Monday, August 7, 2017

Grey2K's Itch & Scratches

It has recently come to our attention that Grey2K has an itch to know why dogs are scratched on the day of racing. They want to see, they are demanding to see, injury reports to find out why. Well, here are some reasons...

Brindle dog- The dog stubbed his toe & . I looked at his nail & the offended digit.  There was nothing wrong, nary a scratch. I rubbed his foot for an hour and he told me, "Don't stop! It feels so good!" He got the day off to recuperate from the toe massage.

Black dog - He was so upset! He wouldn't stop whining. The reason? His brother went to adoption & he missed him. I gave him a pillow, a blanket and a stuffed teddy bear. I told him to take the day off.

White dog - He puked. The reason? I showed him a picture of Christine of Grey2K. Yellow bile stinks!

White and brindle dog - She puked. The reason? She heard the name Christine while I tended the white boy. Sheesh! It's contagious!

Fawn dog - Soiled his crate with diarrhea. I think he saw a picture of Carey and became very, very nervous, giving him stress diarrhea.

Blue fawn dog - He just didn't feel like racing. And that's what was put in an injury report for him. He's running next Wednesday.

White and fawn dog - She got mad at me for not giving her a cookie. She wouldn't look at me, preferring to  look at the back of her crate. So, I gave her one.  Well, now she's decided she's NOT leaving the crate until she gets three more. No racing for her today.

Fawn dog #2 - he was a late scratch last night. As the dogs were being led from the paddock to the track during a rain storm, he laid down and refused to go outside in the rain. Permission was given to scratch.

Now then, I hope this report scratches their itch. You just know Grey2K is going to say this is all made up, fiction, and that will just make their itch even crazier, like poison ivy spreading. To that, I say, all of these dogs have names but they are being withheld to protect the innocent.

Yours in greyhounds...