Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Skinny Dog Design...

Yep....  that's right....

An old time greyhound man, Jerry Heine, passed some time back.  According to all accounts, Mr. Heine was a dog man's dog man and his charges were much loved and always, without exception, came first. He and his family were certainly not deserving of nasty, uncivilized, and indecent vile comments on his obituary such as those posted by "Pet Jewelry by Skinny Dog Design", specifically, Scott Janiak-Ross and/or his wife, Jennifer Janiak-Ross. For what it's worth, they should be boycotted by all for the hatred and general lack of decency they have shown to the deceased.

Their comments have brought out a lot of strong feelings on both sides, and a lot of outrage. The nastiness was apparently posted without regard for the grief of the man's friends and family, who shouldn't have been burdened with such comments. Some people seem to have forgotten what they were taught in kindergarten and lost their manners as well. But, every cloud has a silver lining. This is a perfect moment for those politically self-identified as anti-racing to prove that it really is all about the dogs and come out and openly condemn such hate and personal attacks which serve only to tarnish their credibility and do much harm and no good.

What they said, in part, was:
"What I posted on some old greyhound trainers Obit was "I'm sure there is a special place in hell for him" and I certainly did not say I "hope" he is burning in hell or "wished" him to go to hell or anything like that. I did not wish harm on him or his family. Simply said if your cruel to animals you probably are going to hell if there is such a place. "

CoCo Neon Woody Jeremiah Really.... I think this is a respect thing if you are against greyhound racing then fine but I do believe in respect and morals and I don't think the comment made by you was nice at all. It don't matter if I am pro or anti greyhound racing I have RESPECT and would never post such awful words on anyone's obituary page. Let's find some morals and respect for dead or living. This world would be a much better place. And I am sure your parents raised you better than that.

For those who may feel the need to support this blowhard, who on God's green earth would disrespect another man on his obituary announcement?  The only kind of person I can think of is a loser.  Common decency dictates that one, no matter your political stand on something, show respect for the dead. That is not done by posting you hope they burn in hell on their family's online obituary.  The comments from Skinny Dog Design WAS ON A MANS OBITUARY.  Are you that incredibly dense and obtuse to where you don't see how wrong that is?

Skinny Dog Design posted in return that, "This is NOT a business. All jewelry we create is used to raise funds for sight hound rescues we make zero profit on items sold . We have our own careers that have nothing to do with greyhounds or animal jewelry. We work in the film industry."

Really?  The question remains, are you that obtuse & dense to know what you did is wrong?  Are you that self absorbed that you refuse to offer an apology for your actions?  Below is an excerpt of some of the conversation of those "holier than thou" people who disgraced themselves and others by their indecent actions. The comments show that they are a class act --- NOT!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

An Important Message from....

This is an excerpt of an important message from the American Greyhound Council, the welfare organization for racing greyhounds here in the USA.  To read the article in its entirety, please click on the link.

Hateful Grey2K Speech Reveals Ugly Truth Behind Welfare Facade

When the National Greyhound Association (NGA) evacuated dozens of neglected greyhounds from an Arkansas farm in May and later banned its owner from greyhound racing for life, greyhound welfare advocates around the country applauded. At least, the real greyhound welfare advocates applauded. But not Carey Theil, Grey2K’s top mouthpiece.

Instead, Theil condemned NGA’s humane intervention. According to him, the NGA did everything wrong. Yet today those greyhounds, which might not have survived otherwise, are alive and well, and a sub-standard breeder is out of the business forever. So why is Carey so upset?

(to read the full article, please click on the title)

Good question....  Why is Carey so upset?  Is it because it was never about the dogs at all for Grey2K?  It is about politics & power & hate.  It's sad how someone can be so full of hate and how easily he spreads that hate through the Carey Nation, minions wearing blinders.

Grey2K is a sham and it always has been.

Yours in Greyhounds....

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Lack of Tolerance...

By Jennifer Ng

Last week, I posted the following review on the Grey2K Facebook page:

For anyone who loves greyhounds, please do some independent research and keep an open mind as the information provided by this organization is extremely biased, and often untrue. I wonder how many of those who "Like" and donate to this organization are aware that they:
  1. Allocate very little, if any, money toward the actual care and placement of retired racing greyhounds.
  2. Advocate for goals that would be severely detrimental to the gene pool and future health of the greyhound breed.
  3. Wouldn't care if their actions led to the destruction of the greyhound as a breed.
  4. Strictly censor discussions to suppress any positive information about greyhound racing to prevent people from getting an objective view and making up their own minds.
  5. Use photos and info that are outdated (often from decades ago), out of context (some from other countries), or from isolated incidents to mislead people about the current state of professional greyhound racing.
  6. May have ties to extremist animal rights organizations that would like to see the end of pet ownership or the 'use' of animals by humans in any capacity.

My review generated a bit of discussion, but none that really addressed the points I brought up. Within a few days, Grey2K had completely taken down the Reviews section of their page, a platform where they apparently couldn't selectively delete comments and block people.

Why is it that anti-greyhound racing groups like this one won't tolerate any kind of rational discussion on their sites? Like anything else in life, there is both good and bad in the greyhound racing industry. Also like most other groups of people, the good outweigh the bad, although the bad tends to get more publicity.

But anyone who has tried to point this out, to share the positive side and the reality of greyhound racing on forums managed by anti-racing admins, has quickly found out their comments are promptly deleted and they are blocked from posting. This invariably happens, regardless of how politely and rationally the comments are phrased.

Why are the anti-racing extremists so quick to suppress any opposing viewpoints? Is it because their whole stance is based on very biased and often misleading information? Because they don't want their followers to be exposed to the truth and learn that there is another side to the story?

The anti-racing activists have controlled the dialogue, through their well-funded campaigns and taking advantage of the media's preference for sensational headlines, for far too long. It's scary how the anti-racing propaganda has created a mentality against greyhound racing that is almost like a hate group, blindly prejudiced against anyone associated with greyhound racing.

To give an example of this, I recently commented on the NGA page applauding them for rescuing 141 greyhounds from a bad situation. In response to this, someone who was obviously anti-racing asked me, "As a vet how many greyhounds have you killed just because some loser couldn't suck a buck out of them?"

I think it's time that people learn the truth about what things are like behind the scenes for racing greyhounds. The racing community is a relatively small one, with many members who spend too many long hours caring for their dogs to post online, or are just not very tech-savvy. For these reasons, and an apparent lack of media interest in the boring, everyday, feel-good stories, there has not been much inside information shared publicly about greyhound racing in past years.

As social media has become more popular, I'm encouraged to see more people involved in the sport being more active about sharing their lives and love of these remarkable dogs. It feels like an uphill battle because of the ingrained prejudice created by years of anti-racing propaganda which is all that many people have been exposed to. I can only hope that there are enough open-minded people out there, willing to learn the truth, to make a difference.

My stake in wanting to see greyhound racing continue has nothing to do with profit. I am pro-racing simply because I am pro-greyhound, and I believe that the U.S. racing industry is integral to the long term health and future of the greyhound breed. I am primarily involved with greyhounds after retirement from their professional racing career, through my adopted ex-racers and volunteering with a greyhound group.

More recently, I've had some limited direct involvement with the industry through co-owning an active racing greyhound with a friend. She is now retired and happily living with her co-owner, and we have a commitment to partner on another racer who is currently still a puppy growing up on the farm. My involvement in the greyhound racing industry is but a drop in the bucket, but I am glad to contribute to a community that values all the awesome qualities that make greyhounds what they are, and works to preserve the breed's working heritage.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Great Grey2k Media Challenge

By Dennis McKeon

Lost in all the G2k hubbub over their attack on the National Greyhound Association’s recent handling of a neglect case, their subsequent rescue of 141 greyhounds, and the lifetime suspension from greyhound ownership and racing of the perpetrator, was this little tidbit:

The anti gambling organization, Stop Predatory Gambling, among others, has succeeded in having the previously resolved issue of whether or not local communities within Massachusetts should be allowed to decide whether or not they host a casino within their borders, overturned by Massachusetts Supreme Court ruling. Casino approval will now be decided by statewide ballot.
It might come as a surprise to some of us that an activist group like Grey2k, which has accepted millions in donations under the onus of “helping the greyhounds”, would be interested at all in the fate of Massachusetts’ would-be casinos.
That is, perhaps, until one discovers that the Executive Director of Grey2k also sits on the board of Stop Predatory Gambling, an activist organization dedicated to the elimination of state-sanctioned gambling and gaming.
Wikipedia has this to say about the Stop Predatory Gambling:
”The organization that would become Stop Predatory Gambling began forming in the early 1990s as state and community leaders challenged efforts to bring commercial gambling into their communities. Tom Grey, a Rockford, Illinois resident who fought against a proposed casino in his community, emerged as a leader for the movement representing a diverse national coalition of groups and individuals.”
Tom Grey also happens to sit on the Board of Grey2k.
Grey2k’s spokespersons have steadfastly maintained that the group is unengaged and neutral on the greater issue of gambling, and the formerly local issues of casino sanction. The Massachusetts Supreme Court docket, however, lists Stop Predatory Gambling as a complainant in this most recent overturning of the Attorney General’s previous ruling.
The Brockton Enterprise, in November of 2013, reported the following:
”Carey Theil, executive director of GREY2K USA, said although his organization does not have an official position on casino gambling in general, the nonprofit is backing the Repeal the Casino Deal coalition now working to add a ballot question to the November 2014 election that would repeal the law legalizing three casinos and one slot casino in Massachusetts.”
They did not mention that Theil also sits on the Board of Stop Predatory Gambling, however.
Recently, in Florida, the issue of “decoupling” took center stage. The decoupling question centers on whether casino-racetracks, whose management agreed to allocate a percentage of their casino profits to the purses that the greyhounds compete for, should be allowed to walk away from that agreement, which was intrinsic to their pari-mutuel license, which was intrinsic to their fast-tracking into casino license/operation, bypassing the normal bidding and licensing processes.
Grey2k were unabashed supporters of the Florida “decoupling” movement and proposed decoupling legislation. That, strangely enough, placed them in lock-step support with the Casino racetrack operations there, while at the very same time they were working with the Repeal the Casino coalition in Massachusetts.
Both Grey2k and Stop Predatory Gambling encourage and accept donations from the public to support their agenda and activities, and both have been granted tax-exempt status.
The decoupling movement gained traction with the curiously timed release of a report of what appeared to be an excessive number of racing related fatalities over a seven-month period at Florida’s greyhound tracks.
Subsequent analysis of the extremely nebulous reports, seemed to show that only about a little more than half of the fatalities documented were unquestionably attributable to racing, and not simply instances of normal, premature or accidental mortality, or were unexplained sufficiently.
The number of fatalities, nevertheless, was unprecedented, and unacceptable to the Florida Greyhound Association (of greyhound breeders, owners and kennel operators) who smelled a rank conflict of interest.
The negative publicity this report generated in the various mainstream and social media, seemed to be precisely what the casino-tracks needed to drive home their decoupling money grab, synchronized as it was to the upcoming legislative hearings and vote on the decoupling question.
Since it is the job of the casino/racetrack management to maintain a safe and hazard free racing surface for the greyhounds, the Florida Greyhound Association decided that the tracks perhaps needed some motivation to take care of their responsibilities in a more competent and holistic fashion.
To eliminate any possibility that the casino-racetracks were slacking in their commitment to proper racetrack maintenance and preparation, and perhaps deliberately cultivating a racing environment guaranteed to produce an excessive number of injuries to the greyhounds, and then reaping that attendant, helpful-to-their-cause, negative publicity which injuries to greyhounds generate, the Florida Greyhound Association proposed what came to known as the Smith Amendment.
This legislation would have mandated that all Florida’s racetrack lures be safeguarded against electric shock and concussion hazards, and would have held each racetrack’s management to a stipulated standard of racetrack surface maintenance and preparation.
Oddly enough, it was Senator Maria Sachs, who has worked hand in hand with Grey2k on the decoupling issue, as well as the humane controversies surrounding greyhound racing, who killed discussion on the Smith Amendment, essentially throwing this much-needed and greyhound-beneficial legislation on the trash heap, where the decoupling legislation also ended up.
Grey2k, the self-proclaimed “greyhound protection group” inexplicably failed to raise its voice in support of the Smith Amendment, which not only would have prevented future injuries to racing greyhounds, but could have served as a model of legislation for other states where greyhound racing is conducted.
Meanwhile, they were eagerly awaiting the decision of the Massachusetts Supreme Court, which, it turns out, will delay casino development in the commonwealth, if not entirely prohibit it, pending the whim of the electorate, who may or may not be anywhere near a proposed casino.
Perhaps the most inscrutable and shameful episode in this whole, tiresome scenario, is that the mainstream media, who are only too happy to trumpet every accusation Grey2k levels at greyhound racing professionals, seem oblivious to this flagrant lack of ethics and glaring conflict of interests.
Grey2k, meanwhile, right under the nose of the “bloodhound” media, double-dips with impunity. Supporting the casino-track operators in Florida, and working against them through proxy in Massachusetts, and accepting donations in either case, to “help us help the greyhounds”.
Then, when they had a chance to support legislation that would have proven a great benefit to all of Florida’s greyhounds, they did nothing.
Nothing, that is, other than to watch and listen as their political cohort dismissed the Smith Amendment as being unnecessary, while testifying before the legislature that the racetracks in Florida were well-managed and safe.
This, after years of defaming greyhound racing and the people who participate in it as being cruel, abusive and inhumane, essentially because of the supposed risk of injury to the greyhounds on those very racetracks---while accepting millions in donations from a public who believes they are investing in actual greyhound welfare provision, something Grey2k has never provided, and inexplicably failed to support, in this instance.
This arrogant nose-thumbing at their supporters, as well as their media sycophants, in a perfect world, would likely be interpreted by any industrious and ethical investigative reporter, as a spit-in-your-eye challenge.
It’s truly become a theater of the absurd.
Hopefully, someone, somewhere in the mainstream media has taken notice.
Copyright, 2014

Monday, June 2, 2014

Eric Jackson.... How Reckless Can One Be?

Today, I read on the Grey2K FaceBook page how Eric Jackson drove to Vaughn, New Mexico to rescue a one-year-old Italian Greyhound. The IG had been left in a drop box.  Anyway, after picking up the hound and while driving back to Albuquerque, Eric Jackson showed just how brilliant he is....  NOT!  He took a "selfie" of him driving with the dog sitting in his lap!

Eric Jackson & Dog In Lap
One has to wonder how many laws he broke taking this self-indulgent picture.  How many people were endangered?  

While most people on the Grey2K page are oohing & ahhing, feeding the ego of Jackson & company, only 3 people commented on how dangerous his actions were.  Darn shame a State Trooper wasn't around when this happened.  

Here are the comments of the three smart people.

"Kerry Caslow: How is that safe letting that dog ride in the driver's lap???? HUGE pet peeve and remarkably irresponsible. I have witnessed people get in wrecks over nonsense such as this."

"Ki BL: Taking a selfie with a dog in your lap driving down the highway...... How many laws did you break for that picture and how many lives did you risk? What wonderful work you do! Dumbass."

"Emily Burnett: Driving with the dog in his lap AND taking a selfie......really smart....insert sarcasm anywhere."

Three comments out of 191.  Guess we should be happy that there are 3 people who noticed. And, to think this guy is an instructor at the University of New Mexico.  Wonder what they'd think of his recklessness and arrogance?  

Yours in Greyhounds...

Monday, March 31, 2014

Eric Jackson

By Elaine Summerhill

Something absolutely chilling...

Eric Jackson quoted former HSUS President, John Hoyt, on greyhounds. He objects to them being "warehoused". Here's a passage from CT's blog...
"Eric tells me that he volunteers so much of his time because he believes that greyhounds deserve better. He is particularly appalled by the way greyhounds are kept, and would like to see an end to what he calls the "commercial warehousing" of greyhounds."

Now then, when John Hoyt objected to the 'warehousing' of greyhounds, he also was advocating for the dogs to be destroyed rather than be "warehoused" in adoption groups.
Supposedly, Jackson is using his psych skills as the Communications Director for GCNM and VP of GREY2K USA , to help with "long-term strategic planning. His professional background also helps us understand the various rationalizations that greyhound breeders use to defend their cruel business."
I'm not an "adjunct lecturer" in a psychology department, but I'm guessing that his choice of words is really highlighting his unconscious desire to ensure that greyhounds never suffer an injury by advocating for the eradication of the breed.
What Psychology Today says about the unconscious...
"The unconscious mind is not some black hole of unacceptable impulses waiting to trip you up, but it can be the source of hidden beliefs, fears, and attitudes that interfere with everyday life."

To learn more about Eric Jackson, please visit some older blog posts:

Mar 4, 2012

Aug 16, 2012

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Greyhound Racing: Facts, Myths, and Grey2K Lies

We here at Grey2K Lies are happy to see people taking the time to start investigating Grey2K by their own initiative.  They are learning that Grey2K is not all it leads the unknowing & unsuspecting people to believe it is.  In our general research on all things Grey2K and animal rights related, we stumbled across the following documentary.

This documentary explores the claims that greyhound racing isn't safe, that it is an heartless enterprise for the greyhounds and that it is unprofitable. We cover everything from distortions to outright lies. Take 15 minutes and learn about how Greyhound racing stacks up against more 'respected' animal organizations. We think you will be surprised.  This video is courtesy of http://www.escapeturn.com.

The documentary puts into proper perspective the connections between casino owned greyhound race tracks and their lack of positive actions, such as greyhound racing promotion, in their greed for more & more money.

Yours in greyhounds...

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Follow the Money....

"Follow the money"....  It's a phrase we're hearing more & more in today's society as more & more people are being duped by scams, graft, and fraud. The first time I remember hearing it was in the 1976 movie, All the President's Men, and it was said in a conversation between "Deep Throat" and Bob Woodward with regards to the Watergate scandal. It seems that this particular phrase has ALWAYS been associated, since then, with corruption.  It serves as a good reminder that if money is involved, chances are if you "follow the money trail" it will lead you, like the trail of bread crumbs in Hansel & Gretel,  to the root source, the motivation behind an action, and a look at who stood to profit.

For those who are thinking about donating to Grey2K USA and for those who donated already to that lobbying group, there are links in this post that you really should examine. Grey2K touts itself as helping racing greyhounds when, in fact, it appears by these financial reports that they are only helping themselves. 

The first link it to a spread sheet that shows the donation dollars breakdown in a clear & easy format. 

G2K Financial Summary-Detail REV2014.pdf

This chart and the pie chart below show that over an 8 year time period, 2004 - 2012, Grey2K USA took in more than $3.4 MILLION dollars!  That's a lot of money that would have been much better sent to a greyhound adoption group of your choice or some real charity. Remember, Grey2K is not a charity, it is a LOBBYING group.

G2K Financial Pie Chart 2004-2012.pdf

So, how much of that $3.4 MIILLION dollars actually went to helping dogs?  Less than 2%.  Yes, I did not stutter...  ONLY $43,291 (1.3%) went to actually helping retired racing greyhounds.  That is pathetic!  

If you "follow the money", you will see that the greatest bulk of those hard earned dollars, nearly 28%, was spent on the salaries of Christine Dorchak & Carey Theil.  Dorchak & Theil averaged more than $100,000 in salary on a yearly basis, while donations to the dogs averaged $481 during the same time period.  So much for helping the dogs.  Looks to me like they are only helping themselves and that's not including the trips they took to some pretty far corners of the globe: Ireland, England, Macau...  Must be nice. 

The Grey2K scam is on a par with that of the Humane Society of the US (HSUS). High  executive salaries, little in actual help for the animals, and a lot of misleading propaganda.  

Marx and Goebbels would be proud.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Greyhound Racing -- The Truth. A journey from anti-racing to pro-racing.

By Amy Cochran

Okay whoa. Hang on a second.  You're anti-racing. I get it, but you're so full of smoke I can't see the ground in front of me.  Being used by people? Suffering? Forced to race? Do you even know what you're talking about? Have you spent time with trainers, owner, operators etc? Have you watched how they interact with the dogs in their care? I have. I have never SEEN a greyhound suffer at the hands of their trainers. And I certainly have never SEEN a greyhound "forced" to race. You don't force a greyhound to do anything. You may encourage their natural instincts to chase by giving them the opportunity to chase, but you certainly don't force a greyhound to do anything he doesn't want to do.

Now don't go jumping down my throat without knowing a thing about me. But I will tell you this. I'm from Ohio (non-racing state) then we were stationed in Illinois (Another non-racing state.) And yes, I was involved in animal "rescue" and greyhound adoption. And yes, at that time, I was ANTI-Racing. I heard the stories, saw the pictures, and then we were stationed in Alabama and EVERYTHING CHANGED.

The first time I stepped onto the Victoryland compound eight years ago, I was scared to death someone would find out my anti-racing stance. What I discovered, what I SAW, changed my mind forever. And not only did it change my mind, my attitude, about greyhound racing, these trainers and kennel hands have become some of my most trusted friends. They are kind, gentle souls who care very deeply for these dogs.

The track crates, and yes they are crates, are nicely constructed and roomy. I can curl up in one of these crates and have room to spare. I’m no small woman either. I'm five foot nine and twice the weight of the average male greyhound. So trust me, if I'm comfortable in one of these crates, the greyhounds are too.  Truth, these track crates are taller, deeper and wider than the ones you can buy at Petsmart. I know.  I went away from pet store crates to track crates because track crates are bigger. Crate your dog?  Rest well in the knowledge that the pet store crate you're using, the racing industry has deemed too small for professional racers.

The truth is when you "train" a greyhound to chase, all you are doing is encouraging a natural instinct. You walk or give the greyhound a ride to the track, hold on to the dog’s collar, and when the fast moving, white, fuzzy toy goes flying by, you let them go. The greyhound will either chase it, or he won't. The dogs that do chase it go on to race. The dog that doesn't is placed for adoption. It really is that simple. There's no abuse there.

Another farce, their diets. These dogs are athletes.  Their diets are designed to give them the nutrients their bodies demand.  There's nothing wrong with red meat, chicken, pasta, veggies, omega three, and vitamin supplements. Hell, that's what dog food is made of. It just doesn't come in kibble form. Why? Do a bit of research. When you cook food it loses its nutritional value, and these greyhounds, these athletes, need every ounce of nutrition to meet their body’s demands.  In truth, they eat better than most of us do.  I'm sure everyone's heard that processed foods are bad for you. Well, you know what?  Kibble is the same damned thing -- a processed food.   If it's bad for humans, it's safe to say, it's also bad for dogs.  So why does everyone condemn trainers for feeding real -- unprocessed -- food to their dogs when the dogs deserve, and get, so much better?

Track greyhounds also have nice beds, either luxury carpets cut to fit the crates or a mountain of fluffy newspaper strips, to sleep on. Their beds are cleaned, changed, washed and fluffed daily.  Do you do that for your dogs?  I don't. I do it once a week.  The track's kennel buildings are climate controlled, heated and air conditioned just like a house.

If you crate and work, how many times does your dog go out to relieve himself? How much exercise does he or she get? Track dogs are turned out 4 to 5 times a day to relieve themselves. They are exercised every day either in the sprint pen or on the track.  I guarantee you, these dogs are in better shape, physically, mentally, and emotionally, than your pet greyhound.  A greyhound that is deprived of its ability to run is not happy.  I know. I've seen hundreds of track greyhounds and pet greyhounds. Track greyhounds, bark, dance, play bow, wag their tails and act like goofs. Those are happy dogs.  And sadly, I've seen pet greyhounds that just lay on the couch, head down, and eyes closed. Sorry folks, that dog, that pet, is depressed and he's moping.

The happiest pet greyhounds I've seen behave like track greyhounds. They bark, prance, play bow, and wag their tails.  In short, they are goofs.  These pets are also the ones that belong to owners who understand that a happy greyhound is one who runs often.  As such, these responsible owners tend to keep their greyhounds active and in "track" condition.  Why?  Because they understand what they have.  They have a greyhound -- a hunting dog.  One that's been bred to hunt by sight and gifted with the speed and athletic ability to do what the job requires.  And that instinct, that gift from god that's been honed by man, will not stop just because the dog retires.  Can you say you truly understand the dog’s needs, what it requires, and not what you think it requires?  Because, I'm here to tell you many people don't.  Your dog, greyhound or otherwise, doesn't operate on human rules or have human needs.  He is a dog, a greyhound, and his needs, wants and desires are very different from your own.  Stop anthropomorphizing them.  Your dog is not human, and you know what, he doesn't want to be.

Also do you have a vet on call? One that will drop everything and run to you when you need him for a medical emergency? No? The track does. The trainers do, and they have more than one. They have many. Heck Victoryland worked closely with a vet school. The top guys who taught the next generation to be vets were on call for them. Can you say that?  Hell, can you even afford that type of expertise for your hound?  My guess, is probably not.  And yet, track dogs get the best medical care money can provide, as well as, routine medical procedures like vaccinations.

"But what about euthanasia?"  Well, I hate to break it to you, dogs, cats, cattle etc. are not human. And despite your moral objections on the subject, euthanasia is --and always will be -- an appropriate medical treatment to end the pain and/or suffering of an animal. And in some respects, they are luckier than we are. It's the reason for the whole "right to die" movement.  And as my vet says, "Just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should." My point?  Is it right to euthanize a healthy animal without any sort of medical condition?  Many of you will scream, "No."  Yet, it happens every day in shelters across this nation, and no one says a word or passes legislation to stop it.  But you cry foul, when a greyhound-- through his own judgment -- has an accident, and the owner opts --on rare occasion -- to end the dog’s pain and suffering through a medically approved and humane measure such as euthanasia.   What is wrong with you people?   It's the owner's right.  You wouldn't want someone telling you when it's time to euthanize your dog. Why do you do it to them?  Why do you make a hard decision harder by judging them?  I've seen trainers cry over the loss of one of one of their hounds, and what you're doing isn't right.

And when a track closes, where are you anti-racing folks? Where's Grey2K? The answer, nowhere.  You abandon your cause when it comes time to put up or shut up.  I know.  I've handled two track closures at Victoryland.  And you know who stepped up to help me place the hounds that needed to go somewhere?   It wasn't the anti-racing folks at Grey2K, or the anti-racing adoption groups.  It was me, and a small handful of people who were pro-racing.

If you’re going to end racing.  Fine.  Stand up and put your money where your mouth is.  HELP THE DOGS --the ones that you and your cause are putting in the line of fire -- instead of having someone else clean up the mess you've made.  You want to talk about and stop unnecessary euthanasia, then stop putting hundreds and thousands of dogs at risk.

Adoption people do all we can do.  We take the dogs as they trickle off the tracks and find them homes.  But when you close a track, you flood us and over flow the dam.  Hundreds of dogs are in danger of euthanasia then, and you know what, you're the ones responsible.  Not the Tracks, not the owners, YOU -- anti-racing folks are responsible. Your actions have a cascade effect that G2K uses in their marketing schemes.  They put hundreds of dogs at risk every time they introduce legislation and close tracks.  And you give them the money to do it.  It's time you stop blaming trainers, kennel owners, and the racing industry.  You have greyhound blood on your hands, and you can't wash it off.  It's time for you to stand up and take responsibility for what you have done.

The greyhound industry punishes those who do atrocious things. They are banned and criminal charges are filed. But what about you?  What happens to you when you commit atrocities against the hounds? Huh?  In the world we live in now, not much.  You claim you're heroes.  You're NOT.

So in short, you’re no different than the people you claim are the devil.  Your house is a heated kennel. You crate them when you're gone, you feed them the best food you can afford, you make sure they get all the appropriate vet care, see to their exercise needs just like a trainer.  You make the hard decisions when required just like an owner.  They are you-- people doing what they need to do to take care of their hounds.  So stop drinking the Kool-Aid already.

You have been lied to and deceived.  I know.  I was too, but I woke up. It’s time you do too.  “But I've seen the pictures.  I've read the stories.”  Yeah, well I did too, and for a while, I believed them.  And then, I saw the truth – the entire truth.  Photoshop makes it so easy to crop a picture. So yeah, your eyes can deceive you – especially online where you have no context of what is actually going on other than the description.   And the best lies are the ones that include a morsel of truth.  Those, my friends, are the facts.  It’s time you see Grey2K for what it is.  A propaganda and money machine.

If you want to rescue something, help the local shelters, donate money to the people on the ground. The ones who actually place these dogs.  Until you do, all you're doing is harming the breed you claim to love.

The Blame Game - Not Greyhound Specific, but Applicable

Lately I have witnessed a growing trend in “rescue” that disturbs me. That is rescuers playing the blame game. Pointing the bony finger of shame at the humans. The use of the word “rescue” is part of it. "Rescue" is not a noun, it’s a verb, and unless you ran into a burning building to “save” the dog it isn't about rescue. It is a re-homing. Why do we need the drama?

The blame game is a losing game for everyone involved.  Why?  When you point that finger at the owner, several things happen. You look less in the eyes of others once they get past their initial reaction of righteous indignation. You attract the wrong kind of person for the dogs – the type who are wanting the dog for the wrong reasons. Obtaining a dog should be a time for rational decision making--not an excuse for moral preening. If 'adopting' a shelter dog makes you feel 'better about yourself', you don't need a dog. You need a therapist. You back people into a corner, shame them and they “lie” to avoid the blame. And you lessen the humanity of all involved. Screaming about the “horrible conditions” the dogs were found in is more likely to make people who would be great homes stop and wonder if they really want a dog from that kind of place. It is self-defeating. A way needs to be found to place the dogs without blaming those associated with them.

Unless you were present for everything that led up to the dog being in a bad place, you don’t KNOW what happened in that dog's life, retired racing greyhounds right off the track being the exception.  You don’t know how some dogs got to the “mess” you found them in. You don’t know that the woman who brings you a dog because “it doesn’t match her furniture” didn’t have other issues. Maybe she is in an abusive relationship and the abuser is threatening the animal. Maybe “dumping” the dog is the safest route for her and the dog. You don’t know that the older woman who has too many dogs in bad conditions couldn’t get anyone – family or friends to help her and just didn’t know where to turn. That family that is moving and “dumped” the dog, you don’t know that the father has lost his job and the family is moving to the only housing they can afford and it won’t allow a dog. YOU DON’T KNOW.

We need to extend a hand and stop pointing fingers, walk a mile in someone else’s shoes. Blaming those who give up a dog accomplishes exactly NOTHING except to diminish our humanity. There are PEOPLE involved. Instead of blaming, maybe we could let it go and just help the dog. What does it accomplish to run around badmouthing the owner? Does it make the dog more valuable? Does it make the “rescuer” feel superior to this “obviously lousy person”? What is the point? To create drama that raises money?

To me, the blame game just makes everyone look bad – those pointing fingers as well as those who are accused. And another interesting side effect – making a screaming fuss about how horribly these poor doggies were treated plays right into the hands of the animal rights extremists and gives them more ammunition to use against those of us who are trying to do it right. The animal rights cult followers already think that all breeders are “puppymills”. The more people scream about how horribly people treated the dogs, the more the ARs say – see, we told you so.

How someone got a dog does not define him. The dog is not a "Rescue," he's a mix or a purebred, but more than that, he's *a dog.* If you stop defining him as a poor unwanted & abused creature that someone owned and then discarded, if someone decides he's their dog, they will train and care for and love him, then the possibilities open up. Their mental attitude toward the dog will change and they will both be better for it.