Friday, March 23, 2012

Big Tay

Betty Zubritsky's series on kennel boyfriends continues.
By Breeze

He’s not the first Big Tay. And not nearly as Big as the First Big Tay. But he’s nicely sizeable, and he arrived with Taylor on his muzzle, so he was going to be a Tay of some size anyway. Might as well be a Big one.
Crazywiki (Wiki)

The First Big Tay was Taygur. A monstrous big lad with the temper of a kitten. A lovely shiny black boy with a beautiful face and a “lightness” in his step. The very top of his head snugged right up into my armpit, and it snugged there quite a lot. “BIG TAY!!” and there he’d be, resting his lovely face where nobody really wants to go. (Dogs apparently don’t care a whit about armpit smells…. or they like them.) The day I met him, I noted that he was in a top crate. At the very same time I noted the incredible bulk of him. Honey, if you don’t jump into that bed, we’re gonna have us a Big Trouble. (That’s Trouble with a capital Tay, you know.) And I watched him at turnout, how he towered over all the rest of the boys. Made ‘em all look puny, he did. But for all his enormous size, he was a sweet and charming young man. There was never a flare of temper, not a smidge of aggression. And when it was time to go to bed, he hopped ever so nimbly into his upper bunk.

I was in love.
Okie Tavis (Tavvy)

The days, the weeks, they came and went, and our love together grew. Offering him a cookie sent him into Terrier spins. Seeing that much dog do that much spinning… hey, it’s something close to a miracle. He did the I Love You gaze, peeking out from under my arm. I could smooch the top of his head without even having to bend over hardly. And the day that one of the Bad Boys got into a scuffle with him, I raged into that yard to end the battle. I do it for anybody, but this was My Darling. Ya doesn’t mess with my Tay. The Bad Boy was properly scolded. A quick exam showed a little scrape under Tays arm. No other damage. But that scrape pissed me off, and the Bad Boy was shunned for life.

Ok, not as bad as all that. I still loved the Bad Boy too….. but ya doesn’t mess with my Tay.

On a crisp and sunny afternoon, with the radio on and the doggies outside, there came a familiar rhythm, a toe-tapping just plain feel good melody from Abba, and I went out with my dogs to dance.

Girls first. “If you change your mind, I’ll be first in line. Honey I’m still free, take a chance on me.” We skipped and played and the girls are very good dancers! Oh, what beautiful girlies, dancing in the bright sunshine! And I left the girls behind to go dance with my boys.

“And you know I’ve got, so much that I wanna do, when I dream I’m alone with you, it’s magic!” I skipped about with my boys, arms outstretched, and there under one of them… was my Big Tay. Skipping. Prancing. Great big monstrous boy. Dancing.
Whiperwill Lil (Lil)

It was hard to leave that kennel. And I never ever forgot Big Tay.

I don’t expect quite so much from the new one. He’s a youngster and utterly mannerless, but I do still like ‘em that way. Big and dumb, yessiree, those are my favorites. So far, he knows that he’s Big Tay. And… well that’s really about all he knows. But for all his bulk, he’s a mild mannered young man. A lovely shiny black boy with a beautiful face and a “lightness” in his step. A dancer? Oh maybe. I hope so.

I always love a dancer.

(Reprinted courtesy of All About Greyhounds)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Roots of Anti-Racing Activism

The roots of anti greyhound racing activism and greyhound adoption pioneers.
By Dennis McKeon

There have been few issues in the realm of public discussion that have engendered more misunderstanding, misinformation or more vitriolic speech, than whether or not Greyhound Racing should remain a lawful, state-regulated activity.

Anti-racing activists have used their media bully pulpit to publicize their point of view since the late 1970s, while media journalists have seldom, if ever, asked a penetrating question of them. The popular narrative of greyhound racing, as well as the lives of Racing Greyhounds, has been spun by those who have absolutely no idea what they are talking about, and who have absolutely no experience working within greyhound racing, in any capacity whatsoever.

Edward J Keelan
Now the greyhound racing community is just as responsible for the reams of misinformation that abound on the subject of greyhounds and greyhound racing, because, until only recently, they have been in virtual denial of the true agenda and the zealous extremism of these various anti-racing activist groups. They have never made a concerted effort to get their side of the story out there to the public.

So let’s all do a little exercise here, and see if we can’t figure out just what is the truth about Racing Greyhounds and greyhound racing…and who are the truth-tellers, and who are the prevaricators. Exploring the roots of anti-racing activism, this vignette is pretty much a microcosm of the entire controversy.

Q. Who began formalized adoption of retired racing greyhounds?

A. The racing community began formalized adoption of retired racers. The earliest adoption pioneers were Ed Keelan, general manager of the tracks at Seabrook and Plainfield, and various racing greyhound owners, breeders and trainers. The quote below is from a letter written by one of those adoption pioneers, racing greyhound owner and breeder, the late Joan Dillon, which appeared in the April 1981 edition of Turnout Magazine:

“It would be nice if more tracks would have an adoption agency for retired greyhounds…I see by a recent “Post Time” (newsletter article), that Seabrook now has such an agency”.

This track-operated adoption effort was actually begun sometime before 1981, when Joan’s letter was published.

In that same issue of Turnout Magazine, which was published by the Massachusetts breeders’ and kennel owners’ New England Greyhound Association, and edited by Greg Farley (the fiancee of a racing-greyhound owner, and a former sports scribe for the Boston Record-American), is an article by UK adoption pioneer, Gee Lebon. Gee was a regular, featured columnist in Turnout, which began publication in 1979. Her column always concerned encouragement and advice to adopters and potential adopters of retired greyhounds..So, while reading the various diatribes of the current anti-racing activist movement, one might have surmised that greyhound owners were dragged by the hair of their heads, kicking and screaming, into grudgingly supporting adoption, nothing could be further from the truth.

As a matter of fact, these early, grassroots, racing community efforts at formal adoption infrastructure and outreach were actually undermined by the anti-racing activists of the era. They were focused, at the time, on outlawing the use of live jackrabbits in the training of soon-to-be racers. The way they went about this, through their media allies, was to characterize the Racing Greyhound as having been “TRAINED TO KILL!!!!”, and as being an unsafe and unstable breed, given to mercurial and unpredictable outbursts of bloodlust—because they had been allowed to course after their natural prey, the verminous, crop-destroying jackrabbit.
Romeo & Billy Rabbit

It didn’t matter that most never got close enough to the jackrabbit to even lick their chops—it helped them get their point across--sadly, at the expense of thousands of could-have-been adoptions. Their boisterous campaign, not surprisingly, didn’t exactly inspire confidence in the greyhound’s potential adoptive audience. At the time, even the then-president of the seminal version of the now animal rights extremist group, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), John Hoyt, had told Farley, in a 1983 interview for Turnout Magazine:. “I don’t think the humane movement would be quick to condemn the humane destruction of these Greyhounds, though we would certainly insist that it be done humanely.”

So when you hear from those who didn’t know a greyhound from a grapefruit at the time, about all the “bad things” that happened to greyhounds in bygone days, you should take it with a grain of salt. It was none other than anti-racing activists of the era who were responsible for portraying the Racing Greyhound in the most unflattering light possible, and for sabotaging the earliest efforts on the part of the greyhound racing community to acquaint the public of potential greyhound adopters with the breed.

Lily and Hoover
Back in those days, the greyhound races everywhere were extremely well attended, and there was keen interest in the dogs—not only as racers, but as personalities and as potential pets. The much-ballyhooed jackrabbit controversy, as well as the early, popular anti-racing mythology that concerned the wearing of muzzles, slowly eroded some of the interest in the breed as possible family pets.

Greyhounds wear muzzles, as most now know, not because they are vicious and prone to biting, but because during play with one another, should one of them take exception to another’s “enthusiasm”, and then amp-up the volume of play, sometimes things can get a little too contentious. These are very competitive animals, once their blood is up. No need for that, hence the muzzles.

It’s not a hard concept for anyone, other than who choose demagoguery over greyhound welfare, to grasp. Some things never change.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

An Open Letter to Grey2K Followers

Donations to Grey2K USA (Grey2K) are not tax deductible and about 23% go directly to salaries for the husband & wife team of Christine Dorchak and Carey Theil. Those donations also pay for legal fees and Christine Dorchak is the General Counsel for Grey2K. Double dipping?
By Dick Ciampa

It is time to rethink where your hard earned money gets donated to. Grey2K needs your donations because Carey and Christine's salaries are based on how much they take in each year. As a 501 (c) (4) non profit there are restrictions as to how much they can take as SALARY.

Grey2K 990 Form, Page 1
The IRS allows up to 25% of the total donations to be distributed in salaries and they usually keep it around 23%.

During the last two weeks didn't you find it strange that there was no mention of what was going on in Florida? Remember last year when almost daily they were giving updates and asking for money to keep moving forward and you complied with your donations.

This year, silence, they didn't want you to know what was going on because there would be a good chance many of you would figure out after two years of donating, and not being successful, that you would donate your hard earned money to your local group or shelter.

Didn't you notice the many items that were for sale on their FB wall? Why in the middle of the fight in Florida were they selling so many items? The answer is because if they told you they lost again and the donations went down, so would their salary.

However, you shouldn't feel bad if you stop donating and their salaries go down because they get to fly around the country on you and eat dinner on you. They can accumulate frequent flyer miles on you so when they take a vacation the flights are on you.

One last thing about their salaries, even if they go down there is still the line on their 990's that includes LEGAL FEES and we all know who Grey2K's legal counsel is don't we.

Carey and Christine make a nice living off you, but, what have they done for you.

So the next time you write a check out to help the dogs consider making it out to your local humane society, not the HSUS, your local humane society.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

An Adopter Speaks....

A greyhound adopter speaks out! Personal view on greyhound racing, greyhound adoption and the anti-racing, animal rights movement by Grey2K USA (Grey2 K).
By Jeff Blitch

I have been reading more and more about anti-racing groups and it concerns me greatly. I have been an owner of retired greyhounds for 7 years now and currently have 3 greyhounds as part of my family 2 retired racers and 1 that never raced (just don’t tell her because she thinks she did). The latest two adoptions came thru It's A Grey Area Adoption, Inc.

Pups Being Socialized at the Moore Farm
Here’s my perspective on racing greyhounds and the kennels that are a part of it. THANK YOU!

I don’t think people realize that without racing we wouldn't have the ability to have these majestic dogs as part of our family. The kennels that raise, train, and race these dogs have done all the hard work for us. When you adopt a grey they are house trained, crate trained, socialized, loving, have had a trips to the vet for all of their shots and their teeth cleaned, and really ready to just go home and start life with you. I have yet to find anywhere that you can adopt a dog that is that well trained and taken care of. Then after all that time invested in these dogs the kennels let them be adopted and we get all the rewards of all their hard work. That in itself shows me how much they care about these dogs.

I have read where some groups say that the racing greyhounds aren’t properly taken care of. Well I have seen greys strait from the track (my first adoption came from the track) and I have yet to see a single dog that wasn’t in GREAT physical condition come off the track, after all they are pro athletes.
JBS HighStepper

What I'm trying to say is I will continue to support racing and racing kennels and make sure to tell them THANK YOU for giving me the chance to be a part of this great breed. I want to do what ever I can to make sure racing continues because I can't see me not having retired greyhounds in my house for the rest of my life.

I hope that anyone who loves their greyhounds as much as I do would agree with me and support racing to make sure we have retired racers to bless our families (and the families that have yet to discover what we know) far into the future.


More Info...
This was originally posted on Its A Grey Area Greyhound Adoptions Face Book page.

Crazy Wiki
It's a Grey Area Greyhound Adoption was founded in January of 2010 by Lesley Tierney Ezkovich and Brittaney Spruill. Through our combined years of experience and a dedicated group of people to support us, we formed It's a Grey Area Greyhound Adoption Group. We are dedicated to the proper placement of the retired racing greyhound along with the formation of a fun, committed greyhound group. We are currently awaiting our 501c3 status.

Our commitment to greyhounds continues beyond the day we hand the leash to the new family. We are here for whatever an adoptive family could need. In good times and bad. We are there for the greyhounds we place, as well as those we have never met before.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Good People in Greyhound Racing

This post highlights the greyhound adoption group - Keystone Greyhounds. Diane Schadle, President of Keystone Greyhounds, presents and thanks some of the good people who are involved in greyhound racing. Contrary to the inflammatory rhetoric posted far and wide by Grey2K USA (Grey2K), rhetoric that says greyhound racing and the people involved in it - the owners, breeders & trainers - are evil, Keystone Greyhounds, an adoption group in Pennsylvania, has discovered otherwise.
By Diane Schadle

I'd like to post something positive about racing Greyhounds and the folks who take the time and patience to make them into the wonderful dogs that they are. I founded Keystone Greyhounds about 8 years ago. In the beginning, we didn't know any 'industry' folks, just got our dogs from GPA sources, not directly from owners/trainers/breeders. Through the years that has changed and I'm proud to say that most of our dogs now come from the tracks or farms. We have developed good working relationships with these folks and enjoy working with them. These folks have the best interest of their dogs at heart, believe me.

Football Phenom
Through the years I have met some outstanding people who are in the industry. I want to name just a few, so people know there are many GOOD people whose livlihood is racing Greyhounds.

Arlene and Greg Wooten, who introduced us to these wonderful dogs many years ago. It was the first of many racing kennels we were privy to see, and I was amazed at how calm and quiet and happy those dogs were.

Kristen Block, who generously donated a pup to us (Keystones Runner aka Boots) who will be running for our group, all proceeds going to Keystone. She also holds many dogs on her farm (at her expense) while they are waiting to come in to our adoption program.

Phil Harris, who trained our Boots and took the time to keep us updated on her progress.

Ron Otto, a trainer for Ward kennels, who takes the dogs to be vetted by Dr. Radcliffe at Wheeling for us, cat tests, and drives the dogs most of the way to us. Ron will hold dogs in his kennel until we have room for them.

Henry Howe, who sends us most of his retirees, and always makes a generous donation to accompany his dogs.
HWJ Inman

Dick Ciampa, an owner who gives us his retirees, and does the same.

Patti Cooley from Charter Kennels, who sends us great racers and also helps with the transport from Wheeling to Harrisburg. She always calls to see how her dogs are doing in foster homes.

David Blair, who gave us some wonderful puppies who would not have made it as racers.

DQ Williams, who opened his farm and his home to us when we were in Oklahoma.

Judy Mills, who has a farm in Abilene, where we are always welcome.....just ring the bell!

Brett and Donna Weeks who have been friends from the beginning, and have fostered for us many times, and taught us so much about the breed.

Bill and Cathie Lambert, who have sent us many wonderful dogs and allowed us to pre adopt two dogs through their Follow That Hound program.

Chris Grieb & Babydoll
Breeze, who I have never met but feel is a close friend. She works in the racing kennels and LOVES what she does.

Randy Finnegan, who has sent us a few 'prizes' including Impossible Dream and Iwantthattrophy.

Chris Grieb,who loves his Greyhounds.

There are many more, too many to mention. I've only listed a few. But the good folks in the industry are out there, they outnumber the ones who are not so caring of their dogs. We are proud to be working with people who do right by their dogs. We've developed a trust, so they will give us their dogs when they're ready to retire, knowing we respect the athletes that that are.

"The mission is the dogs, and nothing more."

Dianne Shadle
Keystone Greyhounds

A Bit About Keystone Greyhounds
Keystone Greyhounds is non-profit organization dedicated to finding responsible homes for retired racing Greyhounds. We are an all volunteer group based in South Central Pa. Our goal is to place the right hound in the right home and to promote public awareness about what excellent, loving pets these noble dogs make.

The primary purpose of Keystone Greyhounds is to find responsible loving homes for greyhounds, which fail to qualify or no longer qualify for the racetrack. KG acquaints the public with the desirability of greyhounds as pets and informs them of the availability of these dogs for adoption. We work with the greyhound industry to closely match the dogs to the adopter. Keystone Greyhounds provide pre and post adoption education and support each adoption fully. We also encourage adoption of senior and other special-needs dogs.

All donations made to Keystone Greyhounds are tax deductible. To become a member, volunteer or to contribute to Keystone Greyhounds, please contact any of the Keystone Adoption Representatives listed on the Contact Us Page.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Project Hopeful, Racing for a Cure

Grey2K USA bullies and intimidates the Ronald McDonald House Charity
by Leslie Csokasy

Eddie aka Last Hitter
I volunteer with my ex-racer, Eddie, aka Last Hitter, at Ronald McDonald House.  Eddie is the second therapy dog I've worked with and he's pretty remarkable all the way around.  We have been going to RMHC for four years (I think).

One night I had a thought... why not have a racer run for a local RMHC charity where any earnings would be donated to the kids. If the pupper was young enough, the kids could name him and possibly see him. Once he was done racing, he could test as a therapy dog, be adopted to someone interested in continuing his mission, and visit the kids. Win for the kids, a win for the House, a win for the dog, and the racing community could embrace a charity that they believe in (we have a history of raising funds for kids). And, a little positive PR for the racing industry as a byproduct would be an added bonus.

I presented it and a lot of interest was generated. Money was raised to purchase a hound at a reduced fee, a graded dog was donated, tracks hopped on board, the therapy program was thrilled, and I had saved some funds to fly out and evaluate the potential farm pup as a therapy dog (I also work with a therapy dog certification program). We talked about it in a heated fervor online. It was a happy, exciting thing.

I put together a presentation, asked my House director for support and input. Sounded good. Everyone loves "Fast Eddie" at the House (although he was never fast...he never made it out of schooling). Networking began and some of the Houses were very interested. They do all kinds of fundraisers with poker night, horse racing, NASCAR, etc. Then, I got a phone call. 

Apparentlythey all received letters from an "advocacy" group called Grey2K that pretty much spelled out litigation, negative press, bully tactics that would be used on RMHC sponsors. One after the other, the Houses dropped their support of the project. I was put off, shut out and all doors were closed. The local House called me out, listened to my proposal and said that it was dead in the water..not because it isn't a fantastic idea, but because hate groups will use public perception as leverage and the House sponsors would dry up. I don't know if you know, but the entire RMHC runs on donations and sponsors. Families don't pay for their stays, or pay a very minimal amount. Often they live there for years. They rely on community donations. I couldn't blame them, however upset I was. I considered quitting. But there are always a few kids whose only moments that they truly sleep are when they are curled up with Eddie on that couch.
Eddie at Ronald McDonald House

The children would never get to meet THEIR greyhounds. So, for now, Last Hitter, aka Eddie aka Fast Eddie will have to do. As will the other adopted dogs making a difference out there as therapy dogs.

Here is a picture of Eddie at the House last year. (I hope it isn't too big). Some of the kids brought sticker books to show him. He ended up being a good sport and wearing a few, to their delight. The funniest thing that happened was some little girl came up to me and asked politely if she could pet my goat. It took me a few seconds to realize she meant Eddie!! He is getting a little grey in the face...

Grey2K doesn't care about the children they claim to want to fundraise for. If they did, they would have let the kids have a dog to believe in, to hope for, to love. I love my dogs and love what they can do.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Bare Lee, Another Boyfriend

Racing Greyhounds and Racing Greyhound Kennels
By Betty Zubinsky

Bare Lee Fits came into my kennel at The Woodlands with a bit of an open wound on his shoulder and a timidness that may or may not have been associated with it. He arrived with 3 of his brothers and one of his sisters, and they were very well bred. (His brother even said so. His name was Well Bread.) A mighty fine group of babies, and Craig and I set about to get them schooled on.

Bare Lee Fits
All but Bare Lee. His boo-boo needed attention before he could do much of anything. That was Craig's job. He also needed to happy up. Ah, there was my job.

Craig had seen me at work on timids before and pretty much left their happiness to me. He never said, "Hey Betty, happy up this dog", but it's what I do. So, while his brothers and sister went on to sprints and schools, Bare Lee basked in the glow of antibiotics and a life of leisure.

Hmmm.... a guy could get used to this, and he did. He also got very used to being the center of my world. As his wound healed, his confidence grew and he began to be a bouncy, happy young fella. Yup, I do love it when my dogs happy up.  Little did I know... I was creating a monster. He was literally drenched in my attention, and by the time he was well enough to go out with the rest of the boys, his enthusiasm was just about explosive.

In fairness, the whole litter was highly enthusiastic. DoughBoy (which is what I called the aforementioned Well Bread) busted 2 of my ribs with his face one day, just because he was happy to see me.  These were vibrant (and very large) boys, and while I wasn't expecting it from DoughBoy, I was used to catching Bare Lee in midair when he launched his enormous self at me.

I learned a lot about doggie mentality with Bare Lee.  My first concern is (and should be) the safety of the whole kennel, so it seemed right and proper to hurry this brute to bed as quickly as possible before he hurt anybody. Three days of that, and I had an unhappy dog again.  Damn.

The Kennel Boyfriend is not allowed to pounce me. I'm not very big and being pounced can hurt me badly, which we learned from the busted ribs incident. But my dog was unhappy, and I just can't have that.  OK honey, you can pounce me. But please don't damage me, and I'll let you play if you keep your feet on the floor most of the time. Deal?

Apparently, it was an acceptable arrangement and my handsome spotty boy happied right back up. Then, of course, there was the issue with his leash manners.

Uhm... he had none.  Absolute zero.  I know without a doubt that Craig stuck me with Bare Lee every chance he got, and he was certainly within his rights to do it. I had made this heathen, and he was mine to tame... if taming could be accomplished. So there I'd be with my assortment of dogs to weigh in, and one of them would invariably be Bare Lee.


Bare Lee dragged me everywhere.  I'm thankful for fences, because without them, I have to believe I'd have been carried off to some final frontier. Or an asylum. But I loved that dog.

For all his whirlwind joie de vivre, my Bare Lee wasn't a stellar performer.    We'll recall here that Boyfriend-ness doesn't require this. The too bad part, of course, is that such a beastie is likely to go race someplace else. And, so it happened with Bare Lee.  I kissed his sweet head, told him to be a good boy, knew that he would ignore this advice completely, and watched the hauler carry him away.

The empty spot he left in the kennel was quickly gobbled up, and my hands were busy with the new arrivals. Beauties, each and all, with quirks and sillies and needs that I could fill.  Bare Lee, my darling heathen, didn't need me anymore... or did he?

On a whim, several weeks later, I googled him, just to see if there was anything to see.  I had no idea where he'd gone, or if he was even still racing. And I do lousy searches. There would be nothing, I was sure of it. And I hit the enter key.

I shall never doubt Google again.

I found my Bare Lee at his new racing venue, where it appeared that he was in "rest mode", and sent a screaming message to a friend, who loved him too.  "I FOUND BARE LEE!!!!!" I didn't know if she was even home.  in an instant, she responded, "WHERE?????"  I gave her everything I had (which wasn't a lot) and she worked her end.  Neither of us was in a position to adopt him, we were both hundreds of miles from him, but we were hell bent to get his local adoption group interested in him.  Oh please, oh please....

I don't know what strings were pulled, what promises made, and I really don't care....  because a few days later, I got an email from a woman I didn't know.  His brand new foster mommy declared that she was delighted with him. "He has one speed, and no brakes!"  Taht's my boy, alright. I apologized for his terrible manners. She forgave me. "Oh no, he's wonderful! Don't you dare be sorry!"  And in the weeks that followed, she shared his adventures with me.  I clung fiercely to every word, laughed my ass off and cried happy tears. My sweetie boy was in the very best of hands.  And then...

"He's adopted!!! They love him to bits!"  And she directed me to his adoption page, where his smiling happy family surrounded him in a photo.

My Bare Lee.  In the arms of people who loved him.

It's everything.

Reprinted courtesy of All About Greyhounds.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Grey2K - Lies & Trolls

Grey2K USA (Grey2K) Lies and Trolls
By Elaine Summerhill

Well, I tired of playing with the troll, Eric McDonald ( I find him to be boorish and that is being kind. He is typical of those involved in the animal rights movement - loud, grating, strident, and uncivil. He is, as my dear departed mother would say, "crude, rude & socially unacceptable" and my mom was from the 'wrong side of the tracks'!

In response to McDonald's latest diatribe to a comment of mine...
Dated: March 15, 2012

Eric McDonald - I have no questions for you because you have no idea about that of which you speak. You are truly ignorant on the subject of greyhounds and greyhound racing. Perhaps, when you decide to grow up and be an adult, you will be worth my time and effort, but until then, you are not. You are close minded and only wish to believe rhetoric spouted by a so called "advocacy" group that does nothing for greyhounds - that provides no direct services, but yet they take a good 23% of the donations for their own salaries.

Also, Grey2K USA supports at least one board member, Karyn Zoldan, who has made racist & bigoted statements on public forums, i.e., "middle class, educated white people do not go to bet on the dogs" and " looks like Auschwitz" (a comparison of a greyhound kennel to the notorious Nazi death camp where millions died). While it is true that her statements were removed from the forum, upper management (Carey Theil and Christine Dorchak) at Grey2K have not stepped up to the plate to either condemn or apologize for those statements.

Regardless of one's position on racing, I strongly urge people to donate to their local greyhound adoption group or to their local humane society. To donate to groups such as HSUS, PeTA, and Grey2K is to put money in the pockets of people who do nothing for the animals. It is a well known fact that PeTA kills pets with more than a 90% euthanization rate for animals which are turned into them for rehoming. Grey2K is associated with the domestic terrorist group, ALF (Animal Liberation Front) and Ms. Dorchak was a keynote speaker at an ALF event. HSUS is a lobbying group looking to ban pet ownership, among other things.

I've been in the business (and it is a business) of finding homes for retired greyhounds since the mid-1990's (1995). In that time, I've gone from being anti-racing to being supportive of the racing people who do it right. I've learned a great deal about this breed, including that you cannot make a greyhound race. They race regardless.  it is part of their psyche... their being.  It is unfortunate, but sometimes greyhounds get hurt while racing. Even so, a statistical analysis of those injuries show an injury rate of less than 1%. The injury rate (all injuries) is 0.03%. That is an irrefutable fact or, if you prefer, an incontrovertible fact - one that cannot be disputed, cannot be argued, cannot be contested. It is a fact. No matter how much Eric McDonald screams, whines & cries... only 0.03% of dogs are injured in greyhound racing. I would venture to guess that that is a great deal less than in the general greyhound pet population, where I'm constantly seeing requests for help because a dog has been injured in some manner in the backyard or on a walk.

Do bad people exist in greyhound racing?  Of course they do. However, they exist in all walks of life: education, the workplace, and in parenting. Bad people are a fact of life. Greyhound racing needs to be commended because they have been working and are continuing to remove the bad people from the sport. Greyhound racing people are continuing to work to put every last adoptable greyhound into pet homes. Much has changed within greyhound racing and the people who are now involved consider it their duty to do the best they can - every step of the way from whelping to death. They are there for the adopters, should the adopters contact them. It is sad that many AR groups REFUSE to pass on the racing owner's contact info or to even tell the adopters that they can contact the owner. They REFUSE to tell the adopters about having their dogs pet registered with the NGA. Instead, they tell people that they "saved" the dogs, spirited them away and that if they contact the racing people, the racing people will take the dogs away.  They lie...

Please visit All About Greyhounds and/or Grey2K Lies for more info. (end reply)

I'd like to add, at this time, Mr. McDonald has received numerous offers from racing folk to visit a track, a kennel, a farm to discover greyhound racing for himself. He has not accepted any of them. If things were as bad as he believes and states, I would think he'd be quick to go so he could take photographs to promote his allegations, so he could REPORT the racing folks to the proper authorities.  Instead, he'd rather slander & libel them in public forums with no proof what-so-ever.

I ask people to please decide for yourself. If you have the opportunity, please visit a greyhound kennel and meet those deeply involved with this breed. I did and, as stated, I went from being an anti-racing supporter to being a supporter of people doing racing the right way. I am not the only, former anti-racing person out there who has changed their beliefs. There are a LOT of us and, funny thing, most of us are or have been involved deeply and for many years in greyhound adoption. Go figure... I hope some of the former "anti's" read this post and comment.


PS - I truly believe that Eric McDonald and Eric Jackson, Grey2K Board Member, are one in the same. I suspect if you read their posts often enough, you would probably come to the same conclusion.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Dancing With The Devil....

Grey2K and Greyhound Companions of New Mexico (GCNM) - The Juarez Greyhounds
I've heard some rather disturbing news. Actually, it's more confusing than disturbing.  I've heard that a rabidly anti-racing group, one with a well deserved reputation of stabbing people in the back, is now saying they are no longer AR?  What?  As of 2 days ago, this group was still spouting Grey2K rhetoric. One of their members, Eric, is on the BOD of Grey2K and he was touting the company line as recently as several hours ago.
The only thing that has changed is that I heard they've been unable to get any greyhounds to place into homes. maybe, that is what this is all about... getting dogs.  I'd lay odds on it. One person, Susan, has stated, "they just want to get dogs and Eric certainly hasn't stopped so that's more confirmation."

Then, Rory says, "The last few weeks I've seen something I've never seen, people coming together and fighting the good fight, we've put aside our differences for the common good (the dogs) and we've waged a great fight against Grey2K. I personally believe Judy wants something and what better gift to give Grey2K than us battling each other again and leaving Grey2K alone."

He's got a definite point there and as is known, Judy is bosom buddies with Christine Dorchak.
Judy Paulsen (L) and Christine Dorchak (R)
Then again, another person who lives in New Mexico says, "Judy only wants what's good for Judy" and a New Mexico greyhound breeder chimes in, "...I will tell what that backstabbing bitch did to us!!!!  As one of the only farms here in New Mexico, we gave some dogs to Judy for adoption. We gave her bags of food to help, out of gratitude... What did we get in return? Judy went on the local news, with our dogs, stateing that they were "rescued from certain destruction and a fate worse than death".  That breeder goes on to state they would never have known except for their kind neighbors, one of whom recorded it.

I'm sorry, but a leopard doesn't change its spots overnight, let alone after nearly 18 years of AR activities. Actions speak louder than words and I've not seen any actions to support their statements that they are "reformed" and have "seen the light".  Sorry Charlie....

You know, if you dance with the devil, you may wind up in hell.  I suspect them not getting dogs is their hell.

Karma's a bitch... it always comes back to bite one in the a$$.

Yours in greyhounds...

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

More on Greyhound Companions of NM...

Greyhound Companions of New Mexico (GCNM) and Grey2K USA (Grey2K)
It has been brought to my attention that Greyhound Companions of NM (GCNM) has close ties to Christine Dorchak and Grey2K USA.  How close?

Looks like Judy K Paulsen and Christine Dorchak are BFF's...  bosom buddies...  Well, you know what they say, "birds of a feather...."

Back in the early 2000's, USA bred greyhounds found themselves racing in Juarez Mexico. Kennel operators in Colorado had been approached by an individual working in Colorado who told them that the dog track in Juarez Mexico would be re-opening. They were also told that arrangements were made so that when the dogs were done racing there, they would be placed into adoption. In fact, that wasn't the case and Greyhound Pets of America (GPA) stepped in to help the greyhounds, going to Mexico and establishing a relationship with the people involved to ensure both the safety of the dogs and that they would be returning to the USA for adoption purposes. 

In 2005, as GPA was trying to bring back dogs from Juarez Mexico to have the dogs put into adoption here in the United States, Ms. Paulsen and Grey2K minions were spreading lies about GPA and their efforts. Ms. Paulsen indicated that GCNM would be getting some of the Juarez dogs for placement.  However, the sad fact is that even though GCNM is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, which is only about 5 hours from Juarez, they did nothing to help a single greyhound get back to the States from Juarez. The only thing she did was bluster and spread lies from the sidelines. It's my understanding that she tried to derail the efforts to get these dogs home with all of her misinformation & disinformation. Sounds like Grey2K, doesn't it - nothing to help the greyhounds but an awful lot of hot air being spewed.  Another Grey2K associated individual, David Wolf, National Greyhound Adoption Program (NGAP), stated that it would be best to just put the Juarez greyhounds down.  I quote, 

"Keep American greyhounds in America! If you cannot find homes in the States then give them a gift even if that gift is euthanasia because that is better than sending them to the harsh reality of Juarez or any other foreign country."  Greyhound Update, a Newsletter from the National Greyhound Adoption Program, Winter 2005 Edition 

These "greyhound advocates" are not advocates.  They are small and mean spirited people who only "advocate" for the very special interests of groups like Grey2K USA. 
David Wolf, NGAP

Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Economic Contraction...

Greyhound Companions of New Mexico (GCNM), Grey2K USA (Grey2K), Greyhound Pets of America (GPA)
The economic contraction and the contraction in greyhound racing continues and at least one item of interest has come of it.

Greyhound Companions of New Mexico (GCNM), a Grey2K USA mouthpiece, is being denied dogs by racing greyhound breeders.  Please note, this is occurring in the backwater state of New Mexico - not IOWA. New Mexico, a state where there is no greyhound racing, but a demand for the dogs. New Mexico, which has two active greyhound placement groups - the very AR GCNM and the neutral, pro-greyhound adoption group - Greyhound Pets of America - New Mexico Greyhound Connection (GPA-NMGC).

Anyway, it has come to this author's attention that Greyhound Companions on NM was expecting a load of greyhounds for placement but, due to one reason or another, that transport to them was cancelled. They are no longer getting the dogs.  Boy... are their panties in a wad! Especially those of the Queen Bee - Judy Kody Paulsen.

Now then, I don't know about you, but if it were me and if I had racing dogs that I spent many thousands of dollars on to either purchase or breed, to feed, to train, to house, to vet and to do anything else that was required to keep them safe, happy & sound, I'd take great exception to someone calling me a "fanatic", an abuser, "petty", and whatever other vitriol this woman and her group can conjure up.  Here are some opinions spouted by Paulsen throughout the years...

"Adoption is not enough... More greyhounds die annually than any other single breed of dog."  Fall 2006/Winter 2007 issue of GCNM News

Where did she come up with this drivel?  There are no statistics kept on the number of dogs of ANY breed that die annually.  Racing greyhounds are bred in far fewer numbers than many other breeds. For instance, in 2006, when she voiced that wild opinion, the American Kennel Club registered 126,000 Labrador retrievers. That is not the number whelped or born, just registered. That same year, 2006, there were 22,951 NGA greyhounds whelped, not registered, but BORN.  That number includes puppies who were stillborn and those that died as neonates. 

Continuing in 2006, Paulsen wrote, "...interesting to note that the number of dogs now available to adoption programs in that area is nowhere near the large numbers once being turned over to the university - where are those dogs?" Article titled, "Why Adoption is Not Enough", Judy Kody Paulsen, 2006

In 2006, racing greyhounds were not going to the "university" aka Colorado State (CSU). In fact, greyhounds had not gone to CSU since 1998, which is when Colorado racing folks banned the practice.  Why is she bringing this up, as if it is "new news" in 2006?

In 2006, there was only one, active greyhound race track in Colorado, Mile High Kennel Club, I'd answer her that it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out where the dogs went.  With few racing venues in Colorado, the dogs were moved to other places such as Florida.  Truly, Interstate Kennel Club closed in 1991. Colorado Springs closed in 2001. Pueblo closed in 2002 or 2003. Cloverleaf closed in 2006.  Judy used to get "her dogs" from Colorado, especially from a kennel in Pueblo.  So, I've got to ask...

Judy, why should greyhound racing folks give you dogs?  You call them abusers. You imply that they are the scum of the earth. You are trying to destroy their lives and families.  Why should they give you dogs, when there are many, many pro-racing and neutral racing adoption groups willing to take those same dogs?  

You try to get dogs for placement from Tucson.  Why should they give you dogs?  You and your guy, Eric Jackson, constantly slander & libel Tucson Greyhound Park and those who have dogs there. The racing folk spends thousands of dollars on these dogs, why should they give them to you?  They are NOT your dogs!  They belong to other people and those people have the right to decide where those dogs go into adoption.

Judy...  I hate to be the one to break this to you, but...  You know what...  You are now learning that no tracks equals no dogs.  You are also learning that you sow what you reap.

Yours in greyhounds...

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Grey2K and the VW Rabbit

Grey2K USA (Grey2K) vs. Volkswagen Rabbit Commercial
Well, Grey2K and the Carey Nation will probably be throwing another hissy fit, another tantrum over a new commercial by Volkswagen featuring greyhounds.  They will be whining about the greyhounds running and racing each other on a city street...  They will be calling for a boycott of Volkswagen.  I wonder how many people will be returning their VW's?

It's a great commercial!

I bet they won't say a word, however, about Christine Dorchak dropping Zoe's leash on a city street to protest Skechers... to hand out those all important flyers that ask for more money... An action that could have lead to Zoe running down a busy street in Boston with, perhaps, not as good an ending.

If Grey2K cares so much, why don't they actually help the greyhounds and the REAL greyhound advocates by donating some of those hundreds of thousands of dollars that they take in from the unsuspecting public who believe that Grey2K is an adoption group?  You know, you won't find that disclaimer on their website without a lot of digging.  Instead, those dollars go into the pockets of the husband & wife team of Carey Theil and Christine Dorchak.  It's a great scam....  Plead the 'plight of the greyhounds' and line your pockets with about 23% of the take, uhm...  donations, right off the top.

To quote Yakov Smirnov....  "What a country!"

To quote me, "What hypocrisy!"

Yours in greyhounds....

For more information on Greyhounds, please visit All About Greyhounds.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Boycott Grey2K

Grey2K USA (Grey2K) Results of Skechers Boycott
by Rockingship

By now I'd hope we are all familiar with the flapdoodle casserole that Grey2K whipped up over the cute little Skechers commercial that ran during the Super Bowl extravaganza. They tried all sorts of bullying tactics and temper tantrums to get Skechers to withdraw or censor the commercial, including a national boycott of Skechers shoes and stores. It didn't work.

The commercial was broadcast as planned, and Mr. Quiggly, wearing his teeny-weeny French Bulldog-sized Skechers shoes, uncorked a furious stretch drive, caught an dpassed the greyhounds, and won the race by enough daylight so that he even had time to taunt the tardy needle-noses before passing the finish wire.  Nearly everyone in the country, much to the consternation of the Carey Nation, got to see greyhounds racing around a track.

And guess what? The glaciers didn't suddenly melt, the Rockies didn't crumble, and the Earth wasn't consumed in the bonfires of Vulcan. The Giants won the Super Bowl, and we Patriot fans would have to, once again, "wait until next year."

It's unlikely that the Carey Nation will "wait until next year" to find something new to get all haired-up about, so that they can convince the public that giving them lots of money, as with the Skechers commercial, will make it all go away.

They would definitely like Tucson Greyhound Park, where the commercial was filmed, to go away.

In his most recent epistle, the Grey2K Blogger-In-Chief seems to have been granted a startling revelation, and has apparently become some sort of an Inter-Dimensional Dog Whisperer.

After about a decade of accusing every single person who has ever worked with racing greyhounds of being guilty of having subjected them to a lifetime of cruel and inhumane boredom, confinement and neglect, he now says that those dastardly villains at Tucson are racing their greyhounds too frequently!!!

Yup, that's what he said. Naturally, we would presume he has done a hands-on inspection of each and every greyhound on the premises there, and that this latest proclamation is his "expert" opinion, given his many years of experience in breeding, training and careing for greyhounds. Well, not exactly. Not in this life anyway.

So, just like our New England weather in March, the Blogger-In-Chief goes from one extreme to the other, in this endless, extremist quest, which will cultivate donation-extracting animosity for the evils of greyhound racing. Which will ten be projected upon racing professionals, the families, their livelihoods, their culture and their lifestyles.

The greyhounds are bored.... The greyhounds are cramped...  The greyhounds are kept in captivity all their lives....

...and then, suddenly... Voila!

...the greyhounds are overworked!! ... the greyhounds are exercising too much!!!.... the greyhounds are too busy to even catch their breath!!!

Whew! It's no wonder some people are so confused about racing and greyhounds.

Perhaps he was laying the groundwork for a shiny, new Carey Nation "The Greyhounds Are Getting Too Much Attention and They Want You to Give Us Money" campaign to be waged against the Tucson track.

Meanwhile, some greyhound breeders, owners, trainers, fans and actual greyhound welfare providers, were busy with a "campaign" of their own.

An Arizona greyhound breeder -- one of those local, small, Arizona breeders Carey Nation wants to put out of business -- was racking her brain trying to find a way to afford a $6,000 heart operation for one of her racing-age saplings, who wouldn't be racing, no matter what.

He had contracted Valley Fever as a pup. As I understand it, Valley Fever is a spore-borne malady that is endemic to the Arizona environment. Because of his affliction, this young greyhound has developed fluid buildup around his heart, necessitating periodic, expensive draining procedures.

His breeder-Mom was tapped out at this point. He needed that expensive operation to fix the problem, and to give him a chance at experiencing a good-quality life as a pet. She didn't think she could swing it, and in her despair, turned to her "greyhound friends" in racing, adoption and fandom, just for some consolation.

Not surprisingly, two golden-hearted adoption gals decided to put together an online auction to help the young greyhound, whose name is Blazin Blue Blast. People from all areas of the greyhound world--breeders, owners, trainers, adoption folk, pet folk, webmasters, and even gamblers, joined together and contributed auction items, or bid generously on them, or both, to help raise some of the necessary funds.

They rallied around a greyhound who would never, ever race. That would be never, as in "not a bleepin' chance".

The auction netted about $5700, just short of the 6K required for the operation. Another greyhound breeder immediately volunteered to make good on the difference. So, once again, by banding together, REAL greyhound advocates made a difference.  Blazin Blue Blast could have the operation he so desperately needed to survive!

Carey Nation's Internet Infantry routinely "monitors" the internet venues where the auction was publicized and took place, but Grey2K took no part in the auction-- nor did they seem to mention it to their donation-providing web readership.

Nothing but crickets over at Fortress Grey2K.

Those crickets would be the very same crickets we hear when we expect, instead, to hear some sore of disavowal of the incendiary and hideous statement written on their Facebook wall by a Grey2K Board Member--the day after the fabled Skechers commercial was broadcast, nationwide:

"Middle class educated white people don't go to bet on the dogs. That is Skechers or the TGP's wet dream." (note: TGP is Tucson Greyhound Park)

Crickets... nothing but crickets from Carey Nation.

Perhaps it's time for rational people of conscience and good will--whatever their stance on racing--who disagree with, or who are repulsed by that Grey2K Board Member's statement, or by Grey2K's seeming refusal to publicly address and disown it, to simply go on and begin a boycott of their own. How's this sound?


That's right... Boycott Grey2K. No more donations until they publicly acknowledge the remark (simply removing it from the wall so no one else could see it doesn't count), and explain why, by not owning up to it at once, they have continued to "own it" for this long.

"Middle class educated white people don't go to bet on the dogs. That is Skechers or the TGP's wet dream." 

"Boycott Grey2K", until such time as they not only condemn that disgusting remark, but until they demonstrate that they can pursue their agenda in a much more civil manner, which does not stir-up or pander to haters, trolls and bigots.

And, please, keep Blazin Blue Blast and his "breeder-Mom", who refused to give up on him, in your thoughts and prayers. They've got plenty of good Karma working for them already. Hopefully, with the whole greyhound racing world pulling for them, it'll be enough to get them through his operation.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Snow Angels and Thoughts on Florida Greyhound Racing

Grey2K Pushing Florida Bill alongside HSUS and PeTA
By Cynthia Branch

Sheiky and I are both bored with his snow angel endeavors...  have a suggestion for the blog, if you will indulge me for a minute. (Or skip... your choice.)
Sheiky aka Flying Sheik

Unfortunately, we live in a society where hyperbole reigns. We don't have a snowfall; we have "snowpocalypse".  The death of Whitney Houston is not sad; it's tragic.  Regarding greyhounds, we can't just adopt; we must 'rescue'.  The kennel is not utilitarian, but is compared to "Auschwitz."  Dogs are not euthanized but "take a bullet in the head". It seems the only way to get anyone's attention.  So...

If the decoupling bill in Florida, for example, is passed and all the tracks close, that will be what???  7,000 displaced dogs?  8,000 displaced dogs; dogs suddenly retired with few places to go.  There are about 45 non-track adoption groups in Florida.  Anyway, if you divide 7,000 dogs by 45 adoption groups, you will get an idea as to the impact on the Florida adoption groups.  Even if each Florida group took an equal number of the suddenly displaced dogs, even adding in groups from neighboring states, the number is staggering.

I suggest those wanting 7-8,000 dogs flooding the adoption market contact a couple of the adoption groups and find out how a sudden influx of receiving 10 dogs, 100 dogs, 500 dogs would impact them, the people in the trenches, in the real world.  Fine out how these dogs will affect their finances and, if applicable, their foster families.  Heck! Contact those groups friendly to Grey2K and ask them what kind of real world support they will receive from Grey2K!

There are way too many people who want to ban racing. They just shrug off what will happen to the dogs and those people who care for the dogs.  Grey2K is found of saying, "the adoption groups will deal with it."  Well, I'm willing to bet that what the adoption groups would face is WAY beyond what anyone imagines.  If you do the survey, take names and then write to the Florida legislators or those legislators where ever this is an issue.

Now... back to snow angels.

LR Saint Nick in the Snow

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Auction for Big Blue Update!

Real Greyhound advocacy in Action, Grey2K USA (Grey2K) is a No Show
The auction for Big Blue was a huge success!

The goal was to collect $6,000 to allow the 17 month old Blue to have life saving heart surgery. His loving owner & breeder, Judi, wants to give him a shot at life, even tho' he'll never set foot on a racetrack, as a much loved pet.  To that end, she maxed out her credit cards treating him for Valley Fever and the post-treatment complication - fluid accumulation on the heart.  Judi reached out and both the racing and neutral/pro adoption communities responded. Boy! Did they respond to her cry for help in saving this much loved dog's life!

The combined efforts of National Greyhound Association (NGA) members and greyhound adoption peeps in this special auction raised $5,785, leaving a small balance of $215.  That is pretty danged good!

When the results of the auction became known, a NGA kennel owner, Linette Reuer (Legg Kennels LLC), pitched in the difference! In response to her kindness and generosity, an adoption peep, Miranda, asked Linette if there was anything from the auction that she would like and, if Miranda had it, she'd send it to her. The item that Linette wanted was a pair of boxer shorts with greyhounds on them.  Alas, Miranda did not win that particular item, however, one of the other auction participants, Meri, has stepped up to the plate and offered to send a brand new pair of unopened boxers in the original packaging to Linette.  Another act of kindness and generosity!  Way to go!

Greyhound Boxers
This auction has proven that anything can be accomplished when people come together for the benefit of the dogs. It goes to show that more good can happen when people work with each other, rather than trying to destroy a way of life, which has been in families for many generations. It reaffirms my belief in people, which has become jaded from the constant fight against Grey2K and their venom.  I have to ask, why destroy when you can work together to make things better for all concerned?

Photo by Carla Wilson
You know, that is all that Grey2K and its minions understand - destruction, insults, inappropriate behavior and comments.  There is no good in Grey2K and its associates, which include: HSUS, PeTA, ASPCA, and ARFF (Animal Rights Foundation of Florida, at right). As this auction shows, they don't really care about what happens to the greyhounds.  They will continue to spread their lies that greyhound racing people don't care about the dogs, that greyhounds "disappear" and "are killed", when acts like this (which are not unusual) happen quietly and without note.  Professional greyhound people do what is needed for the benefit of the dogs without fanfare, without blowing their own horn, unlike Grey2K. This blog wants to bring these wonderful acts by racing people to the forefront, while exposing the hypocrisy and the lies of Grey2K and it's minions.

By the way, not a single Grey2K member or minion made a single bid on any of the items. The auction was broadcast on email lists, numerous Facebook pages, and in blogs where they are known to lurk, slithering around in the shadows, spreading their venom.

Not a single bid by Grey2K members or minions.  

Shame on you, Grey2K, and your minions for not helping a specific dog with a specific health crisis, especially when you have hundreds of thousands of dollars at your disposal.

Greyhound Adoption Community
The general consensus in the pro/neutral adoption community is that IF Grey2K had donated a dime, they would have twisted the entire effort to make it about their efforts. Grey2K would twist it around to ask for more money to support their cause. This assessment is accurate based upon past interactions with Grey2K and minions.

This auction was about a single, much loved greyhound; one which will never race; which won't be put down; and which is not abused. This is a greyhound that Grey2K doesn't care about and that Grey2K cannot be bothered with because this single dog would do nothing to generate either funds for their coffers, or their pockets, or pats on their back. He is of no value to the Grey2K propaganda machine so, they discard him as useless.

They won't bother and they just plain don't care. 

It's sad that Grey2K is that way, especially as with their funding they could help so many greyhounds and greyhound adoption groups.  But, what else is to be expected from a group associated with the Animal Liberation Front?  With a group associated with PeTA? With a group associated with HSUS - whose leader, Wayne Pacelle, has called for the extinction of domestic animals?

"We have no ethical obligation to preserve the different breeds of livestock produced through selective breeding...One generation and out. We have no problems with the extinction of domestic animals. They are creations of human selective breeding." - Animal People News, May 1993

Who has stated he feels no bond to animals!

“I don’t have a hands-on fondness for animals…To this day I don’t feel bonded to any non-human animal. I like them and I pet them and I’m kind to them, but there’s no special bond between me and other animals.” Wayne Pacelle, Humane Society of the United States, quoted in Bloodties: Nature, Culture and the Hunt by Ted Kerasote, 1993, p. 251

Knowing this, we must focus on the good news -  Blue is much loved and cared about by so many in the greyhound racing community!  Blue will be getting his life saving surgery!  

Mega congratulations to all the racing peeps and adoption groups & people who pulled together for Blue's benefit. He'll be able to have his life saving surgery and a loving pet home. To his loving owner & breeder, Judi, thank you for your wonderful gift of Blue.

The Truth About Grey2K
Grey2K for all its protestations is happiest when greyhounds die for any reason. If a dog dies at the hands of its adopter (or rescuer as they like to say), it is the fault of greyhound racing, not the fault of that individual's actions or lack thereof. In Grey2K's twisted mentality, the more greyhounds die, the happier they are as it "proves" their propaganda and it brings more money into their coffers and the pockets of Carey Theil and Christine Dorchak, the husband & wife team, both of which draw a salary from Grey2K based upon a percentage (about 23%) of the donations.  For every $100 that Grey2K gets in donations, they get $23. Doesn't sound like much until you get up into the hundreds of thousands of dollars - $300,000 in donations nets them $69,000 as a base salary and it doesn't include bonuses and benefits.  The balance of the donations goes to lobbying and propaganda.  NOT A SINGLE DIME for the dogs!

Now...  Decide for yourself...   WHO are the REAL greyhound advocates?

Yours in greyhounds...

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Grey2K Members and What They're Saying

Grey2K USA (Grey2K) - What They're Saying in Public Forums
Compiled by Rachel Hogue, Robert Gross, and Grey2K Lies moderator

Below, you will find some comments that have been posted in the public domain by Grey2K USA board members and also by people who support Grey2K USA. Read at your own risk. Some are quite nauseating...

Eric Jackson, Grey2K Board Member - Naples News on Jan 18, 2012
"We legislate others behavior all the time. It used be lawful to own slaves. It was lawful to sell patent medicines that were at best useless, at worst deadly. It used to be perfectly acceptable to beat your wife. The same applies to greyhound racing, a cruel and inhumane "sport" that the public is increasingly unwilling to allow."
Hmmm... he compares greyhound racing to slavery & wife beating, which trivializes both.

Philip Fisher - Skechers Fan Page
"Thousands of dogs are killed every year in this industry with the addition of thousands of rabbits and jackrabbits. greyhounds do like to run but they do not choose to run in these races against others know that there a huge possiblity that the dog that palces last will be killed they do not like being kept in cages for 20 hours a day the only reason the even run in these races is because their scared if they don't they'll be killed or abonded. now this next part i'm going to say in not going to be very nice. to anyone who doesn't believe that these owners are hurting these dogs lets put you in their spot locked in a cage 20 hours or more in the dark with a muzzle on and you hear a gun shot from the owners gun in the distance shooting the dog that was in the cage next to you and you know that could have been you had you came in last place in the race. i'm sorry for that brutal image but someone had to do it. this industry needs to go." 

Most of what he's rambling on about are direct quotes from an HSUS info sheet. We know what they think of animal ownership!

Do these greyhounds look "scared" or "abused"? A frightened or abused dog would not be able to do what these fine athletes do. Look at the intense focus... the sheer beauty of them running... the joy on their faces...

Eric Jackson, Grey2K Board Member - Skechers Fan Page
"Betty, I am so sick of hearing how much you people love the dogs in racing kennels. Yet the dogs stay loked up for 20+ hours per day. When they're no longer profitable, they're dumped, either into a grave, or if they're lucky, into the hands of an adoption program that will make sure they go to a good home. I love my greyhounds, and I'm not giving any of them away!"

20+ Hours a Day - Where did he pull that number from? How would the dogs be in any physical shape to race at peak performance? Dumped? Entrusting our dogs to adoption groups is "dumping" them?

Eric Jackson, Grey2K Board Member - Skechers Fan Page
"Leslie, the industry is doing a better job of putting dogs into adoption, but there are still some number that cease to exist at the end of their racing careers. And nobody knows that that number is, but the industry estimates it's at least 500 dogs per year that don't go back to the 'farm' as breeders, or into their owners private homes, or into an adoption group. And that's the industry's number! The actual numbers are probably much higher. Greyhounds deserve better. And Skechers has aligned themselves with this? Did they even think about what they were getting themselves into? 116,000 people have signed a petition asking them to pull this ad because it glamorizes a cruel, inhumane sport."

Eric Jackson, Grey2K Board Member Attacking Rich Bogardus - a salesman at Frito Lay - Skecher's Fan Page
"No, Rich, I'm referring to a petition. Don't try to join conversations that are over your intelligence level or you look like a moron (in the historical sense)."

"No, Rich, you still sound like an idiot. And can you even define "lavish"? I'm not interested in debating how much, or how little, the staff at GREY2K USA get paid. If you're concerned, then don't donate to them. Meanwhile, I'll continue to support them with time, effort, and money because the dogs deserve better than racing."

Nice guy, huh? Very sensitive, calling him an "idiot", a "moron" and "stupid". How offensive can these Grey2K board members get? 

Eric Jackson, Grey2K Board Member
"Betty, if you keep "losing everything" to do your job, don't you think it's time to get a new job? I mean, if you failed once..".

In response to one Betty Z. pouring her heart out in a post.

Philip Fisher
"jimmy some of us have actual lives that we don't waste are time going to a place that hurts or kills dogs plus some of us don't live in are parents basement eating grandmas cookies and reading fictional stories of greyhound racing tracks and then comment bogus remarks on here. jimmy open your eyes the world is not a very nice place but at least some people spend their life time trying to make this a better world to live in then covering dark secrets with fictional numbers and fictional stories. jimmy you have to face it now or later when it hits that what you thought happened at greyhound racing tracks are false, lies, and cover ups, your going to be heartbroken, its about time you learn the truth now then finding out later! jimmy you need to wake up life is not perfect and jolly, theres always been violence and cruelty in the world its about time you face the truth! now this next part i'm going to say is not going to be very nice. to anyone who doesn't believe that these owners are hurting these dogs lets put you in their spot locked in a cage 20 hours or more in the dark with a muzzle on and you hear a gun shot from the owners gun in the distance shooting the dog that was in the cage next to you and you know that could have been you had you came in last place in the race. i'm sorry for that brutal image but someone had to do it."

There's that 20 hours again...  What's wrong with sleeping in the dark? I sleep much better in the dark, don't you? I get more rest that way. Fictional numbers? Racing statistics are a matter of public record.

 More from Eric Jackson, Grey2K Board Member 
"Robert Gross, this is the most ridiculous thing I've read from you: "The adoption groups exist because the industry supports them. They exist because race tracks, breeders, kennel operators and owners provide financial support for them to operate." Greyhound adoption programs exist because the public learned what was happening behind the closed doors of greyhound facilities and they were appalled! Groups started taking the dogs so they wouldn't be killed. Many of the greyhound adoption groups in this country get not a thin dime from your industry. They exist on donations alone. For most of these groups the costs associated with taking a racing dog from the track and getting it vetted so it can go to a home far exceed the adoption fees/donations they request. The only support we get from your industry is the dogs themselves, because if we didn't take them, you as_holes would kill them, just as your industry for many years. You make me sick, Robert, absolutely sick."

Obviously, Eric does not know that greyhound adoptions were started in Florida by Ron Walsek, a racing peep, in 1982! This fact resulted in a Sports Illustrated Article in 1987 by Ivan Maisel. In 1982, PeTA & HSUS were against the placement of Greyhounds in homes as pets, stating that there were "vicious" animals.
In an interview with Turnout magazine in January 1983, John Hoyt, President of the Humane Society of the US (HSUS), made the following statement: "I don't think the humane movement would be quick to condemn the humane destruction of these Greyhounds, though we would certainly insist that it be done humanely."
As you can see, they recommended that the dogs be destroyed, which is what they currently say & recommend regarding AmStaffs, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, and "pit bull" like dogs

WildSide Kennels

Pit Bull Lovers Blog

Another statement from John Hoyt, President HSUS, was: "We would much rather see them humanely destroyed than to see someone attempt to perpetuate them on a farm for retired Greyhounds for years and years to come."

For more on the early history of the Greyhound Adoption effort in the USA, please read
, Early Adoption Pioneers, 1956-1998, by Joan Dillon.

Eric Jackson, Grey2K Board Member
"If you look at Jimmy's profile, you can see where all of his education came from - a greyhound placement group. Most people get their education from schools and colleges, but not Jimmy."

Eric Jackson, Grey2K Board Member Comments on Illegal Immigrants & Drug Dealers
Frozen 4-D Dog Meat
"Hey, Philip - maybe next year Skechers can do a commercial with illegal immigrants running from the Border Patrol. Or drug dealers outrunning cops while wearing their new GoRun shoes. Even better, Skechers could put their shoes on the bulls in Pamplona and see how many more people get trampled. It's an offensive slippery slope Skechers is building with this commercial featuring an exploited dog breed."

Eric Jackson, Grey2K Board Member
"Apparently Paula gets locked in a cage when she's not on the clock. She gets fed raw, 4D meat. And, instead of getting fired, she'll be killed if she doesn't do her job well. Paula, I think you should look for a new job."
In response to a comment by Paula P regarding how she has seen first-hand how well the dogs are treated.

Karyn Zoldan, Grey2K Board Member
"Middle class, educated, white people don't go to bet on the dogs. That is Skechers or the TGP's (Tucson Greyhound Park) wet dream."

Karyn Zoldan, Grey2K Board Member
"If you drive by where the dogs are kept, it looks like Auschwitz..."
Comparing a greyhound racing kennel to the infamous Nazi extermination camp.

So tell me again, WHY do people donate to these offensive, bigoted and very rude people who do nothing for the dogs? Who do not donate a dime to their care? The people who talk about the "exploitation" of the dogs... that they are only used to "make a buck"... and then they take in hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations, "for the dogs", and none of it provides direct services to the dogs and a large portion of it is used to pay salaries to two people, a husband & wife team who founded the group?

I was born at night, but it wasn't last night. These people are making money off the dogs and they're doing it by playing the pity factor, duping people out of their hard earned money by claiming they are a tax exempt charity when they are a money making lobbying group.