Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Auction for Big Blue Update!

Real Greyhound advocacy in Action, Grey2K USA (Grey2K) is a No Show
The auction for Big Blue was a huge success!

The goal was to collect $6,000 to allow the 17 month old Blue to have life saving heart surgery. His loving owner & breeder, Judi, wants to give him a shot at life, even tho' he'll never set foot on a racetrack, as a much loved pet.  To that end, she maxed out her credit cards treating him for Valley Fever and the post-treatment complication - fluid accumulation on the heart.  Judi reached out and both the racing and neutral/pro adoption communities responded. Boy! Did they respond to her cry for help in saving this much loved dog's life!

The combined efforts of National Greyhound Association (NGA) members and greyhound adoption peeps in this special auction raised $5,785, leaving a small balance of $215.  That is pretty danged good!

When the results of the auction became known, a NGA kennel owner, Linette Reuer (Legg Kennels LLC), pitched in the difference! In response to her kindness and generosity, an adoption peep, Miranda, asked Linette if there was anything from the auction that she would like and, if Miranda had it, she'd send it to her. The item that Linette wanted was a pair of boxer shorts with greyhounds on them.  Alas, Miranda did not win that particular item, however, one of the other auction participants, Meri, has stepped up to the plate and offered to send a brand new pair of unopened boxers in the original packaging to Linette.  Another act of kindness and generosity!  Way to go!

Greyhound Boxers
This auction has proven that anything can be accomplished when people come together for the benefit of the dogs. It goes to show that more good can happen when people work with each other, rather than trying to destroy a way of life, which has been in families for many generations. It reaffirms my belief in people, which has become jaded from the constant fight against Grey2K and their venom.  I have to ask, why destroy when you can work together to make things better for all concerned?

Photo by Carla Wilson
You know, that is all that Grey2K and its minions understand - destruction, insults, inappropriate behavior and comments.  There is no good in Grey2K and its associates, which include: HSUS, PeTA, ASPCA, and ARFF (Animal Rights Foundation of Florida, at right). As this auction shows, they don't really care about what happens to the greyhounds.  They will continue to spread their lies that greyhound racing people don't care about the dogs, that greyhounds "disappear" and "are killed", when acts like this (which are not unusual) happen quietly and without note.  Professional greyhound people do what is needed for the benefit of the dogs without fanfare, without blowing their own horn, unlike Grey2K. This blog wants to bring these wonderful acts by racing people to the forefront, while exposing the hypocrisy and the lies of Grey2K and it's minions.

By the way, not a single Grey2K member or minion made a single bid on any of the items. The auction was broadcast on email lists, numerous Facebook pages, and in blogs where they are known to lurk, slithering around in the shadows, spreading their venom.

Not a single bid by Grey2K members or minions.  

Shame on you, Grey2K, and your minions for not helping a specific dog with a specific health crisis, especially when you have hundreds of thousands of dollars at your disposal.

Greyhound Adoption Community
The general consensus in the pro/neutral adoption community is that IF Grey2K had donated a dime, they would have twisted the entire effort to make it about their efforts. Grey2K would twist it around to ask for more money to support their cause. This assessment is accurate based upon past interactions with Grey2K and minions.

This auction was about a single, much loved greyhound; one which will never race; which won't be put down; and which is not abused. This is a greyhound that Grey2K doesn't care about and that Grey2K cannot be bothered with because this single dog would do nothing to generate either funds for their coffers, or their pockets, or pats on their back. He is of no value to the Grey2K propaganda machine so, they discard him as useless.

They won't bother and they just plain don't care. 

It's sad that Grey2K is that way, especially as with their funding they could help so many greyhounds and greyhound adoption groups.  But, what else is to be expected from a group associated with the Animal Liberation Front?  With a group associated with PeTA? With a group associated with HSUS - whose leader, Wayne Pacelle, has called for the extinction of domestic animals?

"We have no ethical obligation to preserve the different breeds of livestock produced through selective breeding...One generation and out. We have no problems with the extinction of domestic animals. They are creations of human selective breeding." - Animal People News, May 1993

Who has stated he feels no bond to animals!

“I don’t have a hands-on fondness for animals…To this day I don’t feel bonded to any non-human animal. I like them and I pet them and I’m kind to them, but there’s no special bond between me and other animals.” Wayne Pacelle, Humane Society of the United States, quoted in Bloodties: Nature, Culture and the Hunt by Ted Kerasote, 1993, p. 251

Knowing this, we must focus on the good news -  Blue is much loved and cared about by so many in the greyhound racing community!  Blue will be getting his life saving surgery!  

Mega congratulations to all the racing peeps and adoption groups & people who pulled together for Blue's benefit. He'll be able to have his life saving surgery and a loving pet home. To his loving owner & breeder, Judi, thank you for your wonderful gift of Blue.

The Truth About Grey2K
Grey2K for all its protestations is happiest when greyhounds die for any reason. If a dog dies at the hands of its adopter (or rescuer as they like to say), it is the fault of greyhound racing, not the fault of that individual's actions or lack thereof. In Grey2K's twisted mentality, the more greyhounds die, the happier they are as it "proves" their propaganda and it brings more money into their coffers and the pockets of Carey Theil and Christine Dorchak, the husband & wife team, both of which draw a salary from Grey2K based upon a percentage (about 23%) of the donations.  For every $100 that Grey2K gets in donations, they get $23. Doesn't sound like much until you get up into the hundreds of thousands of dollars - $300,000 in donations nets them $69,000 as a base salary and it doesn't include bonuses and benefits.  The balance of the donations goes to lobbying and propaganda.  NOT A SINGLE DIME for the dogs!

Now...  Decide for yourself...   WHO are the REAL greyhound advocates?

Yours in greyhounds...


  1. This Sunday evening, I watched the dollar amount rise at the close of the Big Blue auction. I saw people add last-minute items and last-minute bids as the friendly challenges and prodding continued on Facebook. "Bid higher! Bid higher! We're almost there! Neener-neener, I bid higher than you!" This outpouring of generosity and love from the racing and adoption community reduced me to tears, which shamelessly poured down my face as 9 PM CST rolled around and the total neared the goal of $6,000.00. The bids and donated items came from pet owners, adoption volunteers, kennel owners, trainers, and racing spectators alike.

    The racing and adoption communities came quietly together for the benefit of ONE SINGLE DOG. A dog who, according to G2K propaganda, these racing folks don't care one whit about because he can't race.

    We came together not to spew venom, win an argument, or prove a point. We came together to save the life of one goofy, magnificent big blue dog just so he can find his forever couch. I am just busting with pride to be part of this effort.

    God bless ALL of you. I am so happy to count you as my friends and colleagues.

    I have to go get a tissue now. There's, y'know, something in my eye.

  2. Grey2K help a specific dog? Not likely. Not while they were busy with an auction of their own to collect salary cash. Besides, didn't they walk away from 700-plus dogs in Massachusetts? By golly, they sure did. "Not our problem" they said.

    1. Betty, they most certainly did walk away from 700 dogs left displaced in their wake in Massachusetts. I believe they said something along the lines of "the adoption groups will take care of them" and they donated nothing to those groups to help with that sudden influx of greyhounds.

      Thank you for reminding us of that incident!

  3. I live in the UK and I own and love race dogs. I get so tired of the rubbish talked by people who are anti racing. They stand outside the stadiums in the UK with posters depicting mutilated dogs (either very old photos or photos from outside the UK) They make ridiculous claims like 'the bends on tracks are inherently dangerous' without any evidence of the 'inherent' danger. They claim that dogs are routinely put to sleep because of minor injuries and that they are routinely put to sleep when they finish their racing career. They refuse all invitations to tour race kennels. They counter any attempt at reasoned debate with strident shrieking, but as this article makes so clear they do nothing to help greyhounds. I had a friend years ago who was an animal liberationist. She was a keen hunt saboteur and owned a 'rescued' lurcher that had been used for coursing. The lurcher lived with a collie x and 5 cats. She used to leave all the animals in the house and go out for extended periods, sometimes for as long as 24 hours. The house was covered in animal urine and faeces. Both dogs had filthy teeth and dreadfully overgrown nails. All the animals had fleas. According to her the lurcher had a far better life with her because she had rescued him. Would I claim that her treatment of her animals was typical of someone who had animal welfare as a top priority? Of course not! Yet the people who are anti racing will take the rare and infrequent examples of the mistreatment of greyhounds and claim it is typical of the racing industry. I drove past a picket line last weekend when I went to see a pup of mine race. When he came off the track a young woman who had never been to the races before started asking me and my dog's trainer about him. She stroked him and admired his shining coat, gleaming teeth and long wagging tail. This young woman who was there on a hen night showed far more interest in greyhound welfare than any of the picket line outside the track. Fortunately those who care to look will see the truth.

    1. Jayne, please don't make the same mistake that many uninformed people make. Animal welfare is in no way, shape or form the same as animal rights / animal liberation!

      Thank you for presenting the correct view of greyhound racing in the UK. If you would like to contribute to this blog, please drop an email with your contribution to grey2k.lies@gmail.com.

      Yours in greyhounds

    2. I wasn't making that mistake. It was an illustration of how easy it is, if one has the will to do so, to grasp an example of something that is atypical and portray it as the typical. In the UK there have been prosecutions of privately run rehoming centres that have been guilty of very obvious neglect of the animals in their care. If someone had a mind to do so, they could use those prosecutions as a reason to picket rescue/rehoming centres and demand their closure. But nobody would be that daft............yet.

    3. Outstanding! I love it when a plan comes together and the dog(s) win!


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