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Grey2K Members and What They're Saying

Grey2K USA (Grey2K) - What They're Saying in Public Forums
Compiled by Rachel Hogue, Robert Gross, and Grey2K Lies moderator

Below, you will find some comments that have been posted in the public domain by Grey2K USA board members and also by people who support Grey2K USA. Read at your own risk. Some are quite nauseating...

Eric Jackson, Grey2K Board Member - Naples News on Jan 18, 2012
"We legislate others behavior all the time. It used be lawful to own slaves. It was lawful to sell patent medicines that were at best useless, at worst deadly. It used to be perfectly acceptable to beat your wife. The same applies to greyhound racing, a cruel and inhumane "sport" that the public is increasingly unwilling to allow."
Hmmm... he compares greyhound racing to slavery & wife beating, which trivializes both.

Philip Fisher - Skechers Fan Page
"Thousands of dogs are killed every year in this industry with the addition of thousands of rabbits and jackrabbits. greyhounds do like to run but they do not choose to run in these races against others know that there a huge possiblity that the dog that palces last will be killed they do not like being kept in cages for 20 hours a day the only reason the even run in these races is because their scared if they don't they'll be killed or abonded. now this next part i'm going to say in not going to be very nice. to anyone who doesn't believe that these owners are hurting these dogs lets put you in their spot locked in a cage 20 hours or more in the dark with a muzzle on and you hear a gun shot from the owners gun in the distance shooting the dog that was in the cage next to you and you know that could have been you had you came in last place in the race. i'm sorry for that brutal image but someone had to do it. this industry needs to go." 

Most of what he's rambling on about are direct quotes from an HSUS info sheet. We know what they think of animal ownership!

Do these greyhounds look "scared" or "abused"? A frightened or abused dog would not be able to do what these fine athletes do. Look at the intense focus... the sheer beauty of them running... the joy on their faces...

Eric Jackson, Grey2K Board Member - Skechers Fan Page
"Betty, I am so sick of hearing how much you people love the dogs in racing kennels. Yet the dogs stay loked up for 20+ hours per day. When they're no longer profitable, they're dumped, either into a grave, or if they're lucky, into the hands of an adoption program that will make sure they go to a good home. I love my greyhounds, and I'm not giving any of them away!"

20+ Hours a Day - Where did he pull that number from? How would the dogs be in any physical shape to race at peak performance? Dumped? Entrusting our dogs to adoption groups is "dumping" them?

Eric Jackson, Grey2K Board Member - Skechers Fan Page
"Leslie, the industry is doing a better job of putting dogs into adoption, but there are still some number that cease to exist at the end of their racing careers. And nobody knows that that number is, but the industry estimates it's at least 500 dogs per year that don't go back to the 'farm' as breeders, or into their owners private homes, or into an adoption group. And that's the industry's number! The actual numbers are probably much higher. Greyhounds deserve better. And Skechers has aligned themselves with this? Did they even think about what they were getting themselves into? 116,000 people have signed a petition asking them to pull this ad because it glamorizes a cruel, inhumane sport."

Eric Jackson, Grey2K Board Member Attacking Rich Bogardus - a salesman at Frito Lay - Skecher's Fan Page
"No, Rich, I'm referring to a petition. Don't try to join conversations that are over your intelligence level or you look like a moron (in the historical sense)."

"No, Rich, you still sound like an idiot. And can you even define "lavish"? I'm not interested in debating how much, or how little, the staff at GREY2K USA get paid. If you're concerned, then don't donate to them. Meanwhile, I'll continue to support them with time, effort, and money because the dogs deserve better than racing."

Nice guy, huh? Very sensitive, calling him an "idiot", a "moron" and "stupid". How offensive can these Grey2K board members get? 

Eric Jackson, Grey2K Board Member
"Betty, if you keep "losing everything" to do your job, don't you think it's time to get a new job? I mean, if you failed once..".

In response to one Betty Z. pouring her heart out in a post.

Philip Fisher
"jimmy some of us have actual lives that we don't waste are time going to a place that hurts or kills dogs plus some of us don't live in are parents basement eating grandmas cookies and reading fictional stories of greyhound racing tracks and then comment bogus remarks on here. jimmy open your eyes the world is not a very nice place but at least some people spend their life time trying to make this a better world to live in then covering dark secrets with fictional numbers and fictional stories. jimmy you have to face it now or later when it hits that what you thought happened at greyhound racing tracks are false, lies, and cover ups, your going to be heartbroken, its about time you learn the truth now then finding out later! jimmy you need to wake up life is not perfect and jolly, theres always been violence and cruelty in the world its about time you face the truth! now this next part i'm going to say is not going to be very nice. to anyone who doesn't believe that these owners are hurting these dogs lets put you in their spot locked in a cage 20 hours or more in the dark with a muzzle on and you hear a gun shot from the owners gun in the distance shooting the dog that was in the cage next to you and you know that could have been you had you came in last place in the race. i'm sorry for that brutal image but someone had to do it."

There's that 20 hours again...  What's wrong with sleeping in the dark? I sleep much better in the dark, don't you? I get more rest that way. Fictional numbers? Racing statistics are a matter of public record.

 More from Eric Jackson, Grey2K Board Member 
"Robert Gross, this is the most ridiculous thing I've read from you: "The adoption groups exist because the industry supports them. They exist because race tracks, breeders, kennel operators and owners provide financial support for them to operate." Greyhound adoption programs exist because the public learned what was happening behind the closed doors of greyhound facilities and they were appalled! Groups started taking the dogs so they wouldn't be killed. Many of the greyhound adoption groups in this country get not a thin dime from your industry. They exist on donations alone. For most of these groups the costs associated with taking a racing dog from the track and getting it vetted so it can go to a home far exceed the adoption fees/donations they request. The only support we get from your industry is the dogs themselves, because if we didn't take them, you as_holes would kill them, just as your industry for many years. You make me sick, Robert, absolutely sick."

Obviously, Eric does not know that greyhound adoptions were started in Florida by Ron Walsek, a racing peep, in 1982! This fact resulted in a Sports Illustrated Article in 1987 by Ivan Maisel. In 1982, PeTA & HSUS were against the placement of Greyhounds in homes as pets, stating that there were "vicious" animals.
In an interview with Turnout magazine in January 1983, John Hoyt, President of the Humane Society of the US (HSUS), made the following statement: "I don't think the humane movement would be quick to condemn the humane destruction of these Greyhounds, though we would certainly insist that it be done humanely."
As you can see, they recommended that the dogs be destroyed, which is what they currently say & recommend regarding AmStaffs, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, and "pit bull" like dogs

WildSide Kennels

Pit Bull Lovers Blog

Another statement from John Hoyt, President HSUS, was: "We would much rather see them humanely destroyed than to see someone attempt to perpetuate them on a farm for retired Greyhounds for years and years to come."

For more on the early history of the Greyhound Adoption effort in the USA, please read
, Early Adoption Pioneers, 1956-1998, by Joan Dillon.

Eric Jackson, Grey2K Board Member
"If you look at Jimmy's profile, you can see where all of his education came from - a greyhound placement group. Most people get their education from schools and colleges, but not Jimmy."

Eric Jackson, Grey2K Board Member Comments on Illegal Immigrants & Drug Dealers
Frozen 4-D Dog Meat
"Hey, Philip - maybe next year Skechers can do a commercial with illegal immigrants running from the Border Patrol. Or drug dealers outrunning cops while wearing their new GoRun shoes. Even better, Skechers could put their shoes on the bulls in Pamplona and see how many more people get trampled. It's an offensive slippery slope Skechers is building with this commercial featuring an exploited dog breed."

Eric Jackson, Grey2K Board Member
"Apparently Paula gets locked in a cage when she's not on the clock. She gets fed raw, 4D meat. And, instead of getting fired, she'll be killed if she doesn't do her job well. Paula, I think you should look for a new job."
In response to a comment by Paula P regarding how she has seen first-hand how well the dogs are treated.

Karyn Zoldan, Grey2K Board Member
"Middle class, educated, white people don't go to bet on the dogs. That is Skechers or the TGP's (Tucson Greyhound Park) wet dream."

Karyn Zoldan, Grey2K Board Member
"If you drive by where the dogs are kept, it looks like Auschwitz..."
Comparing a greyhound racing kennel to the infamous Nazi extermination camp.

So tell me again, WHY do people donate to these offensive, bigoted and very rude people who do nothing for the dogs? Who do not donate a dime to their care? The people who talk about the "exploitation" of the dogs... that they are only used to "make a buck"... and then they take in hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations, "for the dogs", and none of it provides direct services to the dogs and a large portion of it is used to pay salaries to two people, a husband & wife team who founded the group?

I was born at night, but it wasn't last night. These people are making money off the dogs and they're doing it by playing the pity factor, duping people out of their hard earned money by claiming they are a tax exempt charity when they are a money making lobbying group.


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  1. These people are so vile! I don't know how they can live with themselves. I feel sullied just reading these comments.


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