Thursday, June 18, 2015

"Rescue"... What is it?

It's one little word that means a lot of different things to a lot of different people.  It is a word that has been used to inflect hurt upon people; it is a word that has been used to describe the process of rehoming animals.  It is a word that generates images of pathetic, abused animals, which then generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue for some group such as HSUS.  It is a word that has been properly used to describe animals taken out of horrific & shocking conditions.  One little word....  so many meanings.

In greyhounds, the word "rescue" was introduced to the lexicon to wound people, to hurt and destroy them, to dehumanize them, to place the greyhound racing community in as bad of a light as possible.  The word emerged from "breed rescues" such as Borzoi rescue, which is where abandoned and unwanted Borzoi were taken in and sheltered.

Grey2K Likes Crates at Home...  Crates are Good
Typical Home Crate is 31W x 48L x 34H
The word's connotation is something else. Most people who use it do so simply because it has become part of the general vocabulary. Racing people began the adoption model to "rescue" greyhounds from an older, agrarian culture which saw no reason to keep an animal that had outlived its usefulness, who saw no immorality in humane euthanasia, and did not perceive greyhounds as being necessarily "pets"---and to "rescue" them from the early animal rights zealots (ARZs) who, as John Hoyt of the HSUS said, preferred humane euthanasia to the "warehousing" of retired greyhounds. Early ARZs had portrayed the greyhound as vicious, bloodthirsty and trained to kill, during the great jackrabbit advocacy movement, which had a massive impact on generating a false public perception of the breed, and set racing's attempt at comprehensive adoption back by about a decade.

The people who use the word to harm and injure, and to sustain a negative stereotype, are like those who continually refer to our President using his middle name with emphasis purely to create the same negative effect. The majority of people are tragically misinformed about greyhounds. In today's racing/adoption model, there is no coercion. People willingly give their greyhounds to adoption groups who willingly see to their rehoming. No one forces anything upon anyone. Yet, when people use the term "rescue" it gives the impression that the racing industry had has been bad to them. However, there is a BIG difference between a dog that came off of a track to a dog wandering the streets.... No comparison at all.

Grey2K Calls Crates at Track "Abuse"
What's the difference? Track Crates are 36W x 48L x 36H
The "rescue" terminology, as it applies to racing greyhounds, is the bludgeon of the demagogue. It is used with malicious intent. It is a slur, a slur applied with a very broad brush, on those who do the right thing to the best of their ability. It is a slap in the face to the greatest majority of decent, hard-working, and dedicated folks who go without so their dogs are given every chance at full life before, during and after racing.

For years now, there is a group of money hungry lobbyists in the US that are trying to do away with dog racing. That group is Grey2K.  They started out here in the USA and now they have started working on Australia and the UK. While there are extremists everywhere, this particular group believe greyhounds are forced to race and racing them is cruelty. They prefer that the dogs be allowed to get fat and do nothing. To them, that meager existence is kindness. Grey2K excels at presenting the dogs, fit & trim, happy dogs in the prime of life, as abused and in danger of an imminent death that requires the dog be rescued.

They imply that the racing folks don't care and that they are only in it to "make a buck off the backs of the dogs".  They are propagandists and use their misinformation to pull on the heart strings of potential new income sources, enabling a kind of weird higher purpose for those donating. Personally, I get pretty darn pissed off about the whole thing.  All those wasted dollars would be better served going to actual adoption groups and/or local shelters. 

Words matter.  Words can hurt.  Try to keep that in mind when you generalize.

Yours in greyhounds...

Monday, June 15, 2015

Charities & Others Affected by Animal Rights / Anti-Racing Extremists...

In earlier posts, I have commented on several tax-exempt organizations that call themselves charity, but aren't. Charity means, according to the Webster-Merriam dictionary,
  1. benevolent goodwill toward or love of humanity
  2. generosity and helpfulness especially toward the needy or suffering;   
  3. aid given to those in need
  4. an institution engaged in relief of the poor
  5. public provision for the relief of the needy
  6. a gift for public benevolent purposes
  7. an institution (as a hospital) founded by such a gift
  8. lenient judgment of others
2014 Note from Randall Cannon, DVM 
I truly do not see where such a description applies to Grey2K USA, HSUS, Animal Rights for Florida (ARFF), and Take Your Blinders Off (TYBO).  None of them show goodwill toward & love of humanity. None of them are generous & helpful towards those in need, animal or man. And none of them give aid & relief.  If anything, they are the antithesis of a charity: coldhearted, merciless, and vindictive. They are a viral malignancy on mankind that's posing as a benign growth.

Some associated with these groups are downright bigoted and, probably, somewhat racist. There are references from a former Grey2K director referring to a racing kennel as "Auschwitz". That same director, Karen Zoldan, also commented that "middle class, educated white people do not go to bet on the dogs" and made a reference to "wet dreams" regarding the Skecher's commercial with Mr. Quiggly.

Take Your Blinders Off founder & president, Randall Cannon DVM, seems to have a thing for people of color. He makes numerous references to slavery, slave world, etc.  Tell me, would you want him for your vet? I wouldn't.

Below, you will find a partial listing of charities affected by "activists", the descriptor the radical zealots prefer and that which the media are fond of calling them. That these extremists are willing to attack children's charities speaks volumes about their general lack of ethics & mores. How can anyone attack innocent children.  Click on the link in the name for the news story or more info.

Rockinghorse - forced to cancel an event to raise monies for pediatric cardiac monitors at a greyhound track due to threats from Greyt Exploitations & Grey2K minions. Activists sent a series of aggressive messages to the charity’s staff on social media – including making a vile joke about going to the hospital “to bet" on the children. Several other supporters “liked” the comment.

Greyhound Adoption Group (various) - Lyman High School, which has a Greyhound for its mascot, held "human vs Greyhound" races to benefit Greyhound adoption groups. The event, when it was held, raised several thousand dollars that provided direct care for the dogs. After fielding many hundreds of complaints from Animal Rights Florida (ARFF) and Grey2K, the school cancelled the very popular event, taking THOUSANDS of dollars away from the charities that serve the dogs.

Ronald McDonald House - A greyhound adopter has a greyhound therapy dog. She talked to RMHC and put together a presentation where a racer would run for a local RMHC charity and all earnings would be donated to the kids. When Grey2K found out, the Houses which were interested all received letters from Grey2K that pretty much spelled out litigation, negative press, bully tactics that would be used on RMHC sponsors.

Lions Club, Boise Idaho - Greyhound Rescue of Idaho, a group endorsed by Grey2K USA, sent a "cease & desist" letter to the Boise Host Lions Club concerning the group's 2nd Annual Wiener Dog Races set for May 30 in Boise. There were monetary prizes offered, but the greatest bulk of the "entry fees" went to benefit the Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation, the Idaho Eye Bank, Camp Hodia, and Julia Davis Window the the River Project. All worthy charities helping others. The Host Lions Club was forced to cancel the event.

On the other hand, Race for Adoption, which is a consortium of racing folks who donate all the winnings of specific greyhounds to greyhound placement groups. Race for Adoption has raised more than $150,000 for their groups! This is the true meaning of charity and benevolent goodwill.

Greyhound racing folks have raised more than £9,000 for the Rockinghorse Charity (above). Members of the greyhound racing industry raised the monies following the charity being victim to a campaign of abuse on social media by anti-racing, animal rights group, Greyt Exploitations. They have now more than double what they were expecting after members of the greyhound racing industry put out an appeal.  People from all over the greyhound racing world were appalled that the charity had to cancel its event and donations were received from Australia, USA, and Ireland.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Florida Decoupling Fails Again

I tried to get this post out back in April 2015 but just could not wrap my head around it. As with other people, life just got in the way.  Better late than never...

Congratulations from the authors of this blog to the Florida Racing Greyhound community on, yet again, stopping Grey2K, the ASPCA, and HSUS in their efforts to hobble greyhound racing in this state. Good work guys!

"Congratulations to the Florida Greyhound Racing Community, the Florida Greyhound Association, Jack Cory, and the many trainers and owners who worked hard at their jobs and at outreach, and whose livelihoods and families are safe for one more year. Thanks to all my friends who read along and whether by word of mouth or word of telephone, or by word of keypad in social media, helped to state the case of the thousands of Greyhounds, who would be in some peril, had the anti racing flim-flam artists, the casino corporateers, and their political hacks and cronies been given their way. Regards to the senators and reps who held their ground and sided with the working people and the Greyhounds of Florida.

Sadly, the Greyhound Safety Act did not pass, largely because Grey2k and the rest of the phony advocacy and "protection groups" refused to actively support it. Remember that the next time you are asked to donate your hard earned money to one of these hateful, destructive and self-interested scam operations."
Dennis McKeon - April 2015

"The Greyhound Safety Act was a bill that required few changes to help ensure & enhance the safety of racing greyhounds on the tracks in Florida.  The bill required that the electric rail on which the lure runs be insulated to prevent accidental electrocution should a greyhound attempt to jump the rail into the infield. 

As Mr. McKeon states,  this bill was not supported by those purporting to be greyhound lovers. In fact, they actively opposed it.  
We need to hammer home that Grey2K was against The Safety Act, therefore any greyhound that dies on the track, its blood is on Grey2K's hands."
Bruce Walters - April 2015

"Once again, the crucial question has yet to be asked or answered. If indeed too many greyhounds are being injured and suffering fatalities on FL racetracks, whose fault is that? Who prepares and maintains the racetracks' surface and the related electronic equipment? For those who are unaware, that is the responsibility of the racetracks themselves. Why are Grey2k and their their franchisers at the ASPCA not throwing the full weight of their support behind the Smith Greyhound Safety Act, which is specifically designed to address those very issues, and to prevent many of those very same injuries, from which they supposedly wish to "protect" the greyhounds?"
Dennis McKeon - April 2015

Congratulations to the people, who worked hard to get the Florida Decoupling bill defeated. 

Boos & hisses to Grey2K, HSUS, and the ASPCA who actively lobbied to defeat the Greyhound Safety Act, which would have mandated that:

  1. The track owners maintain racing surfaces to an industry standard to prevent injuries & death;
  2. The electric rail be modified to prevent accidental electrocution of both man & dog;
  3. Would prohibit anyone convicted of a felony for animal cruelty, child abuse, aggravated assault or battery from obtaining a license or permit from the Division of Parimutuel Wagering;
  4. A safety device to remove lures from the racing surface be installed; and
  5. The legislation required that tracks report all injures to greyhound race dogs that occur at the tracks.

Sensible measures to ensure the safety of the dogs. Sensible measures that were lobbied against for a bill that only mandated injury reporting.

Ask yourself, why have Grey2K and other so called "protection and welfare" organizations not supported these sensible changes that would protect the dogs?

Yours in Greyhounds...

Friday, June 12, 2015

ARFF (Animal Rights for Florida).... a Bunch of Junkyard Dawgs

Rabid Dog from To Kill A Mockingbird
Junkyard dogs...

The words evoke images of large dogs like Rottweilers or Pit Bulls, frothing at the mouth, snarling & snapping at those who would trespass into their territory...  a junk yard. Well, animal rights extremists, pretty much fit that description. The first time I met one up close & personal, I gained the understanding of the word, apoplectic, and he truly was foaming at the mouth, spittle flying everywhere in his hatred. He reminded me of a rabid dog.

Then, there was the movie, Junkyard Dog, which is a gritty psychological, horror movie that delves the demented mind of a murdering serial rapist, who engages in the cannibalsim of his victims. The movie is supposed to be based on actual events. The madman in the movie is oddly charismatic, yet vicious in his attacks.

For better or worse, right or wrong, the phrase "junkyard dog" has come to signify the bad, the ugly, and the dangerous in our society. And, in this writer's honest opinion, Animal Rights Foundation of Florida (ARFF) pretty much fulfills that description.

I'm guessing dear reader you are wondering why.

Well, for one, there is their modus operandi.  They harass, browbeat, antagonize, and attempt to coerce & intimidate those who have a different philosophy than they. They do this with protests, which are conducted in ways similar to the Westboro Baptist Church protests. They are way less than tolerant of any and slander those who humanely employ animals in any way. And, like Grey2K, they employ lies, propaganda, and misinformation to support their political agenda, which includes pushing everyone to a vegan diet.

ARFF (how funny that their acronym sounds like a junkyard dog barking) supports the banning of the following activities (partial list):
  • hunting 
  • fishing
  • farming & ranching
  • any & all animal in entertainment (zoos, bio parks, aquariums, racing venues, and circuses)
  • any & all breeding of domestic animals
ARFF believes that there should be no dairies as "Cows milk is for calves, not humans".  ARFF tells people on their webpage, "The best way to help end the suffering of cows in the dairy industry is to eliminate dairy and all animal products from your diet."

ARFF believes that people should not eat eggs and they say so on their webpage, "Don't buy eggs. Adopting a vegan diet, one free of animal products, is the most important thing you can do to stop the suffering of chickens."

ARFF believes that all animal agriculture should be done away with. They especially have it in for pigs & pig farms. "Farms not only abuse animals, they are notoriously bad for the environment. Typical pig farms use an astounding amount of water and produce tons of manure every day. Too often, waste from pig farms leaks into rivers and streams, killing fish and contaminating drinking water. Pig farms also foul the air."

Where the domestic animals to go?  What's to become of them?  If they are not bred, the breeds & species will become extinct.  But, I guess that's OK by ARFF.  After all, those animals are not a part of Florida's wildlife.  Contrary to proven wildlife management principles, ARFF wants to "protect" invasive species, as they are now part of Florida's wildlife, even if those species wipe out the native flora & fauna!  "We need to learn to coexist with all wildlife" including coyotes, armadillos (reservoirs for leprosy), and feral hogs. I'm assuming that they also oppose the capture other invasive, non-native species such as Burmese pythons and Nile Monitor lizards.  (LISTING of non-native reptilian species currently found in FL)

With regards to greyhound racing, ARFF really goes over the top with the lies.  For instance,

Quote from ARFF, Campaigns, Greyhound Racing page
Numerous people have requested backup documentation, a source for their statement that "thousands are killed".  None has been forthcoming.  There is nothing that can provide supporting documentation because about 95% of greyhounds go into pet homes upon retirement. Others are reserved for breeding and continuing the greyhound breed.
Another lie from them,
Quote from ARFF, Campaigns, Greyhound Racing page
For the past several years, fewer than 12,000 greyhounds have been whelped on an annual basis. That number includes stillborn puppies and those that die as neonates. The last year there were 25,000 pups whelped was in 2005 - 10 years past.  Here are accurate numbers taken from the NGA's whelping report.  Numbers are not yet available for 2014 but there is no reason to expect a sudden increase to >12,000, especially since as of Aug 2014, there were 7,265 reported births. 
                  Year              Number                 Born
2013 10,657
2012 10,157
2011 11,759
2010 12,801

Dogs, in general, have a whelping mortality rate of about 20%, which means 1 in 5 puppies die before they are 5 wks old.

Another lie spread by ARFF is

ARFF Webpage, Campaigns, Greyhound Racing
Anyone who owns a greyhound of any kind can testify that the dogs, in general, spend 18 - 20 hrs a day sleeping. Doesn't matter.  As for the size of the crates, they are much larger than anything available on the pet market.  The crates in the racing kennels measure 48" x 48" x 48", more than roomy enough for the dogs to stand, stretch, and lay flat. Definitely not "cramped".

 Human contact...  Dogs are handled daily. They're rubbed down, inspected for injuries, petted, kissed, and loved upon in general.  A most egregious misstatement of fact.  Just look at the pictures. Happy hounds are not made happy by neglect or abuse.

 ARFF negotiates in bad faith. At the Sanford Orlando Kennel Club (SOKC), racing folks that are fed up with being portrayed as abusive, greedy people. As a result, they have been staging counter-protests at the same time as ARFF has been holding their anti-racing ones. Prior to their most recent protest on June 6, ARFF complained to the Longwood Police Dept about the SOKC counter protests. The LPD requested that the racing folks stay on the other side of the street from the ARFF protesters. Just like Grey2K...  trying to stifle the truth! Anyway, at the protest, ARFF teamed up with another extremist organization, Take Your Blinders Off (TYBO), which was founded by a veterinarian and makes both ARFF & Grey2K look somewhat reasonable. Yeah...  scary isn't it.

TYBO's main man bills himself as Randall "Vegan" Cannon.  He bought a Toyota Tundra and installed a digital billboard in the bed on which he uploads a slide show. It changes according to the venue.  It could be farms scenes; orcas & dolphins, greyhounds...

 This man is nuts. I cannot say anything about his clinic, the Fairbanks Animal Hospital in Winter Park, FL. I have never been there and I'm never going to go there for a couple of reasons: 1) this man is over the top and 2) by his own admission, he has "never seen an orthopedic injury" that a greyhound got in their backyard" or one with "heat stroke". Makes me wonder how much knowledge about sighthounds in general he actually has.  He certainly is blinded by his hatred of greyhound racing & greyhound people.

The extremists found in these two groups are nasty little people. They cannot see beyond their own agenda. They don't care who or what they hurt to accomplish that agenda. They would rather see the animals dead & extinct, than have a job.

The war against the extremists has only just begun.  It's going to get worse before it gets better.

Yours in greyhounds

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Lies, Lies, Everywhere Are Lies...

The other day, another Saving Greys blog post made its appearance. Again, as usual, the post is really stretching to present greyhound racing and the people in it in a bad light. It is loaded with lies of omission and phrases taken & presented out of context. It amazes me that very few question these fanatics who are associated with domestic terrorists. They really need to be held accountable.

Several weeks back, racing folks learned that "the Dorchak family" was getting a greyhound to replace the deceased Zoe. Since we pity the poor dog for going into such a hateful environment (greyhounds are sensitive to the emotions surrounding them), there was a great deal of curiosity and concern expressed for the hound. The main topic of curiosity surrounded who would give them a hound. It was narrowed down to one of two people: Louise Coleman in Massachusetts or David Wolf in Pennsylvania. Both Coleman & Wolf have bad reps among racing folks. Coleman has a reputation for killing inconvenient hounds, hounds that have been too long in the adoption kennel (Greyhound Friends of Hopkington... Louise Coleman), whereas David Wolf has a very bad reputation among greyhound folk for his bizarre ways, such as, pulling teeth out of dogs and putting all greyhounds on thyroxine, both medical procedures performed without cause. There's good cause for the racing folks to be concerned about any dog going there!

So, evidently a Trojan was surveying the FaceBook group, Grey2K Lies, as some of the featured comments in Carey's festival of misquotes came from there.  For instance, Carey said
"Predictably, greyhound breeders responded to this happy event with bitterness and hostility. As soon as it was publicly announced that we had adopted her, several dog track promoters began trying to figure out what Gina's racing name was, so they could attempt to remove her. According to greyhound trainer Chris Grieb, "I've been relentlessly searching for possibilities on her identity. I'll worry about what to do with that information once it's obtained.""
How the conversation actually went...
"Beck:  Even if we do get proof that this is all a lie? It appears that no one in the media is interested in investigating this bunch of charlatans. We can put it on Grey2k Lies, but only a small group of people will see it. We can share it, but most of our Facebook friends already know they lie. We can't comment on their Facebook page or website because they delete everything that might cause their minions to doubt them. I don't want to be a negative person, but without widespread dissemination of the truth how are we doing anything, but beating our heads against a wall.
Grieb:  Then don't worry yourself with it all then, Beck. I'm NOT giving up finding who this dog is, who she was bred/owned by, and how she wound up at NGAP.
Beck:  Grieb I'm not saying give up finding out who the dog is, I'm just saying if we do find out how do we get the word out.
Grieb:  I don't know Beck - but, in between postings here and there, I've been relentlessly searching for possibilities on her identity. I'll worry about what to do with that information once it's obtained."
Does anyone see anything here about stealing the dog?  No.

What one does see are a couple of people trying to find out what the dog's racing name is so they can find out how she wound up at NGAP with David Wolf.  Big difference, eh?  A big LIE OF OMISSION.

By the way, because of this egregious LIE OF OMISSION, one of the Grey2K acolytes is offering "to hangout" with Carey & Gina to protect them with "Mr. Glock".  Those are some peace loving folks.

Comments on Grey2K's FB Page re: Gina

Another twisted piece of verbiage from Carey is his implying that the racing folks "should forcibly abduct Gina."  Tsk... tsk... tsk..

Again, taking something and using it totally out of context. I swear one MUST question everything these jokers say & do.
D'Arcy:  Tara, we nominate you to go in disguise to an event and give Gina a hug and ear scratch (AND check her tattoos smile emoticon smile emoticon )
Grieb: Take one for the team! I swear to all that is Holy, if I lived up there I'd be all over it.  
Tara:  I will be like Ace Venture pet detective. smile emoticon Help me find something within a reasonable area and I'm there!
Beverly Stahlgren Schrecongost: Tara and then grab her and run like hell!!!!!  
Tara: Haaaaaa!!!!! Only if I can get Matt to drive the get away car!!!!
Does anyone see a threat by the racing people to "forcibly abduct" the dog?  I see people joking around.  Context... Context... Context...   Please remember Mr. Sussman is out there with his Glock, ready & waiting.  One hopes that he won't do anything stupid because of the hate mongering of Grey2K.  It is possible, after all.

The most egregious lies of all, however, are those that Grey2K continues to spread like manure about the good folks in greyhound racing. Those lies claim

  • that greyhound racing people are cruel & uncaring
  • that greyhound racing people are heartless
  • that greyhound racing people are only in it for the money 
  • that greyhound racing people do not provide a good, healthy diet for the dogs
  • that greyhound racing is institutionalized cruelty
  • that thousands of healthy dogs are killed
  • that thousands of puppies are killed before their first birthday
  • that greyhounds, athletes in peak physical condition, are crated for 22+ hours a day
  • and many, many, many more lies.
Think about it.  If you don't like racing, that's fine.  No one is forcing you to like it.  BUT, and that's a big but, do not base your dislike and hatred on a bunch of lies.  Find the truth and then make your decision.

Yours in Greyhounds...

Friday, June 5, 2015

Curiosity Killed the Cat...

There's an old saying, "Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it."  I've always been a curious person, wanting to know how things work and why, and I've always been satisfied with what I've discovered, bringing my curiosity about things back.  I've been told that curiosity is a sign of great intelligence.  That all great thinkers are curious. None of them accept anything at face value.

Well for some reason, my curiosity got the best of me the other day and I went on a search to find out where Zoe, the greyhound supposedly owned by Carey Thiel and Christine Dorchak (Grey2K USA's President &Treasurer, and Vice President), was licensed.  Yeah...  I went looking for her dog license. Why?  I don't know...  just did.  Records for the town of Somerville, MA were examined...  nothing.  Records for the town of Arlington, MA were examined...  nothing.  No matter which town's licensing data I examined, I could not find anything showing that a greyhound bitch named Zoe was licensed to either a Carey Thiel or a Christine Dorchak!

List of 2014 Greyhound Dog Licenses Issued in Arlington, MA
So, this breeds another question (no pun intended), did the Dorchak family own Zoe or was she actually one of the dogs above?  If not one of the above, then why didn't she have a dog license in the town where she lived?

Is the lack of a dog license indicative of a general lack of ethics on the part of Dorchak & Thiel.  Is this a case of don't do as I do, do as I say?  Curiouser & curiouser...  So many questions! Time for some more digging...  gotta satisfy my curiosity.

Yours in greyhounds....

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Grey2K: Has Motive Overcome Ethics?

By Dick Ciampa

Grey2K has always been entirely one-sided in its campaign against greyhound racing. However, in the last couple of years, the organization has shown a disturbing tendency to move beyond its usual self-serving “advocacy”.

In 2011, an owner of racing (and retired) greyhounds wanted to help Ronald McDonald House. The plan was to donate all earnings from several of their racing hounds. In addition, once retired, the hounds would join another in the household in becoming therapy dogs for children with cancer, thereby helping very sick children and, in a low key manner, promoting adoption.

Ronald McDonald House provides accommodation for families near the hospital where their child is being treated for cancer. It is a compassionate, humane charity, and it is hard to imagine anyone not wanting to support it. Except, apparently, Grey2K.

When Grey2K found out about the plan, they persuaded (some might say bullied) Ronald McDonald House to decline the offer.  Nice job Grey2K, why help the parents of children with cancer?

That same year, in Australia, “Go the Pink Dog” raised over $120,000 for the McGrath Foundation, which funds specialized breast care nurses for women fighting breast cancer, as well as programs to raise prevention awareness among young women.

Go the Pink Dog to Benefit The McGrath Foundation
“Go the Pink Dog” is a racing industry program that was started in 2010, and runs for one month each year. During that month, one greyhound in each race wears a pink vest. If that hound wins their race, $500 is donated to the McGrath Foundation.

In 2011 representatives from the McGrath Foundation declined to appear to accept their very generous check after receiving untold numbers of letters and e-mails, mainly from supporters of “a well-known US-based anti-racing lobby group”, whose name is familiar to many, and even death threats from similar local opponents.  Who would imagine standing tall and proud in opposition to helping women fighting breast cancer?

More recently, on April 30, 2013, Grey2K leaders posted a request on their Facebook page, asking a UK hospital not to accept money from greyhound racing.  This was in response to an event planned for Saturday, May 11, to raise money for The Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital Charity. In addition, 10% of the money raised would go to The Retired Greyhound Trust. Grey2K is not only attempting to subvert a fundraiser for the children’s hospital, but also to deprive greyhound adoption of 10% of the money.

Looking at the big picture, Grey2K has lobbied against raising money for the Ronald McDonald House, The McGrath Foundation, and now, The Great Ormond Children’s Hospital Charity and The Retired Greyhound Trust.

Every Grey2K supporter should take a step back and ask themselves whether, in good conscience, they support these tactics, and by extension, the organization behind them.  How does depriving charities of needed funding contribute to the greater good?  Observers can be forgiven if the term “mean-spirited” comes to mind.

Grey2K it seems, is willing, regardless of whom may be hurt, to suppress any positive aspect of greyhound racing.  

What is Grey2K afraid of?

Apparently, the truth: which is that, like everything else, greyhound racing is a spectrum, much of it good, some of it bad. But that doesn’t play as well, or bring in donations as successfully, as the “all bad” image Grey2K chooses to present, no matter who is innocently hurt in the process