Saturday, October 20, 2018

Fake Dog Protectors Resort to Mob Hysteria & Tactics

By Dennis McKeon

FAKE DOG PROTECTORS RESORT TO MOB HYSTERIA and TACTICS, as the number of Greyhound Adoption Groups who have gone on public record by taking a stand against Amendment 13 nears the century mark.

The animal rights extremist groups, who are attempting to ban greyhound racing in Florida by Constitutional mandate, have gone off the deeper, deep end. Alex Jones and Q-Anon are old news. The anti-racing, anti-greyhound movement has taken their place in American culture and folklore, at the forefront of outlandish promotion of unlikely and inane conspiracy theories.

As 95 Greyhound-specific adoption charities publicly state their opposition to the tyranny of animal rights dementia, and to the patently anti-greyhound legislation that these two-bit tyrants and donation-hustlers have proposed to pervert the Florida Constitution, and to displace thousands of Florida’s Greyhounds, they have resorted to orchestrated personal attacks against the leaders and members of these charitable groups.

This follows on the heels of the now infamous conspiracy theory they put forth, alleging that these Greyhound adoption charities were somehow coerced or paid-off by the “racing industry”, to publicly disavow Amendment 13, and its proposed ban of Greyhound racing in Florida. Coerced, one imagines, by the “threat” of being blackballed-out of spending untold thousands of dollars of their self-generated-monies, to care for and re-home several thousand retiring greyhounds each year.

Just who in the “racing industry” made this threat, exerted this force, or financially seduced these adoption groups is unclear, inasmuch as the majority of Florida’s greyhound racetrack operators would rather their venues become full time casinos--and if you gave them a lie detector test, they’d just as soon be rid of racing.

So the anti-racing mob has resorted to heaping verbal abuse upon 95 Greyhound charities, their leaders and their members, whose only crime, it seems, is in having a future vision for the Greyhound in America. A future that preserves its athletic aptitudes, and honors its athletic heritage and legacy. A future that provides an objective method of selectivity for breeders, based upon actual athletic performance and performance data, observable and/or gleaned from head-to-head athletic competition. A future that will keep the breed on an athletically adaptive curve, and one that will insure a plethora of critical, genetic diversity.

These Greyhound adoption volunteers have performed an adoption miracle for the Greyhounds of America, without any assistance from the fake dog protectors of the “Yes on 13” mob. Today, adoption has become the final career phase for the American Racing Greyhound, thanks to the monumental, charitable and painstaking works of these adoption volunteers and the charities with which they are affiliated. Our US adoption network and culture is the envy of every country where Greyhounds exist for the purpose of racing. They are an iconic phenomenon, and they deserve the heartfelt thanks of every Greyhound-interested person in the world.

What they don’t deserve, is abuse, threats or bullying from the multi-millionaire, animal rights grifters, and the conspiracy-addled, emotional fascists of the Yes on 13 mob.

They also deserve a public apology from the culprits, for trying to advance their diabolically anti-greyhound agenda, by attempting to corrupt, in the public mind, by asinine conspiracy theorizing, their unselfish, charitable and unprecedented greyhound welfare endeavors and achievements.

I would personally like to thank each and every one of these individuals who belong to the 95 Greyhound adoption charities, for having the courage and the compassion to take a stand against the mob tactics of animal rights tyrants, for the present and future welfare of the Greyhound breed, and for epitomizing what it means to truly be “all about the dogs”.

Protect Greyhounds and Greyhound adoption groups from fake dog protectors (and wacky conspiracy theorists).

Vote NO on Florida amendment 13

copyright, 2018