Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Grey2K USA - Manufacturing Controversy?

Grey2K USA (Grey2K) manufactures controversy and conflict.
Put yourself in Grey2K's shoes... You bring in more than $300K in donations and of that amount, nothing goes to the greyhound groups that provide services such as finding good homes for the dogs retired from greyhound racing.  You know, those dogs that Grey2K and its minions present as beaten, starved and abused in many other ways to drum up more in donations for Grey2K. So, what happens to all that money?

Well 23% of it goes into salaries for the husband and wife team of Carey Theil and Christine Dorchak. Christine probably brings in a bit more as she is the "General Counsel", the chief attorney, for Grey2K. So, she's getting a salary as the group's President and also probably getting paid for any legal work she does on behalf of Grey2K. Sounds pretty lucrative...  Especially for those with absolutely NO EXPERIENCE with or knowledge of greyhounds and greyhound racing. That's right...  none, not a single iota of expertise with greyhounds and/or greyhound racing. However, in addition to that law degree, Christine Dorchak also has a degree in JOURNALISM. I wonder if she knows Geraldo Rivera? They use the same methods of "reporting" and Rivera also has a background in law and journalism.

Yet, for that glaring lack of expertise, the media has been all too willing to give them voice and credence, while completely ignoring the voices of those most closely associated with this noble breed - the folks involved in greyhound racing. The media has 'bought into' the hype that Grey2K USA has created by obfuscating their true goal and by equating the legal activity of greyhound racing, which is conducted under government auspices by state sanctioned and licensed breeders, trainers, and kennel operators, to the vile and illegal savagery of dog fighting, where the intent is to maim and kill.

Make no mistake... Grey2K USA (Grey2K) is an animal rights group, closely aligned with HSUS, PeTA, and ALF as has been shown in previous posts. Grey2K USA shares office space with the (government tagged) eco-terrorist group - Greenpeace  at

240 Elm Street, Suite B
Somerville, MA

Grey2K & Greenpeace Addresses
But why do the constant need to raise funds? There are several possibilities, but the law of parsimony (economy) aka Ockham's Razor seems to indicate that the most likely reason, the most likely option is that Grey2K is only in it for the money, especially since Grey2K does not contribute a dime towards any adoption group or directly to the dogs themselves before, during or after their racing careers.

Grey2K raises plenty of money using the dogs all the time portraying them as pathetic and abused.  The racing dog people don't have the same wallet-opening draw and they are very busy tending to the dogs: grooming, feeding, cleaning kennels, training, exercising, scooping poop... there are many, many chores associated with properly maintaining racing greyhounds. Racing greyhound people do not have the free time to run media blitz campaigns! Besides, bad news sells.  If it bleeds; it leads.  Telling the truth is not known for being a good fundraising technique. And, the truth doesn't fit into the Grey2K doctrine, which is to perpetually manufactures controversy to keep those dollars flowing in. Grey2K is a deceptive organization. Grey2K is one of the biggest scams going. Grey2K could not care less about greyhounds except for what the "plight of the greyhounds" provides to them - money, money, money...

I remember reading someplace that, "animal management is not for the squeamish or those whose reality was formulated by Walt Disney cartoons."  I think this is a very true comment. It also illustrates the tendency for people to now humanize animals by calling them "their babies", "fur children", etc. Much of this has sprung from Disney's animals with human characteristics and it has lead to animal rights groups like ALF & Grey2K that equate a dog's life to being the equivalent or even more valuable than the life of a human being.  Where will it end?


  1. If I am correct, Crooked Christine and Thieving Thiel used to use their home address (on Lakeview Dr. in Somerville) as the address for Grey$k. They later used a P.O. Box. I figured they used their home as their office for some way to dodge the IRS. Wonder if they still live on Lakeview?

  2. Actually, the Lakeview St. address is in Arlington, MA. Sorry to those of you in Somerville!


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