Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Skinny Dog Design...

Yep....  that's right....

An old time greyhound man, Jerry Heine, passed some time back.  According to all accounts, Mr. Heine was a dog man's dog man and his charges were much loved and always, without exception, came first. He and his family were certainly not deserving of nasty, uncivilized, and indecent vile comments on his obituary such as those posted by "Pet Jewelry by Skinny Dog Design", specifically, Scott Janiak-Ross and/or his wife, Jennifer Janiak-Ross. For what it's worth, they should be boycotted by all for the hatred and general lack of decency they have shown to the deceased.

Their comments have brought out a lot of strong feelings on both sides, and a lot of outrage. The nastiness was apparently posted without regard for the grief of the man's friends and family, who shouldn't have been burdened with such comments. Some people seem to have forgotten what they were taught in kindergarten and lost their manners as well. But, every cloud has a silver lining. This is a perfect moment for those politically self-identified as anti-racing to prove that it really is all about the dogs and come out and openly condemn such hate and personal attacks which serve only to tarnish their credibility and do much harm and no good.

What they said, in part, was:
"What I posted on some old greyhound trainers Obit was "I'm sure there is a special place in hell for him" and I certainly did not say I "hope" he is burning in hell or "wished" him to go to hell or anything like that. I did not wish harm on him or his family. Simply said if your cruel to animals you probably are going to hell if there is such a place. "

CoCo Neon Woody Jeremiah Really.... I think this is a respect thing if you are against greyhound racing then fine but I do believe in respect and morals and I don't think the comment made by you was nice at all. It don't matter if I am pro or anti greyhound racing I have RESPECT and would never post such awful words on anyone's obituary page. Let's find some morals and respect for dead or living. This world would be a much better place. And I am sure your parents raised you better than that.

For those who may feel the need to support this blowhard, who on God's green earth would disrespect another man on his obituary announcement?  The only kind of person I can think of is a loser.  Common decency dictates that one, no matter your political stand on something, show respect for the dead. That is not done by posting you hope they burn in hell on their family's online obituary.  The comments from Skinny Dog Design WAS ON A MANS OBITUARY.  Are you that incredibly dense and obtuse to where you don't see how wrong that is?

Skinny Dog Design posted in return that, "This is NOT a business. All jewelry we create is used to raise funds for sight hound rescues we make zero profit on items sold . We have our own careers that have nothing to do with greyhounds or animal jewelry. We work in the film industry."

Really?  The question remains, are you that obtuse & dense to know what you did is wrong?  Are you that self absorbed that you refuse to offer an apology for your actions?  Below is an excerpt of some of the conversation of those "holier than thou" people who disgraced themselves and others by their indecent actions. The comments show that they are a class act --- NOT!