Monday, April 23, 2012

Making a Dent...

Grey2K Lies is making a dent in the propaganda spewed by Grey2K USA (Grey2K) and its founders, the husband and wife team of Carey Theil & Christine Dorchak.
Well, a couple of things happened on the way to the Grey2K Lies Forum...

We have recently discovered that Grey2K USA is buying up domain names, such as and Grey2K, and they are pointing them to the Grey2K USA website. That tells us that our little blog is hitting close to home, perhaps hitting them a bit in their deep pockets and getting their minions to think. Perhaps, it's time to investigate purchasing a domain or two and point them to this little blog. Perhaps, and If they've already been purchased, I'm not averse to using a different spelling such as Gray2KLies. It's a thought.

It's a known fact that Grey2K USA plays dirty and engages in deceit. Here is more proof. Carey Theil (Grey2K) appears to be purposely trying to confuse and deceive the public by buying & registering the domain name -! That probably qualifies as trademark infringement and may leave them open to civil action. It may also be a violation of the Lanham Act - a Federal offense.

Another thing... For the past couple of weeks, there was a contest going on over at the Good Maker website. There were more than 400 entries in the contest, including an entry by Grey2K USA. We did our civic duty and attempted to discuss the issues 
in a civilized manner only to be met with the usual Grey2K bull. It is unknown if our discussion encouraged people to vote for any of the other entrants, but we hope it did.

The Grey2K idea of billboards to promote greyhound adoption was a worthy one. However, even tho' greyhound adoption is very near & dear to our hearts, we could not support the Grey2K effort. Why? Because, it was a blatant promotion of Grey2K and their lies. The entire greyhound community could NOT get behind it because of Grey2K's "history" of deceit, partial truths and disinformation. The billboard idea even showed their deception. At right, were the proposed billboards. Please note the URL - That is a domain owned by Grey2K. There is NO such organization. It is YET ANOTHER DOMAIN NAME purchased by Grey2K and Carey Theil!!!

Several people offered suggestions to Carey Theil, who was participating in the discussion, to no avail. One such suggestion was made by Elaine S. in response to his comments that the billboards were about the dogs and to support the dogs.

Her idea was, "If it is truly about the dogs and not the Grey2K message, remove all references to Grey2K and from the billboards. Put info on the billboard to, a more complete page with adoption information. The only states with no listing on are both Dakotas & Hawaii. It's much more complete and inclusive.. Funny thing... when I put in the URL space, it takes me directly to Grey2K Education. Remove the Grey2K message and then, and only then, will it be about greyhound adoptions. Elaine S"

Since both URLs on the billboard lead to Grey2K homepages and NOT even to Grey2K's "adoption" page with its few anti-racing "rescue" groups, we can only assume that the dogs and adopting the dogs is secondary to Grey2K's goal with the billboards, which is to get more people to the Grey2K site to bilk more people out of money and to spread more lies about greyhound racing. Anyone who has visited the Grey2K "adoption" page knows that the only groups featured on it are those that support Grey2K and it's hate mongering message. Pro racing people suggested that Grey2K do the right thing and take their logos off the billboards so that EVERYONE could GET ONBOARD AND SUPPORT the initiative. This was the perfect opportunity for people on all sides of the racing fence to get together to support greyhound adoption. But would Grey2K remove their logo and the logo for Nope. We in racing were willing to work with Grey2K on this effort. Grey2K, however, was not willing to work with us and refused to put aside their POLITICS to do what's right for the dogs.

In the discussion, Carey Theil stated, "The dog racing supporter who is using my name is completely wrong. GREY2K USA supports greyhound adoption in many ways. We make adoption referrals to non-profit groups all over the country. We also make dozens of grants to adoption groups to support their efforts. CTheil"

On the discussion board, in response to his statement about "dozens of grants to adoption groups", Elaine S went and looked at the Grey2K 990 Form. She commented, "If Grey2K makes so many "grants to adoption groups to support their efforts", why have they not been reported to the IRS on the Grey2K 990 Form? They should be reported under "Expenses", Line 13-Grants and similar amounts paid (Part IX, Col A, Lines 1-3). Line 13 has an entry of $0.00. In looking at page 10, which is where Part IX is found, Line 1 (grants & other assistance to governments and organizations in the US) - $0.00; Line 2 (grants & other assistance to individuals in the US) - $0.00; and Line 3 (grants & other assistance to governments, organizations and individuals outside the US) - $0.00. Elaine S"

Lies... Lies... Lies.... Later Theil said he used the wrong word and that he should have said "contributions" to other charities rather than "grants". Hmmm.... We know of no "grants" or "contributions" given to ANY adoption group. Theil refused to provide the names of any such group for confirmation of his statement.

Here's some quotes from the Grey2K supporters during the discussion. They are very helpful - NOT!

"You are incredibly arrogant to keep assailing the protectors of Greyhounds in an attempt to continue the destructive industry of Grey racing. Stay on topic, or go home to your miserable cruelty. JoeyTWunderhundt"

COMMENT: They are calling the greyhound community arrogant for telling the truth? Whatever...

"OHMYGOD!! Will you people STOP using every greyhound topic on the web to bitch and moan about Grey2k? Grow up and find something productive to do with your life. I, for one, am sick of it!  Spira9"

COMMENT: Because we will not lay down & go away, we are told we are children and non-productive. Huh.

"Too chicken to give your real name "NotGrey2K" - you talk the talk but you sure do not walk the walk!!!! I am sure now you only talk to hear yourself talk, you never supported anything but your own hot air and you never did a damn thing for the greyhounds but since you chose to hide behind the user name I guess we will never know - better for you if no one does know because than more people will know you talk out of both sides of your mouth and in the end nothing really of any importance comes out of you!!!! couchracers"

COMMENT: With Grey2K's history of being a schoolyard bully... I'd not give my real name either! That's not being chicken... that's being SMART!

Carey Theil implied that Elaine S was an NGA greyhound breeder. She is not. Her only association with the NGA is that she has had retired racers. However, since Carey "Walks On Water" Theil said it, it must be true!
Elaine S & Litter of AKC Greyhound Pups
"Thank you for letting me know that "Elaine S' is a breeder - that would make sense for her to be for the cruel greyhound racing industry, to fight against them would be cutting her own throat. But if she and her misguided buddies think their bitching and complaining will ever change my mind!!!! couchracers"

COMMENT: Elaine S clarified that she has no vested interest in greyhound racing and that she breeds AKC Greyhounds for show. This came in reply.

"Guess I chose not to believe a single thing you claim either "Elaine S" - the facts are in front of your face about GREY2K USA and you chose to believe the lies of the racing industry instead. I am choosing to believe you somehow have a vested interest in keeping greyhound racing alive because if you didn't you would not be fighting so hard against billboards (and that was the topic - the billboards) that GREY2K USA wants to put up all over promoting adoption. As to being an angry soul - YES, I do get angry when I have to talk to block heads like you that would would rather see greyhounds suffer and die to keep an industry alive that no one wants anymore anyhow. Greyhound racing just like horse racing is disgusting, cruel and brutal and it needs to stop immediately, NO ANIMAL should ever have to race for their lives - no animal ever!!!! If I sound angry I am because even one dead greyhound, even one dead racing horse is one dead animal too many. If you think that this corrupt industry of greyhound racing does not and can not sweep things under the rug even from the IRS than you are the fool. Good lawyers can do alot of things that seem impossible including helping set murderers free so don't give me your BS it cannot be done - it can and it is. If you are so for the greyhounds and so not into the industry stop your bitching and do something useful - shutting down the remaining tracks. As I said before I do not give a damn what the money is raised for as long as I see the results that GREY2K USA is working for the greyhounds and everytime I see a track close I guess it is those dollars at work. I also agree there are abusive parents, educators, priests and attorneys and all of them need to be punished to the fullest extent of the law. But people like that "bastard" at Eubo are alot more common place than you want to believe. Not all greyhound track owners are bad, some are very caring and loving to their dogs but do not give me this garbage they chase away all the bad ones - if that was true than Eubo and other horror stories would not be happening in the racing industry!! Greyhound racing breds way more greyhounds than any group of adoption rescues can place and do not feed me your crap all the ones who do not race or are done racing go to homes - BULLSHIT!!!! No one knows the real number of greyhounds adopted out for sure, that is a well kept secret because to let that out would be to let out the number of greyhounds that are killed. How about the puppies that don't make the grade, where do they all go?? They DIE too just like the greyhounds who raced and now cost more to feed than they are making. And don't get me started on the shitty food greyhounds are fed at the tracks - it is 4D meat, dead, dying, downed or diseased meat. The list of reasons to close greyhound tracks is endless - the reason to keep them open, I cannot think of even one!!! couchracers"

Refusing to back down, Elaine S asked about Theil's position on the BOD of on the National Coalition Against Legalized Gambling. Theil's bullying was deployed and he accused her of intentionally trying to "defame" Grey2K. We can only think that Elaine S must have hit a sore spot with that question for him to pull out the "defamed" smoking gun!

His quote, "You are mischaracterizing our work, and you know better. At this point it's pretty clear that you are simply trying to defame us, with knowledge that what you are saying is not true. C Theil"

The more I read your comments "NotGrey2K" the more I laugh my ass off - you are unbelieveable!!!! I have talked to small children than have more common sense and can repsond with some degree of intelligent that far surpasses your IQ. Or maybe you can understand this better - opinions are like assholes - we all have one!!!! couchracers

COMMENT: OK... thanks for the anatomy lesson couchracers.

A long, long time greyhound adoption person, Sage Benoist, stated, "Oh dear heaven, promoting adoption is a good thing -- but Grey2K promoting adoption is a joke since they never do a single thing to take care of greyhounds or facilitate their responsible care or adoptions. This is obviously just another money making scheme by this questionable organization -- I honestly don't know why more people don't see through their hypocrisy--they should be ashamed of themselves!"

"And I cannot see why you "sage.benoist" cannot see the horrors of the racing industry but as you said more people don't see their own hypocrisy--they should be ashamed of themselves!! And as I have said before if you can do better than by all means please do better, don't just sit there and put the supporters of GREY2K USA down - do something for the wefare of the greyhounds!! couchracers"
"I must agree here. Sitting on your sofa, offering your philosophical blithering does not help the greyhounds. Get out of your own box and help the dogs. Bitching about an organization you may not like does not help. Schemsgreys"

Sorry about the length of this post. I really wanted you to see the lack of reasoning many of the minions employ. I wanted you to see the hatred that Grey2K has spawned from their effective use of "The Big Lie".

Yours in greyhounds....


  1. I've no idea what it costs to purchase a domain name, whether it's a one time fee or an annual renewal sort of thing. But it certainly seems to me that gobbling up so many of them borders on a desperation mode. And golly Wally, couldn't they have spent that money on some retired racers? You know, provide transport, fund a few spay/neuters, contribute to vet bills...... oh wait. They don't do any of that. Never mind. It's just another episode of "We Spend Our Money On Ourselves".

  2. That's really nice of you to do that.
    Dogs should eat something healthy too and they are like us. Make this blog an inspiration.


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