Monday, April 23, 2012

Why Is It.....

Grey2K, upon receiving pressure from pro-racing sources, immediately cries defamation of character to intimidate, coerce and beat into submission those voices that challenge the Grey2K propaganda machine.
Hmmm...  Grey2K must be feeling the sting of the truth from this blog.  It seems that they are getting a bit sensitive to the criticism and they are starting to squeal.

The Carey Nation, when it feels external pressure, cries "DEFAMATION"!

For instance, just the other day in the post, Making a Dent, it was mentioned that when Elaine S. asked about Carey Theil's position on the Board of Directors of the National Coalition Against Legalized Gambling, Carey Theil immediately accused her of lying and intentionally trying to defame.  Even when she stated that there was no intent to defame, he called her a liar and reiterated his defamation claim

Now, Jen Krebs responded to a statement in the blog post, Notes & Quotes.  Her very first sentence is, "Perhaps you should get your facts straight before defaming people on the internet."  There ya go again....  the claim of "defame"!  All the time they are hollering "defame", they are buying internet domains and, perhaps, engaging in trademark infringement and dilution... intentionally using URL's such as and  Trademark infringement and dilution can be prosecuted on a civil level and possibly on a Federal level.

Now then, I have to admit that I neglected to notice that the post she made, which was featured and where she stated she was the VP for Grey2K USA, was dated March 2011. These eyes read it in March 2012 and assumed 2011.  Oops!  So, an attempt was made to verify her claim by searching the Web Archive (Wayback Machine) for February & March 2011.  If my statement was proven to be inaccurate, an apology would have been forthcoming.  However, at this time, I can neither confirm nor disprove her statement. 

One has to wonder how many other voices, less confident ones, have been stifled & silenced by the threat of civil action for "defamation"?  We know that a local Ronald McDonald House was bullied, but who else?  

Will all people and groups bullied by Grey2K USA
Please Step Forward!  

Tell me your stories and provide pictures of documents, if possible, and I'll tell your tales. I will keep you anonymous, upon request, but the world really needs to know your stories and the truth behind Grey2K's bullying & underhanded tactics.  Please send your stories to:

Yours in greyhounds....


  1. Why won't you publish my comment? Who's lying now?

    I will repeat what you failed to post:

    Anyone can validate that I was VP of GREY2K USA by simply Googling 'Jennifer Krebs vice president grey2k usa'.


  3. 'Liar, liar, pants on fire'...


    People in glass houses...

  4. The above post was found in the blog's "Spam" folder.

    Ms. Krebs has been 'spamming' the blog's inbox, flooding it with links to Grey2K USA, I'm assuming to prove that she was the VP of Grey2K. There's no dispute that she was their VP what is trying to be verified is the date.

    The following dates were found on the first two pages of a Google search along with other items referencing Jen Krebs VP: 9 Jul 2010, 18 Jul 2010, 22 Nov 2010 and 13 Jul 2010. However, none, so far, mention Jen Krebs being VP in Mar 2011. The search continues!

    Considering how much Grey2K distorts the truth with their propaganda, it's interesting that they call the kettle black.

  5. Should read "posts". Found 3 more in the "Spam" folder.


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