Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Greyhound Friends of Massachusetts - Killing Healthy Greyhounds.... Part 2

In response to Part 1 to the story of Greyhound Friends of Massachusetts destroying two, healthy greyhounds, Yogi & Roller, this blog received this note from "James"...
JamesApril 8, 2013 at 4:20 PMWhere were these dogs owners, Lisa Lussier and Mud River Greyhounds? Why were these dogs in a shelter in the first place? Irresponsible breeders are what causes these unnecessary deaths, not overcrowded shelters which are a result of this breeding.
Here is our response....

Regarding ONLY Lisa Lussier....  Here is her response as to where she was...
"I am ANGRY and HURT! That woman PROMISED me! That woman has my phone number! I would have taken MY dog if I had been alerted of the plan! Oh my dog, do I have stories about this guy! I loved Yogi! I PROMISED HIM he would have a couch someday! OMG I am angry! I could have brought him home if I would have known! It was only a year ago I spoke to Louise and got some phony reassurance! What are my options now? RIP Yogi! I am so sorry! I think Louise Coleman should pay for this and WE need to prevent this from EVER happening again! I am at a big loss in my heart!  Yogi had an option that was not exercised!"
Lisa was not the ONLY option available either.  Other groups, when they found out about this have said, "Why didn't she ask us for help? We would have taken them!"

Primco Yogi
Regardless of the fact that there were options available and not taken advantage of, Greyhound Friends of Hopkinton is listed as a "NO KILL" shelter.  It is one thing to put a dog down because it is sick with little chance of recovery.  It is another to put down a healthy dog with no history of aggression, and that is from Louise's own statement. In addition, this is not the first incident of her destroying healthy dogs.  She admits to putting down 2-3 dogs each year, MANY of which are sick...  NOT all of them.

Dogs bred for a purpose, any purpose, are not irresponsibly bred. If this greyhound "rescue" group has too many dogs, it is beholden upon the operators to say, "not this time".  There are other adoption facilities which do not destroy healthy dogs because they are taking up room and are difficult to find the right home for.  As far as most I know are concerned, these killings were a matter of convenience for this "rescue" group.  They were killed because they were taking up space...  space which could have been occupied by dogs more easily placed which would then bring in more dollars.

For that reason and that reason alone, a "rescue" destroying dogs for convenience, this so called "no kill shelter" needs to be exposed for what it truly is.  They should NEVER get another greyhound.  They should never get another dog.

Yours in greyhounds....

Monday, April 15, 2013

Boston Attack

The writers of this blog are praying for Boston and her people, visitors, etc.  May God bless Boston and keep her safe.

Also, as much as we detest Grey2K and its founders, Christine Dorchak & Carey Theil, Christine has run in the Boston Marathon in the past.  We sincerely hope that they are safe & sound.  We do not wish them any harm and we'd hate to hear that they were injured.

Yours in greyhounds....

Monday, April 8, 2013

Greyhound Friends of Hopkinton.... Louise Coleman.... Grey2K Connection... Killing Greyhounds

Something disturbing has just come to my attention - it's one of those things where I ask "Should I involve myself?"... after sleeping over it I've come to this conclusion; Damn right I should.

First, I'd like to point out that I have a sincere and deep respect for the vast majority of folks in the Greyhound Adoption Community; my involvement with greyhounds began with adoption dogs. Without them and their tireless work to help our retired racers into loving homes, our lives as breeders and trainers would be near impossible. So, this isn't about my bashing anyone in the adoption world - this is about one single, solitary woman and group.

I found out last night that UMR High Roller (5 y/o) and Primco Yogi (7 y/o) were recently put to sleep. Both boys were healthy and vibrant. Their problem? They were taking up crate space their 'adoption group' needed to accept new, more "adoptable" dogs. Apparently, these boys had outstayed their welcome and because of this, their lives were snuffed out.  They were destroyed.

UMR High Roller

The anti-racing group, Greyhound Friends of Hopkinton, MA, which is run by Louise Coleman, destroyed them.

I don't care as to what this "woman" might have done to help greyhounds in the past when racing was alive in the northeast.

For years, greyhound racing professionals were demonized for humanely euthanizing older greyhounds to make room for younger ones - adoption signified a rethinking of that mindset and the mainstreaming of the breed. Apparently, Louise Coleman has a lot in common with those people who were often the object of her scorn and condemnation years ago. To do what she has resorted to is abhorrent and unacceptable - despicable and deplorable.

I urge EVERY single owner of a racing greyhound to refuse to send this group another dog. If you have one in her groups custody right now, I strongly urge you to do whatever you can to get that dog moved to a reputable group. There are plenty of groups out there now who would love to help place your dogs into a loving home and not the ground.

R.I.P. High Roller...   R.I.P. Yogi.


In Carey Theil's blog post dated Wednesday, April 4, he states,  
"On Monday, we hosted a small party at the GREY2K USA office to celebrate the birthday of my adopted greyhound Zoe. Although this was a joyful occasion, it does remind me now of all the family birthday parties Bubbles Sidekick will never have."
Carey, where is the concern for the birthdays that the 5 years old, healthy greyhound, UMR High Roller will never have?  

Where is the concern for the birthdays that the 7 yr old, healthy greyhound, Primco Yogi will never have?  

These healthy dogs that were destroyed by an anti-racing rescue group aren't even given a passing mention in your blog.  WHY?  Is it because they were destroyed by an anti-racing group that Grey2K has referred to as a "partner"?  

Does it matter to Grey2K that this 'rescue' group has assets in excess of $1 million dollars and they are making money off the dogs?

Does it matter to Grey2K that they are destroying healthy dogs that are not making money for them, dogs that are taking up valuable kennel space?  Space which could be occupied by a more profitable, more easily sold greyhound.

You have complained about responsible owners humanely euthanizing dogs that have suffered traumatic injuries, yet you do not say a word about a "rescue" group destroying HEALTHY dogs because they cannot find them homes.

The hypocrisy of the anti-racing crowd doesn't have any bounds!  Do don't as we do; do as we say!

Yours in greyhounds....