Monday, May 14, 2012

Grey2K USA - No Position on Casinos? Grey2K Lies...

"GREY2K USA has no position on gambling." by CTheil (April 2012)

"Well that simply isn't true. As I have said about five other times here, GREY2K USA has no position on gambling. Please refer to other comments." by CTheil (April 2012)

"I will also say, again, that GREY2K USA has no position on gambling. You are mischaracterizing our work, and you know better. At this point it's pretty clear that are simply trying to defame us, with knowledge that what you are saying is not true." by CTheil (April 2012)

"GREY2K USA has no position on gambling. We are a non-profit organization that passes laws to protect greyhounds and phase out dog racing. You know this, Elaine, but apparently don't care that your accusations are false." by CTheil (April 2012)

"We have board members that support gambling, and board members that oppose gambling. GREY2K USA has no position on gambling." by CTheil (April 2012)

"Further, GREY2K USA has no position on gambling. You are right that I personally volunteer for several other non-profit organizations. The volunteer work I do in my personal life has no relationship to GREY2K USA." by CTheil (April 2012)

As the above comments show, Carey Theil (Executive Director of Grey2K USA) continually states that "GREY2K USA has no position on gambling..." If that's the case, and it isn't, then why does Grey2K have on its BOD the Reverend Thomas Grey, staff member and senior advisor for Stop Predatory Gambling Foundation? Why does Carey Theil serve onthe BOD of the Stop Predatory Gambling Foundation? And, why did Grey2K USA, a group that is actively lobbying to outlaw greyhound racing, making donations to groups such as "NO CASINOS"?

Why?  Because Grey2K USA does have a position on gambling.

In an article titled, "Betting at Miami-Dade pari-mutuels down as slots vote nears" in the South Florida Business Journal in Jan 2008, the following quote appears,
"Anti-gambling coalition No Casinos Miami is urging voters to reject the ballot issue. Its members include the Christian Coalition of South Florida, the National Coalition Against Legalized Gambling and greyhound rights group Grey2K USA."
Just because pains are taken to keep an agenda hidden, that does not mean it does not exist.

Yours in greyhounds...

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  1. Just further proof that Grey2k LIES! Blatantly!


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