Saturday, February 28, 2015

Jocularity... Jocularity...

Anyone who is a M.A.S.H. fan will recognize the "jocularity, jocularity" phrase. It is oft attributed to Father Mulcahy, but it was actually Col. Potter imitating the kind Father.  So, what does the quote habe to do with greyhound racing & Grey2K, you ask?  Well, Grey2K is composed of some of the best storytellers that I know.  They are such good story tellers, passing their stories off as imitations of the truth, that it causes me to laugh and say, "Jocularity! Jocularity!"

One of the most recent examples was, and I'm still laughing at this one,
"The FGA has a right to fight for the continuation of dog racing," Theil says. "They do not have the right, however, to simply make things up." (Carey Theil, Executive Director of Grey2K USA Worldwide to Broward Palm Beach News Times).
As if that one isn't hilarious enough, there's this one,
"Since 2009, we have made donations totaling nearly $50,000 to local adoption organizations. We also give adoption referrals, and regularly encourage our supporters to adopt from their local group."
Considering how much nonsense Grey2K propagandizes, the first comment is beyond the realm of ludicrous.  Grey2K's propaganda machine is almost as good as that which Goebbels presided over. I also suspect it is also ruled with the same kind of iron fist.

It is the opinion of many in the greyhound adoption community that the only reason Grey2K makes any donations at all to placement groups is so they can maintain their tax exempt status.  It sure isn't for the benefit of the dogs.  How do we know?  Well, back when MA Prop 2 was being cussed & discussed, Grey2K promised to take care of the displaced greyhounds, if the proposition passed.

Unfortunately for greyhounds and the people associated with them, the Massachusetts voters were duped by Grey2K into believing that greyhounds are horrifically abused. More than 1,000 people lost their jobs with the bill's passage and that was only the people directly involved with the dogs. The ripple effect spread widely with restaurant employees losing their jobs and various businesses closing, many of which were not directly associated with greyhound racing.

Grey2K came in with their smoke & mirrors and when they left, they left all the dogs, saying that it wasn't their problem; that the adoption groups would take care of them.  They didn't even have the decency to donate any monies to those same adoption groups.  There used to be a saying, "beware a Greek bearing gifts". That saying had its origins with the Trojan horse as the Greeks came to Troy and left the Trojan Horse as a "gift". What a gift... lead to the destruction of a people and a culture.  Grey2K USA is a Trojan Horse and it leaves destruction in its wake.

Thank God for the racing people and Linda Jensen, may she rest in peace. They are the folks who took care of the greyhounds until homes could be found for all of them.  They are the heroes; not Grey2K and their allies, all of which are hell bent on the destruction of not only greyhound racing, but ALL human & animal interactions. They are out to ban carriages in city parks, biological parks & zoos, and pet ownership.

I digress...  Regarding the 2014 "58 donations to greyhound adoption orgs... totaling $16,567.33", it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that that amount when split among 58 groups equals each of the 58 groups, if indeed it was 58 groups, getting a grand total of $285.64.  That's very, very generous...  not.

IF it weren't so sad, Theil's comments would be absolutely hilarious.  What a jolly joker, especially as he & his wife rake in thousands of dollars, money that could, quite literally, go to the dogs.  Father Mulcahy's last comment is really quite apropos.  Why are the wicked in Grey2K advanced & strengthened with riches?

Yours in greyhounds....

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

HSUS & Grey2K

By Charles Louis Browing

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and Grey2K USA are now pushing for the adoption of legislation to ban greyhound racing in Oregon, where the sport hasn’t been active since the closure of Multnomah Greyhound Park in 2004.

House Bill 2765 was heard by the Business and Labor Committee on February 6. The testimony offered by Grey2K spokesman Stephen Kafoury and HSUS official, Scott Beckstead, was typically long on hyperbole and very short on substance. Kafoury made the astonishing claim that Grey2K is “involved in attempting to adopt greyhounds out to the public.”

That will be major news to the many authentic adoption groups that have made greyhound adoption a national success story. They are well aware that Grey2K does not operate a single adoption program, and in fact has exhorted the public not to adopt greyhounds from any organization that works constructively with the greyhound racing community (i.e., the majority of adoption groups nationwide).

As if that weren’t bizarre enough, HSUS spokesman Scott Beckstead introduced what appears to be a new line of attack for that radical group. Beckstead told legislators that greyhound racing shouldn’t be allowed in Oregon because it attracts a “rougher crowd” than horse racing. (He even mentioned the mafia.) Several legislators responded mockingly to this ridiculous claim. Video of the hearing is available online.

Beckstead also misled legislators when he claimed that very few greyhounds are “repurposed into second careers.” It’s not surprising that HSUS would refuse to acknowledge the success of greyhound adoption efforts, with more than 95 percent of all retired greyhounds either going into adoptive homes or returning to the farm as pets or breeders.

When skeptical legislators asked Kafoury why they should even consider this bill when there had been no greyhound racing in the state for over a decade, the Grey2K representative acknowledged that it was merely to “send a signal” that the sport wouldn’t return. “Since there’s no racing at present, there’s no problem with loss of revenue or jobs,” Kafoury said. That’s ironic, since the potential loss of jobs and revenue has never stopped Grey2K from campaigning to abolish greyhound racing.