Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Come Together... Right Now... Over Me....

Greyhound Advocacy in Action
The Beatles...  Great songs with wonderful meanings... "Come together, right now, over me..."

Grey2K is very fond of saying that racing greyhound peeps don't care...  That the dogs are "just commodities to be thrown away when they're done racing".  Well, they are wrong.  They are so very, very wrong.  This post is NOT about Grey2K.  This post IS about the love that greyhound peeps have for their dogs and the lengths they go to for them.

With short notice, greyhound peeps have 'come together, right now' over Blue.  Blue is a 17 month old puppy, a puppy that will never race. Blue came down with coccidiomycosis aka Valley Fever a couple of weeks ago. There is no prevention for Valley Fever. It is endemic in the soil throughout the desert southwest.  It's a nasty bug and it has been known to kill.

Magnificent 7 Litter
Blue was treated and recovered from that deadly disease, but it left him with a heart condition - pericardial effusion - fluid around the heart, which is abnormal. If it isn't treated, it will put pressure on the heart. The dog will never race, but this is fixable and he will make a wonderful pet with many years ahead of him. In the puppy picture, he is the gray puppy, third from the right.  The one looking at the camera.

His owner & breeder, Judi, has maxed out her credit cards to keep him alive and the cardiac surgery is going to cost somewhere in the vicinity of $6,000.  To help save the life of this 17 month old dog, greyhound peeps are banding together and holding an auction for him so he can be properly treated and receive the surgery he desperately needs.  Keep in mind, this is a dog that will never step foot on a racetrack.

Michelle Campbell, another racing peep, said,

"I hope Big Blue gets what he needs medically and then can officially go home to a well deserved couch. I always loved watching Judi and Farmer at Miami loving on all their dogs, parading them around in costumes in October, etc. Their love is apparent. Good luck Blue."

Judi, his owner & breeder said to me,

Big Blue
"At his age and knowing the operation could work, I can't just have him put to sleep. I have never been so tortured. He is just stunning and an incredible boy. I can't believe I have cried so much and am still crying. I am an emotional wreck!"

Oh yeah...  a cold and uncaring owner.  If you listen to Grey2K, this dog would have been euthanized already to save money.  Huh...  Just goes to show what they "think" they know...  They don't know squat.

If you're interested in truly helping to "save" a greyhound, please visit the auction and bid often.  The auction will begin at 9:00am CST on Friday, March 2 and it will end at 9:00pm CST on Sunday, March 4, 2012. Here is a link to the auction page: AUCTION PAGE

In this particular instance, you will truly help to save a life. Your hard earned dollars will go to the dog.

Some of the listed items are: a silver bracelet, a wide variety of collars, and lots of other stuff.  Please note... you will need to register on the site to bid.

Yours in greyhounds...


  1. This auction is being held on Global Greyhounds.

    Dick Ciampa

  2. Thank you for catching that mistake. Here is the link to the Auction for Blue.

  3. OSU has a bug greyhound health and wellness program - has anyone contacted Dr. Couto to see if they can help with the surgery in any way?


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