Friday, June 29, 2012

Call For An Accounting...

By Rory Goree and Others

When GREY2K was founded it was legal to race in 49 states. Today, years later, it is STILL legal to race in 49 states.

What has the Executive Director and President of GREY2K done with the thousands upon thousands of dollars the public has donated to them?

Could it be they (the Executive Director and President) prefer to spend donations on themselves with travels, entertainment, salaries and many other benefits?

Could it be that they are wasting dollars on multiple domain names?

Do you not think it is high time, in light of the fact that they have not “banned” racing in a single state yet collected huge sums of money, for a full accounting?

Maybe, it is time for the “anti-racing” crowd to take the blinders off and stop sending money to folks with no “real” accomplishments at banning racing and give money to organizations that truly care about the welfare and accountability of greyhounds?

Every day adoption programs carry out “real” accomplishments and do so without spending lavishly on the Executive Director and President of the group. Make your money count for real... Donate today to an adoption program found locally and tell...

"Grey2K USA – No Money for You!"

Actually, I cannot take credit for this one.  I wish I could.  The above was posted by Rory Goree' on the forum, Grey2K Lies, but I wanted to share it with everyone. Grey2K USA cares nothing about the welfare of greyhounds - just collecting money by exploiting Greyhounds and making them objects of pity. They like to try and pull the wool over peoples eyes by touting their involvement in adoption but, as we all know and as many are discovering, they don't do a bloody thing in adoption. 

Let's face it folks, you can put lipstick on a pig;
but it's still a pig.

In truth, most of the people associated with Grey2K could not and probably would not do what any member of an adoption group, such as It's A Grey Area, does in a day. For the first 6 months in 2012, It's A Grey Area has placed seventy-two (72) dogs in appropriate homes.  So far Grey2K has not placed any dogs into homes. They proclaim to be advocating for the dogs by attempting to destroy the breed and the people who love them, day in & day out. Grey2K also claims to be supporting adoption groups by posting links to various "rescue" groups and by a "billboard" campaign, which points people to Grey2K USA's "Education Fund" site, where the following is stated

The GREY2K USA Education Fund is the all-volunteer 501(c)3 sister organization of GREY2K USA.
We work to document the cruelty of dog racing and to educate the
public about the history and lives of greyhounds. Our goal is to spread
the word about these gentle dogs and promote adoption efforts nationwide.
To support our efforts go here.

GREY2K USA – Money for nothing but themselves , lobbyists, and domain names?

On October 11 of 2011 Grey2K USA hired the following Lobbyists,
They then terminated them on February 1, 2012, 4 months later. One has to wonder how much money they gave to these lobbyists during this 4 month period?

Later in February 2012, on Monday the 13th, Grey2K USA hired another lobbyist - 
During the last several months the President of GREY2K USA has disgraced the state of Arizona with several visits – trips that cost money.

Grey2k has fooled many into thinking they got SB1273 passed. What people fail to understand is SB1273 was written by the lobbyist for Tucson Greyhound Park, it was pushed by Tucson Greyhound Park. This bill was going to pass without any intervention on GREY2K’s part. Why did Grey2k waste thousands upon thousands of dollars on Lobbyists and trips for themselves?

You may be anti-racing and that is a choice you are free to make in this country, but folks it is time for all to come together and end the shenanigans of GREY2K USA, we can’t continue to allow the President and Executive Director of Grey2k to keep wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars on themselves, lobbyists and politicians – the folks making a real difference need the money today – do the right thing – tell GREY2K USA “NO MONEY FOR YOU” and give it to a local adoption program.

Of course, there are links throughout to Grey2K USA, the lobbying arm that collects most of the donations and the obligatory request for donations, without which, neither Theil nor Dorchak would be collecting their salary. Yeppers....  23% of the donations to Grey2K go right into the pockets of the husband & wife team of Theil & Dorchak, as shown on the Grey2K's 990 IRS Form.

Grey2K 990 Form for 2010, Line 5 - Salaries for Officers & Directors

Then, there are the domain names.... How many of them border on, if not are, copyright infringements?

The unethical behavior of GREY2K'S Executive Director who is also married to GRE2YK’S President and Legal counsel? Now while GREY2K will probably claim that GREY2K did not do this, the Executive Director has done this mass snookering of the public while married to his partner in crime who also masquerades as President and Legal Counsel of GREY2K, she very likely knows about this what I believe a majority would find to be unethical behavior!

Domain Names owned by Carey Theil – many pointing back to GREY2KUSA’s own site

During all this wasting of money and lining their pockets, you have groups crying out for funds... Groups such as
Racing Home Greyhound Adoption (RHGA), which not only runs a "regular" adoption program, they also run a prison program. Jody Brown, President - RHGA, "We could sure use some of the funds G2K has collected. We struggle every day to get these beautiful furkids vetted, cared for, and placed in loving homes. Seems to me the anti-racing group needs to wake up and smell the coffee!"

Smell the coffee?  How about ditch the domain names?  Transparency, something they demand of greyhound racing, is obviously not in their vocabulary!  A classic case of "don't do as I do; do as I say."

Yours in greyhounds....

NOTE:  Many, many thanks to Rory Goree and all of his helpful research!  Couldn't do it without him.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

US Dept of Ag Changes to Animal Welfare Act

The USDA APHIS rule changes combined with successful Grey2K USA efforts will lead to the destruction and extinction of the greyhound breed.
The USDA APHIS has proposed changes to the regulations surrounding the definition of a 'retail pet store'. These changes will destroy responsible breeders, if passed, chances are that with few exceptions, most AKC greyhound breeders will be unable to comply with them and they will stop breeding. Then, if Grey2K USA is successful in abolishing greyhound racing, there will be few, if any, NGA bred greyhounds because most of those breeders will stop breeding. I ask you...

What will happen to the Greyhound breed?

Litter of AKC Greyhound Pups
It does not take a giant leap of the imagination to realize that our beloved breed, Greyhounds, will become extinct here in the United States.

Make no mistake, the proposed APHIS rule is heavily influenced by the Humane Society of the US (HSUS). Remember, the long term goal of HSUS is to outlaw all breeding of companion animals and to abolish all legitimate uses of those animals.

The proposed new USDA/APHIS rule and PUPS law would prevent most animals from being raised in a home and family setting. The Animal Welfare Act limits licensed breeders to only commercial/laboratory style settings.

Allow farmers, breeders, show competitors, hatcheries, working/service animal producers, shelters and rescues to choose any humane method that works for them, their animals and their goals.

 Please oppose PUPS legislation and the APHIS-2011-0003-0001 proposed rule, "Animal Welfare; Retail Pet Stores and Licensing Exemptions."
Everyone, who is involved with animals as companions, pets, working animals, etc., needs to send a note to the USDA APHIS.

We have talked to USDA officials and they tell us that form letters will count as ONE comment, not one comment per letter. They are not interested in a vote count -- they want thoughtful comments from breeders and purchasers of puppies.

The USDA has also stated that they cannot enforce this. This response drives me more than a little crazy. First, this country should not pass laws OR regulations that cannot be enforced but make criminals out of thousands of people. Second, it WILL be enforced sporadically -- every time a neighbor gets mad at a breeder, a puppy owner has a complaint, or an animal rights fanatics decides to pretend to be a puppy buyer to gather evidence against breeders. (And believe me, this happens.)

These are new regulations, not legislation. It is IMPERATIVE that everyone make a comment. To have any influence, people have to comment on the official site here:

These changes are a freekin' nightmare and they will destroy responsible breeders. If this is passed, the reality is that the only breeder from whom puppies will be available are those breeders like the Hunte Corporation.

Hmmm...  no pets or pets from the Hunt Corp?  That's one helluva decision that I hope I never have to make.

Yours in greyhounds....

Friday, June 15, 2012

I Made A Remark...

A comment made on something that Grey2K posted the other day solicited nasty responses and this passionate comment about greyhounds and greyhound racing from an adopter.

By Carla Neubert Benoist

I made a remark on something Grey2K USA was posting the other day and got a really nasty response from a woman who was a follower. Then she sent a big apology because she checked my profile and finding me not to be one of those rich, corporate dog people making wealth off the backs of the poor greyhounds (eye roll) left her confused.

So, since she was confused, I figured she might actually read something so I wrote back (hoping she just Might actually check Rachel's information site out):

Kennel Fire @ Ebro Derby Lane
I wish they were helping greyhounds in any way, but from all of my research -- they are not... they are just taking in enough money to pay fat salaries to the hypocrites who started the group for their own benefit-- not for the wellbeing of the greyhounds.

People I consider friends include that wonderful young man who went into his kennel at Ebro Derby Lane when it was burning and at extreme risk to his own life and limb, saved every one of his dogs.. most of whom are on couches of their own today. I consider friends the good families who scrimp and struggle so that their dogs can have the best of care.... very few dog people grow rich. I respect people whose families have been raising and carrying for the NGA racing greyhound because of their love for them, for several generations... dogs who are born in their kitchens, who are loved as puppies and for the very best of these dog people, who are driven from training in Oklahoma to their first racing in Jacksonville in the back of friends SUVs because they won't put their dogs on haulers.
Aftermath of Ebro Derby Lane Kennel Fire

On the other hand... the unregulated bush racing that goes in all over the midwest and the southwest is where you get conditions like those that created the FWACC 28 (Ft Worth Animal Control, 28 greyhounds).... and several seizures since then. TRUE hell on earth for dogs -- but no one investigates or fights for them because it does not give enough publicity or bring in enough donations.

And I'd like to jail some of the owners I have adopted the 'bounce backs' from -- dogs who have been kept in crates in dark basements for up to 4 years, only taken outside once a day..... these "adopters" and the bush racers and the dog fighters... these people I'd like to string up and let die slowly. Not the racing greyhound owners who care well and lovingly for their dogs and whose dogs have better lives than most pets and are then cared for until suitable homes are found.

I don't care about me being offended... I care about the unfairness of your believing the lies and propaganda that Grey2K puts out and helps them destroy the lives of so many decent working families who LOVE their Greyhounds and do right by them.

Of course there's bad and good anywhere -- but as they say about the persecution of Pit Bulls-- judge the deed not the breed. Judge the cruelty wherever it happens, the irresponsibility where it happens... stop with the broad brush, which is far from accurate. Racers do no languish in small crates for most of the day.

Life at a Greyhound Track - Behind the Scenes - a set on Flickr

Monday, June 11, 2012

The Human Touch – Part II

Part 2 of the previously published post - The Human Touch.
By: Rory S. Goree’
Director Welfare and Advocacy
United Greyhound Racing

About the time that news that the Florida decoupling bill failed to pass, a Grey2K board member unleashed comments many found offensive, even racially based. It should be noted that as of today, the executive director and president of this organization have yet to offer any apology, nor clarification regarding the disturbing comments made by one of its board members on its own facebook page. Silence from the leadership of Grey2K can only now months later be regarded as supportive of these statements? As those who seek to eliminate greyhound racing are fond of saying - in silence there is consent.

The board member made a claim that “middle aged white people” do not bet on the dogs. Again, another comment that stuck with me so during my visit to Tucson Greyhound Park, on June 1, 2012, I paid particular attention to the patrons. I felt it was safe to stop counting after 110+ as I was already well above the "only" 20 attendees often claimed in attendance by those who are against racing. I noted a varied cross portion of ethnic backgrounds in attendance and yes, several middle aged white people.

I ask that you not listen only to me, or limit your knowledge to one blog - I ask that you spread your wings and search for the answers. After all to have a true answer the answer to the question must come from within.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Roots of Adoption - Why "Rescue" Is An Offensive Word in Greyhounds

The roots of the greyhound adoption movement lie in Greyhound racing and the people associated with greyhound racing.
By Dennis McKeon

I'm one of the more pro-greyhound and pro-racing done well people in the world. Mostly because when I worked in racing I saw far more good than bad. I also worked in racing when adoption, as a formal rite of passage for a retiring greyhound, was actually begun. It was begun by racing people, as early as the late 70s. Trainer, owners, breeders and track operators. The track in Seabrook, NH was the first to have an on-premises adoption kennel, circa 1980.

At that time it would have been appropriate and fair enough to have called those early adoption facilities and groups "rescues" or even "rescuers". It was a time when greyhound racing was zooming in popularity and expanding dramatically, as was the once quite small greyhound population.

In FL and NE, where most of that racing population was centered, racing people were trying to initiate and popularize the adoption concept and to educate people about the breed. It was also a time when many breeders used to course young greyhounds in training to be racers, after live game, like jackrabbits--which were pests to farmers, and whose natural predators were diminished in our ever expanding development. The anti-racing movement at the time was trying to have the use of live jackrabbits banned in the training of greyhounds. Their main argument was that the practice was cruel---which was an arguable point. The way they framed the argument, was to insist that the practice caused the greyhounds to be inclined to unpredictable bouts of bloodlust and savagery, because, as they assured the unquestioning media and the uniformed public, they were "trained to kill!!!!!"

So the greyhounds not only needed to be "rescued" from an old culture which saw no evil in simply perceiving animals as having a purpose, and once they no longer served that purpose, disposing of them in a humane manner. But the greyhound breed had to be "rescued" from the appalling amounts of mis and dis-information that the anti-racing activists were spewing. That was equally as challenging.

Fast forward to today, and most greyhound professionals have embraced the adoption concept. In most cases, retired greyhounds are willingly given to those whose calling in life has been to provide this charitable work. These good people, whatever their feelings about the sport/business of greyhound racing, have managed to sublimate them to the greater good of re-homing retired greyhounds. No one forces anyone to give them greyhounds, and no one forces them to take them. They don't have to break and enter into the kennels to sneak dogs away from an uncertain fate, nor does anyone have to covertly bring the greyhounds to them, under cover of darkness and secrecy. The process of adoption, in the normal course of events, is all done above board and at will, and is standard operating procedure.

So, the word rescue, used as a bludgeon against people whose jobs also entail making sure they can find a timely placement in adoption for greyhounds in their charge, many of whom they have known for years, and were not going to be placed in danger in the first place, is repulsive to them. I think it's understandable.

Were anyone forcing anyone into anything, in the greater scheme of adoption, the word might be more appropriate. When it is used without malice or prejudice, as a mere semantic convenience, greyhound folks should realize that it is in their best interest to either give it a pass, or to calmly inform the individual, who might be entirely unaware of your role in all of this, that it offends you and that it continues to promote a very negative stereotype, that began back in the late 1970s--- when demonizing those in racing, as well as the greyhound breed, was the fast track to banning the use of live jackrabbits in early greyhound training protocols. Sadly, though the endgame has changed for some, their tactics remain the same, and to them, rescue is a buzzword used to promote prejudice and discord.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Grey2K board member complains about Tucson Greyhound Park and demands that anti-Grey2K, pro-greyhound people "take off their damn shoes and run around that track and tell me how hot it too hot." Rory Goree former President of Greyhound Pets of America takes up that challenge and reports in.
By Rory S. Goree


These days we have access to every conceivable bit of information thanks to the Internet. Websites, blogs, discussion boards, Twitter, Facebook. All fill our heads with...Exactly what do they fill our heads with, Facts, Personal hypothesis, or just made up stuff that you believe as you figure the writer knows from personal experience or interaction what they are talking about?

When it comes to greyhound racing and the stance of those who seek to eliminate it from the face of the earth, I have found that the information put forth as "fact" is, more often than not, one person's view tossed into cyberspace from the confines of their hyperbolic computer room in the hopes it goes viral.

Now before you pooh-pooh my line of thought ask yourself...Would you not purchase an item if a stranger wrote a hate blog about it and you had never personally experienced the item?

Would you protest something just because a blog told you to and not bother to personally find out what exactly you were doing?

Would you vote for something simply because someone told you to and not bother to learn what the ramifications were?

On June 27, 2011, a Grey2K board member wrote the following regarding Tucson Greyhound Park holding races when the temperature was 103 degrees:

"Take off your damn shoes and run around that track and tell me how hot is too hot."

This statement has bothered me for almost a year. Was this person putting forth a question to others based on something they themselves had already done? Did the writer know for a fact how hot was too hot on the track surface? Had the writer taken their shoes off at TGP? Well, last night I decided to do a bit of personal, first hand research for myself.

I went to Tucson Greyhound Park on Friday June 1, 2012. The temperature was 105 degrees at TGP when I began my experiment. There are witnesses to my experiment. And what was my experiment?

I took off my "damn shoes" and walked the Tucson Greyhound Park track IN MY BARE FEET in the full sun when the temperature was 105 degrees.

I apologize that I walked and did not run around the track but I am not a trained athlete in top physical shape and, unlike a greyhound, I cannot run a 550 yard track in 30-32 seconds. In any case it did take me approx. 15 minutes to walk the full track in MY BARE FEET and I found the "comfort level" on MY BARE FEET to feel much the same as when I would walk (or stand) along the beaches in California and Hawaii in MY BARE FEET.

One more thing, speaking to those in the parts of the country where the temps can be triple digits during the day and in 90s even at night, .do you keep your pet greyhounds in the house 24/7? Do their paws ever step on anything other than indoor, climate controlled flooring during these times? Do you allow your pet greyhound to potty outdoors or sniff around or go for a walk for longer than 5 minutes???

By accepting and repeating anything told to you by the anti-racing faction without doing everything you possibly can to personally research the information or learn the facts before issuing judgment, you do yourself and the greyhounds a huge disservice. 

Just because it's on the Internet does not mean it is true.

You don't have to go to the extreme level that I did, but for me making sure I have the facts to the best of my personal knowledge & experience is of immense value to me in order to make the correct choices when it comes to greyhound welfare.

I will continue to take my “Damn shoes" off instead of listening to some dribble someone with a blog wrote!