Saturday, March 10, 2012

Grey2K and the VW Rabbit

Grey2K USA (Grey2K) vs. Volkswagen Rabbit Commercial
Well, Grey2K and the Carey Nation will probably be throwing another hissy fit, another tantrum over a new commercial by Volkswagen featuring greyhounds.  They will be whining about the greyhounds running and racing each other on a city street...  They will be calling for a boycott of Volkswagen.  I wonder how many people will be returning their VW's?

It's a great commercial!

I bet they won't say a word, however, about Christine Dorchak dropping Zoe's leash on a city street to protest Skechers... to hand out those all important flyers that ask for more money... An action that could have lead to Zoe running down a busy street in Boston with, perhaps, not as good an ending.

If Grey2K cares so much, why don't they actually help the greyhounds and the REAL greyhound advocates by donating some of those hundreds of thousands of dollars that they take in from the unsuspecting public who believe that Grey2K is an adoption group?  You know, you won't find that disclaimer on their website without a lot of digging.  Instead, those dollars go into the pockets of the husband & wife team of Carey Theil and Christine Dorchak.  It's a great scam....  Plead the 'plight of the greyhounds' and line your pockets with about 23% of the take, uhm...  donations, right off the top.

To quote Yakov Smirnov....  "What a country!"

To quote me, "What hypocrisy!"

Yours in greyhounds....

For more information on Greyhounds, please visit All About Greyhounds.

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  1. They won't protest this one. Nobody is betting on those dogs. There is lots to protest here if you wanted to (but the smart people won't, because we all know it's FICTION (a concept G2K doesn't understand) and the filming was no doubt well controlled and the dogs were perfectly safe. (Yet another concept G2K doesn't understand...I am noticing a pattern.) So... IF this commercial was real, the dogs are off lead on busy streets, and could get hit by cars. G2K won't say a word as long as they are not running on a safe, legal track where people bet on them. They can't use this one to line their pockets or grease their propaganda machine, so it's a non-issue.

    (That said, I love the commercial. I wanna know where the bunny got the teeny tiny goggles. :-D )


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