Sunday, September 23, 2012

Grey2K - Book of Secrets

By Rory Goree,

Part 1 - The "Gift"

In 2005, the President of GREY2K USA is promoting one particular group on GREY2K USA’s FaceBook page. The reason I’m taking interest in this particular “promotion” is that the group being promoted is lead by an individual who, when it came time to help save the Juarez greyhounds apparently advocated giving them the gift – love how when they advocate it is a “GIFT” but if anyone does it is labeled as “killing”.

"Keep American greyhounds in America! If you cannot find homes in the States then give them a "gift" even if that "gift" is euthanasia because that is better than sending them to the harsh reality of Juarez or any other foreign country." Greyhound Update, a Newsletter from the National Greyhound Adoption Program, Winter 2005 Edition

Thankfully none of us with sound mind and true welfare at heart took up the “gift” suggestion.

Now we all know that the ones leading GREY2K USA are highly connected with PETA, and just any internet search on the leader of PETA and the number of “GIFTS” this disturbing individual has been responsible for is to say the least SICK, I can only surmise the individual is a few screws loose in the welfare department.

So remember, when GREY2K advocates, promotes something, remember what friends of GREY2K advocate for and personally perform – The GIFT!

Part II - The missing Schedule O 

According to IRS regulations if you answer NO to Part VI, Section A. Line 8 on the 990 you are to explain the NO on Schedule O. GREY2K USA’s 2010 990 form, Part VI, Section A. Line 8

8. Did the organization contemporaneously document the meetings held or written actions undertaken during the year by the following?”
A) The governing body
B) Each committee with authority to act on behalf of the governing body.
GREY2K USA’s answer – NO.  Yet I can find no explanation of the NO on Schedule O. Regarding Schedule O, the copy of 990 that is available on GREY2K USA’s website is missing Schedule O. This only raises questions, why no minutes, and why are they hiding Schedule O from public inspection on GREY2K USA’s website?

Part III – The disappearing speaking engagement!

Back in 2007, I had the privileged of speaking to the New Hampshire house about House bill 923. One member of our party spoke briefly to one member of the House about GREY2K USA’s president speaking engagement with Animal Liberation Front (ALF)

ALF is an organization that the FBI deemed to be a “domestic terrorist” organization. After wards the Executive Director of GREY2K USA approached the person who brought this information to light and if my memory serves me correctly threatened to sue the individual.

After returning to my hotel I logged on and checked out the speaking engagement – sure enough, clear as day – the President had a speaking engagement with ALF. A couple of hours later I logged back in and the speaking engagement had been removed – wiped clean.

I’m left wondering – why did GREY2K USA feel the need to threaten legal action and also remove the evidence from its own web site – what SECRET did they not want the public to know?

Monday, September 17, 2012

‎Crate Potato, Meet Couch Potato

By Dennis McKeon

Let's get it straight. There is so much hateful, ignorant and deliberate disinformation out there it boggles the mnd.

Canines are all pack animals. All canines are "denners". This means that left to their own devices, they will seek out places to sleep and rest that provide close cover and protection, not only from the elements, but from their enemies.

Greyhounds, unlike most domestic canines, are raised in a pack. As puppies and then as saplings, that pack is comprised of their littermates and/or other greyhounds their age who are being raised on the facility where they reside.

When they arrive at the racing kennel as young adults, they become members of a larger pack, with sub-packs. Each pack member in the racing kennel has his/her own "den", which we (and those companies who sell them commercially) refer to as crates, and anti-racing propagandists prefer to call "cages", for maximum, negative connotation.

Canines have been observed, ad infintum, to sleep anywhere from 12-16 hours per day, both in domesticity and in the wild. That is perfectly normal behavior for canines of almost any stripe. Greyhounds, whether in a racing kennel or kept as pets in the home, are so fond of sleeping for protracted periods of time, and for such huge portions of the day, that they are known by all and sundry, affectionately indeed, as the infamous "45 mile per hour couch potato".

After a brief period of adjustment and evaluation, once they begin their racing careers, greyhounds are kept on a program of vigorous exercise, training, handling and grooming. They gallop in long runs, or on the racetrack itself. They are schooled behind the lure. They are walked on walking machines or by hand, and sometimes they even swim at facilities that have nearby lakes or other bodies of water that the trainer can make use of.

They take whirlpool baths and/or receive relaxing massages, and they are brushed, combed, pedicured and slicked up before and after racing or training sessions. They are kept busy, and at all times, share their lives with their pack members. In all cases, conditioning them to race successfully takes time, repetition, commitment, and more than anything, it takes a lot out of the greyhound. Greyhounds cherish and require their downtime, their rest and their relaxation, to recover from the exertions of playing, training and then, racing.

Those of us who have never seen a greyhound immediately after a race or a training session behind the lure, have no idea just how much effort and energy they expend getting after it. Until you see the pumped up muscles, almost appearing to bulge through the greyhound's skin, the heaving sides, and the expression of pleasant fatigue and satisfaction on the face of the dog, it is impossible to imagine the degree of their desire, satifaction and commitment. Once you witness it, it all becomes perfectly clear. The amount of sleeping and lolling about they do is roughly a reflection of the depth of their natural and healthy expressions of their genetic and athletic heritage.

So that couch potato you have at home, blissfully snoozing the day away as you occasionally check to see if he or she is still alive, was, before he met you, a 45 mile per hour "crate potato" or "den potato", in the racing kennel. He learned to rest and snooze in his own private den space, feeling perfectly secure, while the kennel was a virtual beehive of activity all day long. He was deprived of nothing, was anything but bored, and was perfectly exhilarated when his name was called for either galloping, schooling, walking or racing---or just about anything other than nail-trimming.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Absolute Insanity!

From the:
Ward 6- Newsletter
Tucson First September 6, 2012
Steve Kozachik, Tucson City Council Member

Next Tuesday is when I’ll be asking M&C [Mayor & Council] to join in adopting a change to our City Code that will outlaw the administration of anabolic steroids to greyhounds “for the purpose of performance enhancement or to suppress estrus”. I will have some compelling guests speaking at the study session. Over the past couple of weeks, since Clair Doan and Channel 9 have joined in covering this issue, the manager of the track has gone public stating that the steroids are simply “skirting a law that he doesn’t like” and that they’re only using them to prevent pregnancies. Sir, if you operate a co-ed dorm, you’re gonna get unwanted pregnancies. Split the dogs into separate living spaces, make them large enough for the animals to move around in and keep them clean. To that last point, here’s an article that demonstrates on-going issues related to the conditions in the Tucson Greyhound Park kennels.

Here’s the new language I’ve submitted for M&C consideration:
1. We would amend the existing Tucson City ordinance, Sec. 4-3(2), to add a new subsection, (g), as follows:
          Sec. 4-3(2)(g) No person shall give or administer anabolic steroids as defined in the United States Code and the relevant sections of the Code of Federal Regulations, to any greyhound dog in training for or being used for racing within the State of Arizona, in order to artificially enhance performance or suppress estrus. This provision may not be waived as dictated by treatment under direction of a licensed veterinarian. 
2. We also need to amend the section that allows all of the provisions to be waived by a licensed veterinarian. Here is what it currently states:
          Sec. 4-3(3). Any of the provisions of this section may be waived as dictated by treatment under direction of a licensed veterinarian.
I propose we amend sec. 4-3(3) as follows:
          Sec. 4-3(3). Any of the provisions of this section except Sec. 4-3(2)(g) may be waived as dictated by treatment under direction of a licensed veterinarian.
3. The penalty provision is already in the existing ordinance, so it does not need amendment. Here is the current provision:
          Sec. 4-3(5). Penalties. A violation of any provision of this section is punishable by a fine of not less than one hundred dollars ($100.00) nor more than two thousand five hundred dollars ($2,500.00). No judge, magistrate or special magistrate may suspend the imposition of the minimum fine prescribed herein. In addition to the fine amount, the penalty may include not more than six (6) months in jail and not more than three (3) years probation, or any combination thereof.
This issue has multiple layers beyond the steroids. It has to do with some trainers who had perennial losers going to weekly winners for no apparent reason. It has to do with keeping animals caged in crates all day long, muzzled and calling that “training athletes”. It has to do with track conditions that result in dogs pulling up lame. It has to do with gaming profits being made through off-track betting, and the collateral damage is the dogs. And more.  We can’t fix it all, but we can take this step, and hope that it’s in the direction of limiting the damage to the greyhounds who are being used as a commodity to be bought, sold and traded.
Steve Kozachik
Council Member, Ward 6
To Whom It May Concern:

I cannot believe anyone would be so stupid to fall for the animal rights agitators, Grey2K BS, and the 100 veterinarians, who have issued an "edict" that all female racing greyhounds are to be forbidden access to birth control. For at least 40 years, the administration of estrus suppressants to greyhound bitches has been standard operating procedure for actively racing greyhounds. At one time, the administration was done with an ultra-light dosage, intra-muscular injection of testosterone, depending upon what the vet recommended, either bi-weekly or once a month. Now, some use pills and others still use injection - it is NOT illegal.

Let me tell you why you do not want bitches coming into season in a racing kennel.  It's simple, really...  young male greyhounds, which are bred to be fiercely competitive and in peak physical condition, bursting with athletic vigor are horny. If the bitches come into season, and please note they ALL come in together, it puts the dogs under tremendous stress.  Really, most of you already know as it is basic "Dogs for Dummies" material.  If giving estrus suppressants are made illegal, there will be dog fights, physical battles for dominance and the right to breed.  That's bad but it is natural.  It is also unavoidable if bitches in heat are in close proximity. 

Trust me, greyhounds are my breed and they have been my breed for nearly 20 years.  You NEVER - EVER want to see or break up a full blown, greyhound pack fight.  NEVER!  I lost a show bitch to a pack fight.  It is NOT pretty!  It is VERY VIOLENT!  In truth, it is comparable to a small war when one occurs.  EVERY greyhound in the yard suddenly gangs up on the first one who squeals, trying to KILL that dog. Then, they all start going after one another, helter skelter, depending upon which dog is closest to whom.  It is a terrifying and dangerous situation.  Dogs can be grievously injured in these fights and, as I said a sentence or two ago, dogs can and do get killed in them.  And, here is something else to consider - in a melee like that, PEOPLE can also be seriously injured and also killed.  There is NOTHING so frightening as a greyhound in blood lust.  NOTHING!  

Remember....  this is my breed.  I know this breed intimately.  You have no idea of the power and ruthlessness of 30 or so enraged greyhounds engaged in a pack fight. You have NO idea until you have waded into one of these episodes -  swinging buckets, mops, shovels....  swinging ANYTHING in an attempt to restore order during one of these terrifying episodes.  I've waded into a pack fight with only 12 greyhounds and it is NOT something I want to repeat!  

Ch El-Aur Summer Breeze aka Feather 
I had 12 greyhounds pack up on my lovely show bitch, Feather, when she squealed one day.  To be graphic...  the ones which lost their muzzles in the melee, pretty much disemboweled her.  I BEAT them off with a shovel and a bucket. When they were clear of her, I carried her into the house, wrapped her in a blanket with a bath towel around her midsection to hold it together and took her to the vet, who did emergency surgery.  She died a week later.  Trust me, you NEVER want to have this happen. It is a harrowing, formidable & menacing experience.  If you are unfortunate to have one occur, you will NEVER forget it. You will be extremely lucky to emerge intact and with all dogs intact & alive.

A legislative ban on the administration of contraceptives - the same sort anyone may be able to get for their intact pets - to greyhounds in Tucson is appalling.  It borders on malpractice.  The Councilman's ignorance of the day to day routine & existence of racing greyhounds is leading him to make a grievous mistake, one that could easily become fatal to man & beast.  Essentially, he is endorsing complete sexual anarchy and chaos in the greyhound kennels. This proposal will put every dog in potentially grave danger and it will lead to unplanned & unwanted pregnancies.  Dogs, as anyone should know, can easily scale tall fences in search of that bitch in heat. 

These ill advised changes will place each and every kennel working in potentially great peril and it significantly compromises their right to work in a safe workplace. It presents a clear & present danger to the personal safety and the emotional state of each & every human and greyhound at the Tucson kennel complex. 

Whatever your feelings about greyhound racing, the vets who have endorsed this appalling ordinance and the politicians who plan to actuate it need to be called on the carpet. I don't know if they have been influenced by the anti-racing faction, who have close ties with HSUS, PeTA & the Animal Liberation Front or if they themselves harbor such sentiments.  It really doesn't matter and it is of no import.  What is important is that this proposal by a City Councilman will place ALL of the greyhounds at Tucson and their handlers in an untenable and very impracticable situation. Before any greyhounds are mauled or worse like my Feather in a kennel pack fight, and before any of the people who work with them are injured or maimed, I ask that you all contact the Council and ask that this hazardous piece of legislation be reassessed and denied.


Elaine Summerhill
Where beauty & function go paw in paw....

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Update on Grey2K Trip to England

Ah yes... Several days back, in the post, Last of the Board Duties, I commented about Mr & Mrs Grey2K's working vacationtrip to England being timed to coincide with the "1000 Greyhounds" event.

I am happy to report that it was confirmed back on Sept 4 that Grey2K USA, in the form of President Christine Dorchak and her husband, Executive Director Carey Theil, did, in fact, put in an appearance at the "1000 Greyhounds ( event, to hand out badges (buttons) to participants!

You know, an airline ticket to London is around $1k... I wonder how much this trip is costing?

Curiosity got the best of me... So, I went on to a couple of discount travel sites including Expedia to get a guesstimate as to how much the trip may cost.  I found the cheapest total cost, per person, was to stay at a hostel. What's the difference between a hotel and a hostel?

Hotels are considered more luxurious than hostels and, therefore, more expensive. At a hotel one can have his own room and bathroom as well as maid service and other amenities. A person staying at a hotel will have his bags carried to his room, fresh towels delivered and his bed made up daily.

Hostels are generally used by younger travelers with less money to spare. Those visiting a hostel will most likely be required to share a room as well as bath and shower rooms. In the past, rooms were set up dormitory fashion, with communal showers. Nowadays, some hostels offer single rooms and bathrooms, while shared, might accommodate only one guest at a time.

Anyway....  Here is the info from Expedia as to the least expensive Airfare + Lodging  +Car package.

Flight + Hotel + Car Trip

Situated in London, this hostel is close to The General Cemetery of All Souls, Portobello Road Market, and Electric Cinema. Also nearby are The Tricycle ... More lodging info
Hotel promotion - Save 15% on this stay!
Book online or call 1-800-222-0892
Total Price:$2,193
$1,097 per person
Only 2 trips left at this price!
includes: Flight + Hotel + Car, Taxes & Fees**

1.5-star London, England 
Bed in 8-Bed Mixed Dorm
Check in: 23-Sep
Check out: 1-Oct
Flight Information
DeltaBoston (BOS) to London (LHR)  Depart:22-Sep  6:40 PM - 6:25 AM (+1 day) Delta
London (LHR) to Boston (BOS)  Return: 1-Oct  9:40 AM - 12:39 PMDelta
Choose a different flight
Car Information
HertzLondonPick-up: 09/23/12Mini 2-door car
Drop-off: 10/01/12
Choose a different car

Somehow, I cannot envision the leadership of Grey2K, as dedicated to the welfare of greyhounds that they are, staying in a hostel, even if they are going to be touring the country. But, I'll give them the benefit of a doubt...

Even so, this is a fine use of those donations "for the dogs"....  NOT!

Of course, this is all supposition as we have no idea as to where they stayed or how their reservations were made, but you can see that this trip to England was not cheap.  It was, at a minimum, airfare alone was about $2000 for airfare alone.   What about meals?  We have no idea as to how much the final cost will be?

That $2000 would go a long way to helping a lot of greyhounds find homes, if it had been donated to an actual adoption group rather than lobbyists, who are making a living off of the dogs...  who are 'exploiting' the dogs (to use their own words) to achieve a political goal.

So, how much do you want to bet that Grey2K will have a donate comment on all their buttons, literature and swag they hand out?  It's called "Branding".  And, as long as they don't take pennies on site, then how the donations come in are fair game.  My guess is that they are not going to be political, lobby or whatever over there. They are getting tours of greyhound racing facilities and attending a novelty ENTERTAINMENT EVENT ... which is what setting a Guinness world book record really is.  All on the backs of the dogs they supposedly support. While campaigning for more money to pay for their pleasure trips.

How much do you want to bet that they are going to use the trip to scrounge up more donations back here in the States?  After all....  they will probably next want to visit Macau...  to shut down greyhound racing there.

Prices are per person and do not include baggage fees or other fees charged directly by the airline.
These results cover a metro area with several airports. Please review your choices carefully.
Sort by:Departure TimeArrival TimeStopsDurationPrice
BostonMacauSeattle, Taipei
BOS  6:35pmMFM  11:50am +2 days2 Stops  29h 15m
Alaska Airlines 15
EVA Airways 25
EVA Airways 801 

MacauBostonTaipei, Los Angeles, Dallas
MFM  8:35pmBOS  10:50am +1 day3 Stops  26h 15m
EVA Airways 812
EVA Airways 16
American Airlines 2400
American Airlines 2400 
(total $3,600)
includes tax and fees

Think about it.

Yours in greyhounds....

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Etymology - the Study of Linguistic Change

Now for something a little bit different....

Etymology is the study of the history of words, their origins, and how their form and meaning has changed over time. Words and their uses have always interested me, especially how words are twisted and turned from one meaning to another.  I believe that the power who be at Grey2K are good, extremely good, at twisting and turning words & their meanings. So...let's go down the rabbit hole together into the madness of Grey2K!

Grey2K USA is fond of excoriating racing people for "exploiting" their dogs. They use the word "exploit" because of its potentially negative connotations.  In fact, they focus on the negatives... always.  Regarding exploitation, however, they focus on the one meaning of the word which is to "use selfishly for one's own ends".  They seem to forget or perhaps they don't realize that the word, "exploit", also has several very positive meanings... Unlike the hate filled group, Grey2K, the racing community chooses to focus on the positives...  after all, life is too full of negativity and those bad feelings, which lead down a dark & lonely path, affect these sensitive & empathetic dogs.

A positive meaning of exploit, when used as a verb, is to further advance & to promote.  For instance,
"The adoption rep exploited the positive traits of the greyhound as a breed to encourage the family to adopt one to add to their family."
"Greyhounds really know how to exploit their humans by being cute. They can charm a cookie or treat out of anyone."
It can mean, when used as a noun, a striking & notable deed. Here's an example,
"The exploits of the great racing legend, Rural Rube, include setting a new world's record for the 5/16's mile by running the distance in 31 seconds flat. There were those who swear he was almost human. He posed to newsreels and cameras and at a dinner in his honor Rural Rube sat at the head of the table, a napkin tied around his neck. He even bowed to the delight of those present."
So, in looking at the positive, you're damn right I 'exploit' these dogs and I'm proud of it!  They are a great dog and they deserve to have all their positives celebrated by letting the world know of their 'exploits' throughout history!  I will continue to "exploit" them to the benefit of the dogs and the breed.

This little blurb also goes to show who truly advocates for the dogs.  But, you are the ones who need to decide who are the true advocates for the dogs and the breed.  You need to ask yourself, are the advocates  those people who exploit them in a positive manner, extolling the breed's virtues and the dogs exploits, those who show the dogs in the best possible light for what they are, an extraordinary athlete and creature?

OR,  is it those like Grey2K and its minions, who negatively "exploit" them, showing them as objects to be pitied, objects that are abused, to accomplish their political goal, caring naught for what happens to the breed in the long term should that goal be accomplished.  Make no mistake, Grey2K is exploiting these wonderful dogs to "take advantage of an animal, a situation either unethically or unjustly for their own ends."  The end of racing and, ultimately, the end of greyhounds & greyhound ownership.

When making that decision, please don't forget Grey2K's close ties with radical animal rights groups, groups which have called for the "extinction of domestic animals...  one generation and out".  It's a known fact that the President of Grey2K, Christine Dorchak, counts among her friends such noted animal rights radicals, including but not limited to:

Peter Singer, Animal Liberation Front

Peter Singer is of the opinion that "just being a human doesn't give you a right to live."  He supports euthanasia, infanticide, fair allocation of scarce healthcare resources, and embryo experimentation. Euthanasia & infanticide for those who are "severely disabled".  Does that include those children with autism?  What about children with cancer, a disabling illness?  What about children who are blind?  Deaf?

Yet, Peter Singer opposes killing any animal in almost ALL cases the notable exceptions being forms of animal experimentation.  Go figure...

"Should one break in and free the animals? That is illegal, but the obligation to obey the law is not absolute. It was justifiably broken by those who helped runaway slaves in the American South, to mention only one possible parallel."  Singer, Peter. Animal Liberation: A New Ethics for our Treatment of Animals. Random House. 1975.

"So far as this argument is concerned nonhuman animals and infants and retarded humans are in the same category; and if we use this argument to justify experiments on nonhuman animals we have to ask ourselves whether we are also prepared to allow experiments on human infants and retarded adults; and if we make a distinction between animals and these humans, on what basis can we do it, other than a bare-faced - and morally indefensible - preference for members of our own species?" Singer, Peter. Animal Liberation: A New Ethics for our Treatment of Animals. Random House. 1975.

John "JP" Goodwin, Animal Liberation Front & HSUS

John "JP" Goodwin is a member of the Animal Liberation Front (ALF), who has been hired by HSUS as a "nationally recognized expert" on dog fighting.  It's a lie.  What isn't a lie is Goodwin's association with ALF, an organization that was characterized by J. F. Jarboe, the FBI's Domestic Terrorism Section Chief, during Congression testimony on eco-terrorism in 2002 as, ". . .one of the most active extremist elements in the United States."  Goodwin himself stated "my goal is the abolition of all animal agriculture."

In case you don't know, Goodwin is a convicted criminal with a long history of arrests & convictions.  In the 1990's, Goodwin was arrested and convicted for being the ringleader of a crew that vandalized fur retailers in multiple states. Animal People News profiled Goodwin in 2000, noting that he “gleefully announced a string of Animal Liberation Front mink releases and arsons against furriers and fur farms,” while acting as a “spokesman” for the terrorist group.  He was once again a "spokesman" in February 1997 after a Petaluma, California, slaughterhouse arson, and in March 1997, Goodwin truly shocked the public with his comments about an arson at a farmer’s feed co-op in Utah. Goodwin stated "We're ecstatic." when asked about a fire that caused almost $1 million in damage and could easily have killed a family sleeping on the premises.  Deseret News (Utah), Mar. 11, 1997

Bruce Friedrich (PeTA) & Peter Singer
With the exception of Ingrid Newkirk of the PeTA killing machine, Peter Singer & JP Goodwin are the most well known, radical animal rights activists who call themselves "friends" of Dorchak.  Other lesser well known individuals include:
Bruce Friedrich, Farm Sanctuary
Grace & Michael Markarian (HSUS),
Kim Bartlett (Animal People Inc),
Paul Shapiro (HSUS), and
Sara Amundson (Humane Society Legislative Fund).
Think about it...

Yours in greyhounds...

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Last of the board duties

The last of the duties of a non-profit Board of Directors to be addressed are 1) to ensure legal and ethical integrity, as the board is ultimately responsible for adherence to legal standards and ethical norms and 2) to enhance the organization's public standing by clearly articulating the organization's mission, accomplishments, and goals so as to garner support from the community.

Ensure Legal & Ethical Integrity

The Grey2K USA Board has no control over either the organization's President or Executive Director. Board members appear to be replaced at will, whenever the mood strikes. There is a lack of ethics displayed by the organization as they continually violate copyright laws and use funds obtained to "help the greyhounds" for "working vacations", the most recent of which is a 10-day working vacation in England. Of course the airfare & lodging expenses come out of the donations made "for the greyhounds".

One has to wonder about the timing of the trip. You see, the timing is such that the Grey2K salaried principals can partake in the 1000 Greyhound World Record Dog Walk, making sure their anti-racing, hate mongering buttons and pamphlets (again donation funded) litter the bucolic English countryside. Some are wondering how many greyhounds could have been temporarily housed, fed, and cared for in adoption kennels while waiting for available homes with the amount of donation dollars that are being put to use for this very, very important "working vacation"????

Other examples which indicate a lack of ethics include:

Grey2K Is Known For Distorting The Facts.

On November 6, 2000, the Boston Herald called Grey2K’s campaign to ban greyhound racing in Massachusetts “…a ruthless campaign of deceit, distortion and defamation of character”.

Grey2K Actively Opposes Mainstream Adoption Groups.

On February 5, 2009, Grey2K President Christine Dorchak published a newsletter advising supporters to “refrain from interacting” with the nation’s largest independent greyhound adoption group, Greyhound Pets of America.

Enhance the organization's public standing

Results are the key to measuring any organizations success and will demonstrate if the organization is being run appropriately or if it is time for the Board of Directors to take action and appoint new leadership – well that is unless the current leadership is the same leadership that has been running the organization since day one and has been appointing and removing board members at will since its inception, but that is a story for another blog.

Let us take a look at what the founders and leadership of GREY2K had to say in 2007:
Founders Note
"Dear Friends, 
Seven years ago, Carey and I founded GREY2K USA with the intention
of ending dog racing nationwide. Since that time, six tracks have
closed – first Multnomah Greyhound Park in Oregon, then two more
in Connecticut, and more recently, one each in Kansas, Texas and
This progress did not happen because of something we did..." 
Christine A. Dorchak, Esq.,
Carey M. Theil,
Executive Director
GREY2K USA’s leadership admitted back in 2007 that they’ve done nothing.

"This progress did not happen because of something we did..."

That is correct.  They have done nothing since the big bang theory created GREY2K USA.


What exactly has the leadership of GREY2K USA done? We do know they have spent a bundle ($2M+) of the public’s money. A big question is, where has the money gone?  Since the leadership keeps the financial records locked up in a tiny crate and will not release any unaltered financial statements, we only have to look at an organization that the Grey2K President also controlled with an iron fist to discover her modus operandi ~ collect a boat load of donations and then spend it like it is her own tax free Swiss bank account.

Ladies and Gentlemen step right up and feast your eyes on the spending ways of the Grey2K leadership in their 2009 nom de guerre, The Committee to Protect Dogs ~

They can smear, they can lie, but we will discover their twists & turns and will hold them accountable.

Their cause is a concept. Their donations are used to rent cars and have catered meals and pay production companies to make political films.

Our greyhounds are not a concept. Greyhound adoption groups struggle every day to stay afloat and find homes for the greyhounds that Grey2K only talk about.

Yours in greyhounds...