk and Nachminovitch -- an astonishingly efficient killing facility.

Back in 1998, during the days of her very visible PeTA activities, Dorchak protested at the New England Aquarium, because the Aquarium had fish on the menu for its restaurant. As a card carrying member of PeTA, Dorchak & her husband, Carey Thiel, firmly believe in the PeTA mission statement, which is
"Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, or use for entertainment." 
This statement includes all animals...  from  slugs & mollusks to all mammals, excluding human beings as PeTA has no problem defending and endorsing violence. To quote Bruce Friedrich, a former PeTA Vice President, from a speech at the 2001 Animal Rights Conference,
"...of course we're going to be, as a movement, blowing things up and smashing windows... I think it's a great way to bring about animal liberation... I think it would be a great thing if, you know, all these fast food outlets and these slaughterhouses and these laboratories and the banks that fund them exploded tomorrow."

So, you're probably asking by now, what does PeTA & Hsus have to do with Grey2K?

As shown above, Christine Dorchak and PeTA's Ingrid Newkirk are buddies. Dorchak looks up to Newkirk as her mentor. Dorchak & her husband, Carey Thiel, push the agenda of HSUS, PeTA & Stop Predatory Gambling under the guise of trying to abolish the "cruelty of Greyhound racing" on anyone who will listen, even if they have sell their souls to the devil to do so.

Even though Dorchak and Grey2K are on record as "greyhound advocates", they do nothing for the dogs.  They don't even financially support those who work directly with the dogs, as shown on their IRS 990 forms.  Dorchak has learned well from her mentor, Ingrid Newkirk, President of PeTA. We have to wonder how well has she learned...

Dorchak's mentor, Ingrid Newkirk, stated at a press conference following the 2005 arrest of two employees, Hinkle & Cook, in North Carolina"PETA believes euthanasia is the kindest gift to a dog or cat..."  Newkirk has personally stated that she's killed "thousands" of pets at the PeTA facility.2

Those words are echoed in the words voiced by a President of a greyhound "rescue" that has been  promoted by GREY2K USA. I’m taking interest in this particular “promotion” because the group is lead by an individual, who advocated killing American greyhounds rather than letting them continue to live  by racing in Juarez or any other foreign country. By the way, don't you just love the hypocrisy spouted?  When they, the AR's, advocate euthanasia, it is a “GIFT”, but if anyone euthanizes an animal, it is labeled as "killing"?
"Keep American greyhounds in America! If you cannot find homes in the States, then give them a gift, even if that gift is euthanasia because that is better than sending them to the harsh reality of Juarez or any other foreign country." 1
So, which individual, which leader of which group wanted to kill greyhounds?  None other than David Wolf, President of The National Greyhound Adoption Program (NGAP).  The same David Wolf who houses greyhounds in NGA style crates at his adoption facility. The same David Wolf who stated if greyhound racing in Florida shut down that he would take something like 8,000 displaced greyhounds. Now we all know what he intends for those dogs, should it ever come to pass.  Could it possibly be "The Gift"?

And with whom does Christine Dorchak, President of Grey2K USA, hang out with?  Ingrid Newkirk of PeTA and David Wolf of NGAP. One has to wonder how much of their killing instinct has rubbed off on her.

We don't know if, during her PeTA days, Christine Dorchak killed adoptable pets the way Newkirk has.  However, it is known that when racing in New England shut down, Grey2K walked away. Grey2K had no plan on how to assimilate the hundreds of greyhounds that were retired when the New England tracks, such as those in Massachusetts, closed. Their usual comment was "the local adoption groups will take care of that"....

Ask yourself, if they were truly serious about caring about the dogs, would they not also include an avenue to assist the dogs and the adoption groups handling those dogs, when the tracks closed down? Would they not include in their legislation money for spays/neuters, dental, and other medical work, perhaps? No, instead, they patted themselves on the back and gave themselves high-fives about how they did "good" by closing down tracks and abandoned the greyhounds.  They just walked away...

Financial records show that for many years, HSUS and other AR organizations, have been the major money and power fueling Grey2K. In fact, while Grey2K is the rhetorical face of anti-racing advocacy, its benefactors pull strings behind the scenes. During 2009 (as in all years), virtually all of Grey2K’s $347,000 revenue went directly or indirectly into anti-racing lobby efforts, with $89,000 lining the personal pockets of Dorchak and Theil in salary and benefits. The bottom line remains steady: Greyhounds themselves get lost in all but the rhetoric as these political entities posture, looking pretty.

Knowing HSUS is a driving force behind Grey2K, let us not forget what the past HSUS President John Hoyt said in an interview with Turnout Magazine,
"I don’t think the humane movement would be quick to condemn the humane destruction of these greyhounds … we would rather see them humanely destroyed than to see someone attempt to perpetuate them on a farm for retired greyhounds for years and years to come."
Another 'animal advocate' wanting to destroy the dogs. 

How many times can these people LIE about wanting to help the dogs?  How many times can they LIE about "saving" greyhounds, when it is apparent by their words that they COULD NOT CARE LESS about the dogs other than  using them, or (in their words) EXPLOITING them to achieve their end goal - the destruction of the dogs! 

That end goal is shown time & time again in their words above that call for the dogs to be KILLED.

We all have one incredible thing in common – the ability to choose. The tragedy that inflicts many confrontations, when it comes to greyhound welfare, is that we all have made choices that may not be the same as what others have chosen. No one, especially the greyhounds, wins when lies and misinformation are tactics used to defeat those of different choices!

Yours in greyhounds....
1. Greyhound Update, a Newsletter from the National Greyhound Adoption Program, Winter 2005 Edition
2. New Yorker Magazine; "The Extremist: The Woman Behind the Most Successful Radical Group in America" by Michael Specter; April 14, 2002; 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Grey2K Violates Copyright Law

GREY2K USA Legal Counsel and President willfully violate Copyright law?

We've spoken about this issue in the past, but in the context of Grey2K violating trademark law by their willfully working to divert traffic away from legitimate websites, such as that owned by the National Greyhound Association (NGAGreyhounds.COM) to their scam of a site, Grey2K USA, by way of the domain name, NGAGreyhounds.ORG (  Make no mistake, Grey2K is nothing but a lobbying group concerned with making money, with which they line their pockets, and the destruction of the National Greyhound Association and other gambling institutions.

The rules for understanding whether a legal conflict exists comes from trademark law. Here are the basics you need to understand:
  • Names that identify the source of products or services in the marketplace are trademarks.
  • Trademarks that are clever, memorable or suggestive are protected under federal and state law.
  • Trademarks that are descriptive and have achieved distinction through sales and advertising can be protected under federal and state law.
  • One trademark legally conflicts with another when the use of both trademarks is likely to confuse customers about the products or services, or their source.
  • In case of a legal conflict with a later user, the first commercial user of a trademark owns it.
  • If a legal conflict is found to exist, the later user will probably have to stop using the mark and may even have to pay the trademark owner damages.
However, this post is about COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT.

Citing the author of the copyrighted material is not enough to allow you to publish or distribute it.  To legally publish and/or distribute the copyright protected material, one


Copyright protection exists from the time the work is created. The copyright in the work of authorship immediately becomes the property of the author who cre­ated the work. Only the author or those deriving their rights through the author can rightfully claim copyright. 

So, with that....

On Friday, June 29, GREY2K USA posted on their FaceBook page a picture of a dog, Frenchie - a dog which is in a foster home for the group, Greythounds of Eastern Michigan (GEM). On Friday, GEM informed Grey2K USA on its FaceBook page and also by private messages that the picture is copyright protected. The GEM President, Beth Barnhart, requested that GREY2K remove the photo that GREY2K does NOT have permission to use it.  As of this writing, Christine Dorchack, who masquerades as the President and Legal Counsel of GREY2K USA, has yet to remove the copyrighted material.  Four days later, it is still there and all the posts calling for its removal have been DELETED.  To make it worse, at least 18 other people are now complicit in "sharing" and "distributing" copyright protected material that they do not have permission to distribute!

As posted on GREY2K USA’s facebook page
"Thank you for acknowledging our fine group, GEM, is racing neutral. Please note further that you have used a copyrighted photo without permission. The newspaper you copied this photo from has removed the photo. I hope you will be so kind to do the same. GEM has never had to ask for outside help to find good adoptive homes for the dogs entrusted to our care. GEM does not do out of state adoptions. Neither have we ever had difficulty placing black dogs. Dogs in our care are promoted by personality rather than color. Color shopping for greyhounds is not encouraged."
"Christine, please understand this photo was taken by a photographer that donates their time for GEM and is copyrighted per the IPTC standard file information specifications. Please remove it immediately."
The group that GREY2K ripped off, GEM, has reported the theft of the copyrighted material. It should also be noted that a newspaper, which used the picture without permission, removed it promptly. It's sad that an individual with a law degree and who has passed the bar in MA, Dorchak, can't follow & abide by the law.

Grey2K Feels They Are Above The Law 

This is not the first time this has happened. According to another greyhound owner, Grey2K used a photo of one of her dogs, which was submitted to be used in a calendar, on a story about trainers at Victoryland injecting their dogs with cocaine to enhance performance. At that time, her dog had a 'brand image' as a children's therapy dog. To protect his image and hers, she demanded that the photo be removed immediately or else. They replaced the photo with one of their own dogs. Since then, she realizes that GREY2K and its acolytes are wolves in sheep's clothing.

I've been following the thread about the ripped off photo and it seems every time someone asks GREY2K to remove the photo, they are blocked and their comments removed.  GREY2K is getting pretty dog gone ballsy if you ask me and it's time that someone either deflates or castrates them. 
"Both me and GEM would appreciate anyones comments or support on this thread. It also appears on Christine Dorchek's private page but I can't post to that page. I have advised the photographer that he needs to notify FB of the copyright infringement. He's out for the weekend now and I can't get in touch with him. He is also a board member of our group."
What Is To Be Gained...

So, what IS to be gained by their illegal activity?

Money?  Of course, they will use this picture to garner more donations, with which to line their pockets and to pay for all the domain names.

What else?  Bragging rights?  Elaine Summerhill believes, if Frenchie gets adopted due to the publicity on the Grey2K site, Grey2K will use it to say, "See... We do adoptions!"  After all, this blog, racing folks, and greyhound adoption folks have been hammering Grey2K left and right on their lack of support for adoption. She believes that Frenchie will be something they can point at to counter the fact that they do NOTHING in adoptions.  Of course, IF that is the case, this blog can now point to the fact that Grey2K USA is a den of thieves!  

One has to wonder what the Massachusetts Bar would think about one of their attorneys, Christine Dorchak, condoning & participating in an ILLEGAL ACTIVITY!

Other Examples

There was a comment on a forum that went, "a few years back a GREY2K award winning individual used some copyright materials without permission of an individual in Michigan, and a copyright attorney, who I believe has greyhounds, helped this MI person out."  That person was involved in the theft of copyright protected designs owned by vendors selling wares at a Greyhounds Reach the Beach event held in Dewey, DE.

Another example of copyright infringement and outright misrepresentation (lying) by one of Grey2K's acolytes is to be found in a video on YouTube. The photo in question is that of a white greyhound sitting in an armchair.  That white greyhound bitch is an English Champion show dog - Ch Treetops Ringdove, bred by Judy de Casembroot and owned by Barbara Wilton-Clark (Shalfleet Greyhounds)!  I'm not sure how those two distinguished ladies would look upon their greyhound being portrayed as an abused racing dog.  For shame!


One has to ask - is GREY2K USA founded on principles of Honesty, Integrity and Respect and do the daily activities and actions of GREY2K officers and directors reflect a value of Honesty, Integrity and Respect?

I personally think not, but don’t trust me. Look into their behavior yourself. Greyhounds deserve that all of us, regardless of which side of the fence we operate on, do so with Honesty, Integrity and Respect. Our world has no place for people and organizations that willfully disregard those principles nor do they deserve any money. Money that could be used by adoption groups that truly care about the greyhounds and do so with Honesty, Integrity and Respect.

Please share this info and continue to do so until GREY2K USA stops violating copyright law.

Monday, July 2, 2012

A Thief Among Us...

By LuLu Skinner

There is "a thief" among us in this world. 

It's one who is bold & brazen enough to, without permission, steal a photo of a dog available for adoption on a group website and then post it to THEIR page without proper recognition or permission from the owner of the photograph. Just identifying the group the dog is under the care of is not enough. You MUST obtain written permission from the OWNER OF THE PHOTO.

"The thief" is anti racing and is NOT a legitimate adoption group. 

The group, Greythounds of Eastern Michigan (GEM), from which the photo was stolen, is neutral and it IS a legitimate adoption group. Regardless of their stance on the racing issue, theft is theft and it's WRONG. The photo is not "the thief's" property. It IS the photographer's property, who gave permission to the group to use the photo in order to find a loving home for the dog photographed.

Now, I know some are going to say "what's the big deal over this?" Well, the big deal is simple - it's theft - prosecutable under the law of our land. It wouldn't matter if they stole a paperclip from someone else.

It's like someone coming into YOUR home & stealing a photo that belonged to you without ASKING if they could have it, and then plastering it all over the place with their name on it. How would you feel if that happened to you?

What happens when a store gets hit with a rash of shoplifting and they can't recover what they lost? Who pays for it? We do as customers, taxpayers, etc. in higher prices for the store's merchandise. If "the thief" will steal a copyrighted photo, what makes you think they will stop at just that? You can guarantee they won't and their next hit just might be your pocket unless THEY ARE CAUGHT & PUNISHED FOR THE CRIME THEY'VE COMMITTED.

Asking permission to use the picture is the polite thing AND the RIGHT thing to do. The photo wasn't posted by the adoption group to Facebook to "share". Besides,


The photo is most likely be used to gain donations from it for THEIR POLITICAL USE; not the ADOPTION group's use. Those donations SHOULD go to the adoption group who has the dog in their care but I'm sure the organization won't turn over any donations to the group. That's stealing once again plus deceiving the public at the same time!

The organization has been asked MANY times by multiple people within the adoption group to remove it. The organization has ignored the multiple requests and even went as far as blocking them and deleting their comments asking for them to remove it. That's a blatant act of "we're not going to remove it" if I ever saw one.

If you condone stealing, as in copyright infringement by NOT obtaining written permission from the owner to use their photo, then you are no friend of mine. I do not want to be friends with anyone who feels copy right infringement is OK. I, as an artist, will NOT tolerate stealing period - especially copyrighted information, photos, and the like. I'm off my soapbox now. Enuf said.