Monday, May 14, 2012

Grey2K USA - No Position on Casinos? Grey2K Lies...

"GREY2K USA has no position on gambling." by CTheil (April 2012)

"Well that simply isn't true. As I have said about five other times here, GREY2K USA has no position on gambling. Please refer to other comments." by CTheil (April 2012)

"I will also say, again, that GREY2K USA has no position on gambling. You are mischaracterizing our work, and you know better. At this point it's pretty clear that are simply trying to defame us, with knowledge that what you are saying is not true." by CTheil (April 2012)

"GREY2K USA has no position on gambling. We are a non-profit organization that passes laws to protect greyhounds and phase out dog racing. You know this, Elaine, but apparently don't care that your accusations are false." by CTheil (April 2012)

"We have board members that support gambling, and board members that oppose gambling. GREY2K USA has no position on gambling." by CTheil (April 2012)

"Further, GREY2K USA has no position on gambling. You are right that I personally volunteer for several other non-profit organizations. The volunteer work I do in my personal life has no relationship to GREY2K USA." by CTheil (April 2012)

As the above comments show, Carey Theil (Executive Director of Grey2K USA) continually states that "GREY2K USA has no position on gambling..." If that's the case, and it isn't, then why does Grey2K have on its BOD the Reverend Thomas Grey, staff member and senior advisor for Stop Predatory Gambling Foundation? Why does Carey Theil serve onthe BOD of the Stop Predatory Gambling Foundation? And, why did Grey2K USA, a group that is actively lobbying to outlaw greyhound racing, making donations to groups such as "NO CASINOS"?

Why?  Because Grey2K USA does have a position on gambling.

In an article titled, "Betting at Miami-Dade pari-mutuels down as slots vote nears" in the South Florida Business Journal in Jan 2008, the following quote appears,
"Anti-gambling coalition No Casinos Miami is urging voters to reject the ballot issue. Its members include the Christian Coalition of South Florida, the National Coalition Against Legalized Gambling and greyhound rights group Grey2K USA."
Just because pains are taken to keep an agenda hidden, that does not mean it does not exist.

Yours in greyhounds...

Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Classic Example...

Another example of the lies told by the anti-racing, animal rights factions with regard to greyhound racing. The blogger, Ironicus Maximus, portrays Spanish Galgos as NGA racing dogs.
There's an anti-racing blogger that goes by the name Ironicus Maximus (IM). He's a talented writer and he tells excellent, fictional stories that he attempts to pass off as the truth. His blog post of yesterday is a classic example of fiction.  Why?

First off, Ironicus is using graphic photographs of Spanish Galgos, portraying them as abused greyhounds here in the USA.  This is an insult not only to the good people in racing but it trivializes the plight of the Spanish Galgos. The Spanish Galgos suffer greatly at the hands of men in parts of Spain such as Andalusia.

The greyhound aka Galgo is native to Spain and it was, at one time, called the Gallic Hound (from Gaul). In Spain, the Greyhound was used for hunting in lumber camps and hunting of the hare in field open, where the dog chases the piece without human intervention after a chase. This type game, which now has a sports event, in the past was an act of social prestige in which hunting was an excuse to show who was the best specimen holder.

Spanish Conquistadors as they brought with them their Greyhounds to hunt game in the New World. The first mention of the use of coursing dogs appears in the journals of Bernal Diaz del Castillo, who chronicled the Cortez expedition. It seems that a greyhound, name unknown, was busily hunting game when the time for the return to the ship arrived. When the hound could not be caught, Grijalva, the contingent's leader, ordered the errant hound left behind. The hound was joyfully reunited with the explorers at a later date, as recounted by the historian Gomara, She greeted them wagging her tail, jumping from one to the other, and later went into the woods that were near and returned bringing hares and rabbits.

In recent years it has become more common to keep the dogs as pets. In the USA the dogs have become quite popular to keep because of their usual characteristics: clean, quiet, well mannered...
They adapt quickly & well to life in a home as pets, many even live with other animals such as cats. In this country, in general, the professional racing people are actively participating and helping out in adoption by transporting dogs; holding dogs on farms & in kennels until an adoption group can take them; getting dogs vetted; etc.  They do much more than they receive credit for. In fact, instead of getting credit, the racing people are continually made to look like villains by people such as IM through their out & out untruths.  Like I said, yesterday's blog is a perfect example.

I don't know a single person in or out of racing that is not appalled by the treatment that the Spanish Galgos receive. Too many of the Galgos are animals that have been abused or have been abandoned because they are not successful hunting dogs. The less fortunate are killed - hung from trees, poisoned, and / or thrown into wells. Of the rescued dogs, many are adopted in countries other than Spain, however, they are increasingly becoming more appreciated in Spain as pets.

Flying Hound, Rachel Hogue Photography
Personally, I have no problem with greyhounds being used for hunting. That is their traditional purpose. However, I do have a problem with the dogs not being treated right - regardless of country.  Racing greyhounds are treated well.  If they weren't, they would not be able to do what they do with such athleticism. A starving dog cannot fly... A starving dog can barely stand, if it can stand at all.

Secondly, another photo used in yesterday's IM assault on the truth was one of a noted abuse case in New Mexico - the starved greyhound, Fever. This case was highly publicized within the greyhound community 12 years ago in February 2000.

At that time, a black greyhound, Fever, was surrendered by her adopter to Greyhound Companions of New Mexico (GCNM), an anti-racing group. When Fever was surrendered, she weighed 28 pounds when she should have weighed in the 60 lb range! Heart wrenching does not begin to describe Fever's story.  Like I said, it was all the news throughout the greyhound adoption community. However, Fever was not starved by anyone associated with greyhound racing.  Fever's abuse came at the hands of a woman who had adopted her not but 18 months or so before she was surrendered to GCNM.  In the twisted logic of IM & the AR's, Fever's abuse was caused by greyhound racing.

Thankfully, the woman who did this to Fever was indicted for extreme animal abuse by a Grand Jury in Albuquerque, New Mexico in July, 2001. She entered a 'no contest' plea to "extreme cruelty to animals". 

Abuse is wrong.  However, so are falsehoods. Racing greyhounds in the USA are not abused. There have been instances of abusers involved with greyhounds and those people have been prosecuted. To portray the current state of greyhound racing with the Spanish Galgo situation not only diminishes that situation, but it diminishes the writer.  After all, if they lie and portray Spanish Galgos as NGA racing dogs, what else will they lie about?

Yours in greyhounds...

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Boyfriends... Boyfriends... Boyfriends...

By Betty Z.,

So where was I? Oh yes... Boyfriends.

Boyfriending on the farm isn't quite as simple as it is in the race kennel. There, I had my hands on my dogs pretty much all the time. All... Day... Long, and in a variety of situations. Turnouts and sprints and schools and weigh-ins and rub-downs and groomings, so Boyfriends were fairly easy to detect early on. Here, while I still enjoy most of those activities, my duties expand my horizons a bit. So I not only have the youngsters in the kennel to consider.... there's fielders too. And babies of assorted ages. Oh dear, oh dear, there may be an awful lot of Boyfriends around here.

Reactabond Rebel
It probably goes without even saying, the studlies are Boyfriends automatically. They insist on it, and I'm helpless to defy them. Just something about the swagger in them knocks me quite loopy, and I just can't resist a studly. We have 2. Thankfully, there aren't more than that because my Boyfriend list would be all filled up and I need room for several. So Alex (the black one) and Red (the ... um... red one) are Boyfriends just for being Daddies. My rules, I can make 'em up any way I want. It delights me to touch them, these fine big boys. They delight in being touched. And while both of them are stunningly beautiful and perfectly charming, I may be leaning a little (in my twisted and utterly without reason preferences) to Red. Somewhere in his name, I think there's a Rooster. If there isn't, then he must really wonder why I call him Cock-A-Doodle. In a silly cartoon voice. His back is as broad as a coffee table. Seriously, if he'd stand still for a moment, you could lay out a cheese tray on him.

And plates and forks.

And a wine decanter with 6 glasses. This guy would be the very center of the party.

But the Boyfriend list goes on (and on and on ...) so let's see what we have here.

Bino (rhymes with Deano) is big. Wait, he's BIG. I've no idea what he weighs, and he certainly isn't carrying too many pounds for his stature. Nearly as tall as my darling Big Tay, but with a very different look to him. More chiselled perhaps, with a finer face and a broader chest. I'd set this youngster up against anything the AKC has for looks alone. And if you've been paying attention to my Boyfriend criteria, looks don't matter to me most of the time. BIG, however, does. And he is. He's also sweet and charming. And he's BIG. Just makes me smile to look at him.

Now sometimes, a Boyfriend decides he is one. Hey, I'm new here and I'm open to suggestions. The time I spend outside with my dogs is a useful tool in Boyfriend selection. Ah, yes, and they use it equally well.

While I have been keeping the peace, I often find a face under my arm. "Hi honey, you're a good boy. What's your name?"

"Luciano" his muzzle tape replied. Smile, cuddle, go along and play now honey. But soon he is back with a nudge and an upturned snout. Since I have absolutely zero Italian accent, saying his name comes out sounding ridiculous. I tried shortening it to Lucien. Hm. Not what I'm after. So he's Lucy. Actually, he's "Looooo-Seeeee", and he thinks it's mighty fine. Dogs are not much encumbered with gender specific names. I Love Lucy.

I've only spent 3 days here, and on my first field expedition, I found a litter of just plain sweeties. They didn't rip me to shreds much, and most of them are smilers. Big silly grins that just make me double over in grins of my own. One of them is Corleone. Dark fawn with a mask, and a white snippy on his nose. He ignored his breakfast completely to spend time with me. Silly boy. "Go eat honey! You're cute and I love you, but don't be stupid!" Nope nope nope, gonna play with you. Smile.

He melted me.

So is anybody counting? Day 3, and it looks like Cock-A-Doodle (and Alex, of course), Bino and Lucy and Corleone. 5 Boyfriends in 3 days.

This is gonna be great!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Yadda... Yadda... Yadda...

I was never a great fan of the TV show, Seinfeld. However, that is where I first heard the phrase, "yadda yadda yadda". It seems so appropriate in describing the continuing diatribes by the anti-racing, animal rights, anti-gambling faction. Why? Because they pick at minutiae, small & trifling matters, giving them import well beyond what is deserved.

Rachel Hogue, a photographer who also works in greyhound adoptions, posted a photography article on the Huffington Post. The article was about how to take pictures of fast moving objects and the objects she chose to photograph were racing greyhounds. That's all it took!

The "Anti's" got on there and took an article about photography and started attacking Rachel and any others, primarily folks from the greyhound adoption community, who took the time to try and set the record straight. And, when those jibes were countered, they roll out the meager list of those people who have been banned from greyhound racing for violations. That short list includes some vile bastards, not the least of whom is the convicted animal abuser, Ronnie Williams.  (By the way, the Anti's always neglect to mention that Williams was turned in by folks in racing.)  The Anti's do NOT discuss ideas for improvement or positive events; they ONLY discuss people who were banned from racing & convicted of crimes - Yadda Yadda Yadda.

So, what are the Anti's and their minions yammerin' about?  Same ol', same ol'....  "crating is cruel", "crated for 20-22 hours a day", "steroids", "killing puppies" and a wide variety of other untruths - Yadda Yadda Yadda. They also equate animal rights as being the same as animal welfare - Yadda Yadda Yadda. They are getting desperate.

I have to admit, they've now rolled out a new "truth", which is anything but. The AR's are now stating that greyhounds & greyhound racing are the cause of the dreaded cancer - Osteosarcoma (OSA). They are stating that greyhounds have the highest incidence of this disease out of all dog breeds.  They even say that Dr. Couto states that greyhounds have the highest incidence of the disease out of all the dog breeds.  When, in fact, Dr. Couto cited an unscientific survey conducted on the email list, Greyhound-L, which indicated that approximately 22% of greyhounds were afflicted with bone cancer.   The overview of that survey even states that it is NOT SCIENTIFIC by any means.

According to several reputable veterinary sources, OSA is the most common bone tumor found in large & giant breeds of dogs and according to the Animal Cancer Trust, "Irish Wolfhounds, Great Danes, Rottweilers, and German Shepherd dogs seem to be at particular risk."

I find it despicable that AR's are using a terrible disease - a disease found in all large & giant breeds of dogs including showbred (AKC) greyhounds - as a tool towards ending a sport that is the sole existence for the greatest portion of the bloodlines of the greyhound breed, but it is so typical of the Anti's.

They create issues where there are none - Yadda Yadda Yadda!

Recent studies have implicated viruses as a trigger for the disease. Other studies seem to implicate a lack of oxygen in specific cells.  And yet, another study, seems to implicate genetic predispositions to it.  At this time, there are many theories being investigated as to what causes OSA but a definitive cause at this time is unknown.

For more information on OSA and other health issues in dogs, please visit:
You know, the thing is.....
Do your homework!
Do your own research!
Do not take any one person's word as being gospel.
Educate yourself and you & your dogs will have a much better relationship.
Dyno-Mutt's Mimbari

Yours in greyhounds....

Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Response to Status of the Greyhound Breed

By Dennis McKeon

Great article. The truth is, that the greyhounds most people know are the physical and spiritual manifestation of the inputs and feedback of racing. Period. Once racing is gone, they'll be gone. What will be left, if anything, will be racing greyhound effigies.

You see, there are thousands of people who profess to love and care for greyhounds, and who demonstrate that by keeping them as dearly beloved and well treated pets. It's a beautiful thing.

What I wonder, is how many of them have ever taken the time to reason through this: from where and how did these wonderful dogs emerge? That greyhound that you adore had to have had some sort of origin and background. If he's an NGA racing greyhound, well then he is just one member of an entire population of greyhounds. Whatever it is you love about him---and maybe even what you don't love about him---is a cause and effect of his background, and the vast and diverse genetic wellsprings of the racing greyhound population. You can take the dog away from the population, but you can't take the population away from the dog. You can't have phenomenal and uniquely beguiling pets, without a vital, vast and uniquely engendered population. The two are dynamically interdependent upon one another. Greyhound racing, and the dollars it generates, are the only thing that supports a realistically large, genetically diverse and functional greyhound population. Amateur racing is fantastic, but it won't ever replace the genetic treasures that will be lost forever, once macro-scale racing is gone.

Which female family of greyhounds is yours from? There are at least 46 of them that have emerged as crucial genetic contributors to the population since the advent of track racing. Which ones would you prefer to see fall into the eternal abyss, once the breeding population has contracted to levels that cannot sustain them? Which ones should we keep? What exactly is it about your plan that makes it so much more desirable and better for the breed's long term prospects than racing? As a matter of fact---what exactly is your plan? How will you manage and preserve the greyhound population?

I'm always amazed when people object to anyone "making a profit" from racing their greyhounds---as if somehow the greyhounds would be better served if one didn't make a profit, and instead lost everything they owned, so that eventually their dogs felt the sting of poverty, too. Profit is what makes the world go round, and what puts a short shelf life on bad caretakers, and what has given us the luxury of indulging ourselves with and basking in the reflected glory and beauty of this irreplaceable breed.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Status of the Greyhound Breed

A new documentary film about greyhounds and greyhound racing called Greyhound: Racing Into The Light, is being made by Bill Buchanan.
A producer/director of documentary films, Bill Buchanan, is making a documentary film about greyhound racing titled - Greyhound: Racing Into The Light.  Mr. Buchanan's stated goal is to present a film that is neither pro nor anti racing... a film presenting the facts and views from both sides. Needless to say, skepticism abounds on both sides of the fence.

Most recently, it came to light that David Wolfe, National Greyhound Adoption Program (NGAP), was one of the people with whom Mr. Buchanan has spoken. As one person has said, "David Wolfe has a really bad (and well-earned) reputation, and anyone whose name is linked with him tends to be tainted by association."  The general consensus among those closely involved with greyhounds on most levels is that Wolfe is a snake, the lowest of the low. And, because of Wolfe's reputation, rumors started flying and people were jumping onto the Bash Buchanan Bandwagon.

I must admit that I am skeptical that Buchanan can pull off his pet project. But, I'm willing to give him a chance.  I feel it is IMPORTANT that those on the Pro-Racing side of the fence, NOT lower themselves to participating in the Carey Nation's favorite game - people bashing based upon rumor, distortion, and personal feelings. People bashing based upon facts is something different.  There's a saying that has been attributed to Benjamin Franklin, "Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see."  We really don't want to emulate Grey2K's founders now, do we?  I'm off my soapbox now.

Back to Mr. Buchanan, Elaine S. contacted me to tell me she left a comment on his blog with regards to the comment,
"I would appreciate hearing from people involved in greyhound racing no matter how directly or indirectly you may be and from those opposed to greyhound racing. Who knows, perhaps the frank and open discussions between the warring parties GREYHOUND: Racing Into The Light will present will help them find a little common ground."
Here is most of the post Elaine S sent to me...
"Yesterday, I left a comment on the blog for the film, Greyhound: Racing Into The Light.  I flat out told Bill Buchanan that the two sides will never meet - Grey2K & Racing. I also sent him my phone number and stated that he let me know if I could be of any help to him. 
As you know, I breed AKC greyhounds and my last litter was the result of an AKC sire & an NGA dam, which I purchased. I suggested to Bill Buchanan that my view on the racing matter is totally different and emphasized that I firmly believe the racing bloodlines are needed to keep the greyhound breed alive & genetically diverse and I gave him a brief rundown of the current state of show bred greyhounds, as it appears to me, and what I believe will happen if greyhound racing is banned.  
One of my greatest fears is that if Grey2K and the anti-racing advocates have there way, greyhounds will become extinct. They don't believe it because they believe that greyhounds will always be bred, but who will be breeding them? There is no reason for the racing people to continue breeding them if they cannot race. It could possibly be the death knell for a wonderful breed."
Elaine's comments to me got me thinking. What would happen to the breed if Grey2K is successful? So, I did some digging. I want to know if what she fears is a true & possible result.  Here's some of what I found...

In the AR's Own Words
It is a known fact that Grey2K and it's minions continually state that the breed will not "go away" or "suffer" if greyhound racing is banned. Common sayings denying that the breed would be in trouble would include:
"Greyhounds have been around since before racing and will be around if racing ends."
"Will greyhounds become extinct? Not for many years if at all...definition of extinct is when there are less than a 1000 specimens - In all honesty I don't think it will happen."
and, the most used...
"Greyhounds are one of the most ancient breeds of dogs known to man and have existed in their most current incarnation for centuries. Greyhounds existed before the creation of dog racing and were originally bred in the Middle East for hunting purposes. Greyhounds thrived long before dog racing and it seems certain that they will do so after racing no longer exists."
All of these are assumptions by the AR folks.  We all know what the word - ASS U ME - means, if not, we should.

Anyway, here are some facts that I discovered in researching this post.

Facts & Figures
An article in the Jan 27, 2012 issue of Dog News by Laura Quickfall titled "Breeds at Risk of Extinction in the UK" on page 67 states, "A breed is deemed to be at risk of extinction when it numbers less than 300 puppy registrations per year". The show Greyhound registrations with the Kennel Club in 2011 numbered fourteen (14) puppies. The breeding number is DOWN 78.5% from the preceding year. It's my understanding that in the UK, racing & coursing bred greyhounds CANNOT be registered with the Kennel Club. So...  the Kennel Club population is definitely at risk.

The official figures for greyhound registration, which were garnered from the Australian Kennel Club site, indicate that in 2009, 18 Greyhounds were registered. In 2010, there were 50, and 2011 there were 16 dogs registered. There were approximately 26 Australian show pups bred for the years 2009 - 2011. There were 4 born in New Zealand beginning of 2010 or 2011.

There are 173 recognized breeds in the AKC. On the AKC website, there's a list of the popularity rankings of the various breeds. In 2001, Greyhounds were ranked at #123. In 2011, Greyhounds were ranked at #140 - the breed has dropped 17 places.

The highest number of AKC Greyhound litters bred in somewhat recent history was 22 litters, which if they averaged 8 pups per litter would be 176 puppies - not enough to maintain a healthy gene pool, especially when one takes into consideration that some of them will be castrated.

It's fair to conclude based upon the numbers that the show population of greyhounds appears to be in serious trouble with fewer than 200 pups registered in the USA, Australia and the United Kingdom. From where will the show breeders get fresh genetic material?

If Grey2K is successful in its effort to shut down racing worldwide, it is safe to say that well bred, racing bred dogs will pretty much cease to exist - except for those kept by hobby breeders and those who would breed them indiscriminately.  The greatest portion of a relatively large gene pool will cease to exist and to me, a greyhound aficionado, that is frightening.  It will be disastrous for the breed.  The greyhound, as we know it, could easily become an extinct breed.

A couple of months ago, Absolut vodka released an ad which show robotic greyhounds in 2049. If Grey2K and that organization's buddies - HSUS, PeTA & ASPCA, have their way, it is not inconceivable that our future will not have greyhounds, or any other breed, in it.

There's a book titled “Animal Rights vs Nature” written by Walter E. Howard back in 1990. Dr. Howard was a biology professor at the University of California at Davis for 43 years. His Ph.D. was in vertebrate ecology with an earlier degree in Zoology. He wrote more than 430 publications and circulated reports on animal welfare, ecology, behavior, population dynamics, and management and control of wild animals. This is a gem of a book and it has many wonderful quotes.

Many times, we have heard from the Carey Nation how they want to "end the cruelty of greyhound racing, end the suffering of the dogs."  Dr. Howard makes this wonderful statement,
“The only way to abolish pain and suffering to all animals is to eliminate (exterminate) these species.”
So, where will YOU be getting your next greyhound?  Where do YOU stand on the racing issue?  Do you support Greyhounds or do you support a political agenda?

Yours in greyhounds....

Friday, April 27, 2012

Life & Lies of Christine Dorchak

The life & lies of Christine Dorchak.
Back in a blog (I think it's a blog) titled the Hounds of Kenosha, the following paragraph appeared on December 6, 2009.
Christine A. Dorchak, Esq. said, I am working directly with Raynham Park and like all tracks that have closed these past years, and there is a concerted effort by management to do the right thing for the dogs. This may motivated by adversity to (more) bad publicity, or it may be because there is recognition that at least some dogs deserve to be helped after years of exploitation by this industry -- but in any case, the result is the same. Hundreds of dogs find Forever Homes, and that is what we are focused on at Phoenix, Raynham and Dairyland Parks."
Now then, as I recall, neither Dorchak nor any member or pseudomember of Grey2K USA (Grey2K) helped with the dogs. If anything, they caused a lot of grief.  The people who stepped up to help the greyhounds displaced by the New England track closures were Linda Jensen and the dog men & women themselves. That recollection is supported by comments made by Joan Belle Isle, in response to a question on a forum asking if Grey2K and Dorchak were involved in working directly with Raynham Park on rehoming the displaced greyhounds in New England.
Joan Belle Isle, "With respect to Raynham, the answer to your question is NO. But that didn't stop her from taking the credit for the work of the dogmen and adoption volunteers led by Linda Jensen that got every dog with no other place to go into an adoption program."
So, it appears that Christine A. Dorchak, Esq. statement to Hounds of Kenosha is unequivocally untrue.

In that same blog, which is also known as the "Cable Muse Network", Ms. Dorchak makes another statement during a discussion about greyhound adoptions and the racing industry.
Christine stated, “We do not find the task of adopting ex-racers insurmountable."
Of course neither she nor Grey2K find the task of adoption 'insurmountable' or probably anything else. In fact, Ms. Dorchak really has no right to voice an opinion about greyhound adoption because, Grey2K USA neither participates in the rehoming of greyhounds nor supports legitimate adoption groups.

Since this blog has started exposing Grey2K for what it really is and the fact that Grey2K USA does not support adoptions, the Carey Nation is taking great pains to say, "Hey! Look! We support adoption!"  On or around 20 Mar 2012, in answer to a statement that Grey2K does nothing for greyhound adoption, Carey Theil (Christine Dorchak's husband) said,
"GREY2K USA supports greyhound adoption in many ways. We make adoption referrals to non-profit groups all over the country. We also make dozens of grants to adoption groups to support their efforts."
Lies About Greyhound Welfare

Fairly recently, March 2012, Dorchak & Theil have been lambasting the Iowa Greyhound Assocation for their call to potential adopters and current greyhound pet owners to not support anti-racing groups, such as Greyhound Friends in Massachusetts.  Dorchak & Theil have been whining as to how it is not responsible and hurts the dogs, telling people that it is proof that the "industry" doesn't care about the dogs, that the dogs are only "commodities" to be "discarded"... yadda yadda yadda...

What you have not heard from the Grey2K camp is that in 2009, Dorchak sent an email to New Hampshire "animal advocates" urging them to "refrain from interacting" with Greyhound Pets of America (GPA), the nation's largest independent greyhound adoption organization. Dorchak attacked GPA and its leadership because of testimony against Grey2K sponsored bills, describing the independent adoption organization as "an arm of the racing industry."  Her e-mail underscored what adoption advocates inside and outside greyhound racing have been saying for years--that Grey2K isn't really about animal welfare at all.

Some legislators might have been persuaded that Grey2K's focus was the welfare of greyhounds, until the hostile e-mail, actively discouraging cooperation and communication with a leading adoption organization, revealed Grey2K's extreme preference for political warfare over greyhound welfare.

The Reverend Jeffrey Betterini, testified before the New Hampshire House Local and Regulated Revenues Committee. He said, "We at GPA are completely neutral on the issue of racing. What we do is receive retired greyhound racers, foster them in volunteer homes, make them ready for adoption, and find them forever families."  Betterini also told legislators that New Hampshire's laws are well defined when it comes to animal care, so the action to ban live racing on animal welfare grounds is "unnecessary and unwarranted."  He further recommended that if legislators decided to pass the bill, they should amend it to include funding for the adoption of the greyhounds to be displaced.  He said, "When a track closes, the suddenly increased demand for adoptive homes for the greyhounds is not contained to the local area or even the state. It is felt across the nation."

Adoption Referrals
Grey2K touts its webpage of "adoption groups" as it's support. That webpage is very, very incomplete and those groups, which are there, support Grey2K. You will not find a racing neutral group among them, let alone a group that actively supports greyhound racing.  There are no references to Greyhound Pets of America (GPA), which is a very wide confederation of greyhound adoption groups found in 30 states.  At the bottom of the page visitors find

Other GroupsNot a GPA group in your area?
Click HERE to find a greyhound adoption group near you.

Compare that to the Grey2K USA Billboards which intentionally mislead people with the URL - FLGreyhounds.Org.  That URL leads to Grey2K USA Education Fund!

Compare that to the Grey2K "Rescue Links" page that only refers people to groups that support Grey2K and its mission to outlaw gambling and, supposedly, greyhound racing.  The first words that a person sees are
"As long as dog racing exists, greyhounds will be overbred and discarded by racetracks.
Around the country, and in fact, around the world, concerned animal lovers are working to rescue greyhounds from the perils of racing life. GREY2K USA offers direct connections to rescue groups and also provides general adoption information."
The Grey2K "adoption" page lists groups in 24 states and there is no referral to Adopt-A-Greyhound at the bottom of the "Rescue Links" page.

The Adopt-A-Greyhound site is the most comprehensive listing of greyhound placement groups.

Nothing telling about the wonderful dogs, athletes, & pets that greyhounds make.  No...  they portray the dogs as by-products, the unwanted discards, and abused creatures to be pitied. Some recommendation, huh?  Politicizing the very dogs they are supposed to be helping, all the while, providing no support to those who do the real hands-on work with the dogs - and I'm talking about adoption groups.

It's easy enough to check that statement by checking the Federal IRS Form 990 that was submitted by Grey2K for any year.  We checked the 2010 990 Form for Grey2K USA and also for the Grey2K USA Education Fund. What was found is that there were no "grants" made from either organization.

Grey2K USA Education - Form 990
Expenses, Line 10 (Grants and similar amounts paid (list in Schedule O) - $0.00
Schedule O - no entries for grants
Charitable contributions - $3250

Now then, all the entries on Schedule O listed specifics, such as postage, depreciation, office expenses, etc. However, there are no specifics with regards to which charity or how many charities were the recipients of that $3250 (roughly 3% of Grey2K's total revenue).

Grey2K USA - Form 990
Expenses, Line 13 (Grants and similar amounts paid (Part IX, Column A, lines 1-3) - $0.00

Part V, Statements Regarding IRS Filings and Tax Compliance
G2K Admits Not Telling All People That Contributions are NOT Tax Deductible

IRS Form 990 Section RE: Grants & Salaries - No Grants Made

Some animal rights groups with which Christine Dorchak is associated include:
Grey2K USA (President & General Counsel)
Grey2K Education Fund (President)
Committee To Protect Dogs (Chairperson)
New England Anti-Vivisection Society (Research Director)
Animal Liberation Front (keynote speaker)
2008 Animal Rights National Conference (keynote speaker)
2005 Animal Rights National Conference (keynote speaker)
PeTA (member)
URL Lies

Grey2K owns the following URL's.  There may be more...

The URL,, goes directly to Grey2K.

The URL,, goes directly to Grey2K.

The URL,, goes directly to Grey2K.

The URL,, goes directly to Grey2K.

The URL,, goes directly to Grey2K.

Think about it...  who do you believe?  Who do YOU want to advocate for greyhounds?

Yours in greyhounds...

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Christine Dorchak's Hypocrisy

Christine Dorchak, President & General Counsel of Grey2K USA (Grey2K), has a history of protesting and has been a card carrying member of PeTA, an organization with a very bloody history.

Christine Dorchak, PeTA Supporter - PeTA Kills Pets
Christine Dorchak a PeTA Protester
Back in 1998, as a member / supporter of PeTA, she was protesting the New England Aquarium having fish on its cafe menu. The menu at that time had 37 selections, 10 of which were either fish, crab or shrimp including tuna salad, fish sticks, and a fish sandwich. Their banquet menu had entrees with sole, salmon, crab, shrimp, and lobster sauce.  There were vegetarian (vegan) alternatives on the day menu: veggie burgers and peanut butter & jelly, and grilled cheese sandwiches.  To me, it seems that this is, yet again, zealots overreacting and making much ado about nothing.  Why? Because, PeTA wants the aquarium to adopt a vegetarian menu with fake seafood, such as tuna and salmon made from soybeans

Now then, in 1998, as the protest was going on at the Aquarium because of seafood being on their menu, PeTA at the Norfolk office in Virginia was killing animals. Since the 2nd half of 1998, a total of 27,751 pets have died at the hands of PETA workers. That number is verifiable by tallying PeTA's own numbers submitted to the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

From 7/1/98 to 12/31/98, PeTA took in 1,041 animals at their "shelter".  That number included: 210 dogs, 793 cats, 35 "other" companion animals, 2 equines, and 1 poultry.  98 animals were reclaimed by their owners, leaving 943 animals available for placement. Of the 943, PeTA killed 685 of them - 73% - and that is for 6 months! 

Since then, that kill percentage has risen dramatically.

1998 - 73%* (6 months)
1999 - 76%
2000 - 76%
2001 - 72%
2002 - 86%
2003 - 86%
2004 - 86%
2005 - 90%
2006 - 97%
2007 - 91%
2008 - 95%
2009 - 97%

Compare these high KILL RATES up to 97% for PeTA, supported by Christine Dorchak, against the estimated greyhound adoption rate of greater than 90% of adoptable greyhounds! Why isn't Christine and Grey2K protesting PeTA???  Seems to me that Christine is engaging in a classic case of favoritism since she & Ingrid Newkirk are best buds.  

Greyhounds certainly don't need or deserve an "advocate" that advocates killing!

To learn more about PeTA, please visit the Center for Consumer Freedom and/or PeTA Kills Animals.

Yours in greyhounds....

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Another Adopter Speaks...

Another greyhound adopter speaks about how they stopped supporting Grey2K USA (Grey2K) and their anti-racing lies. He tells about his "homework" and how it changed his life.
Five years ago I hated racing, I had never seen a race, but I hated racing. I had read about it, I had heard stories, I hated racing and wanted it to end. But then, I had a really opinion changing experience that really opened my eyes.

My first Greyhound, Bracken came off the track in Lincoln and had the furriest butt possible. He spend a number of years in the various kennels was a healthy, well put together, lovable boy. It was only after his retirement that his teeth started getting bad, and I didn't know enough to catch it. He needed to have a yearly dental because all we fed was dry food and it caches on the greyhounds teeth and thus causes tarter and bad gums. They have very dry mouths and the dry food we feed as pets does not help this. We lost Bracken 1 year ago (almost) during a dental procedure due to anesthesia.

After we had Bracken for about two years we decided he needed a "friend" and along came Mindy (racing name: Puzzle Patch). Mindy was still an almost 14 month old pup when her world changed and she came to live with us. Along with her came all of her paperwork and a lovely note from her kennel trainer and assistant trainer telling me all about her, what she likes, what she doesn't, and how to handle her and get her used to retired life. Up until that time I always thought the worst. My vet told me the dogs where starved, they had miserable diets, and so on. But Mindy came with such great paperwork and introductions.
Mindy aka "Puzzle Patch"

That summer (2 years ago June) I decided to learn on my own. I took Mindy's paperwork and I drove out to the farm she was born at in Abilene, KS. I walked onto the farm, un-announced, showed them her paperwork. and was promptly given a full tour of the farm. I was impressed. Everyone was happy and well taken care of and full of life. I was shown the food and it is almost like stew meat we would find in the store. I stayed in Abilene, KS for 3 days and toured about another 5-6 farms and met the most caring and wonderful people I have ever met. Yes, there is 1 idiot in the mix but he will be gone eventually and he did not want to give me a tour. But there are idiots in every industry, look at our government. Anyways, I left Abilene and drove South.

Next stop, a farm in OK, same reception, same result, and same opinion of the people. At this point word had gotten around of what I was doing and I started getting cell phone calls from people at Southland Greyhound track. Mindy had been there a very short time and I wanted to visit. 7 kennel owners called me and told me that they had left a pass for me at the security guard shack and I was welcome to stop by un-announced any time. So, I did. I waited 2 days (even though I was 1 day away) and went at 6am in the morning. I stayed all day. Most of the kennels I visited you could actually eat off the floor and I could have built sand-castles in the turn-out pens. I was given access to the dogs, I was allowed to take them for a walk, and I was encouraged to interact. I think I was mauled two or three times by 60 dogs in a turn-out pen. Again, I left feeling very good. BTW - very few bald butts and very few bad teeth. I did see toys in many crates, I saw treats and milk-bones. I did not see ANY abuse - I would have reported it if I did.

I refused to tell them at Southland where I was heading next since I really wanted to surprise someone. Next stop was Jacksonville, FL. Mindy had spent a short time there and I wanted to see how she had lived. I snuck onto the compound by visiting the adoption kennel and taking a right instead of a left as I was leaving. I was dressed in an Orange Park T-Shirt and believe it or not was welcomed into several kennels until I was booted off the complex as I was not licensed by the state to be there ( I now understand the reasons and can accept that). I saw happy dogs, happy people, and the dogs are not trying to chew there way out of there crates. This whole thing was very confusing for me because I had read and been told so much of the opposite. As I was being escorted off the compound a trainer came running over and asked if I would be his guest at the evening races. He said he would make sure that I had some company while I was there and told security to leave me alone. He gave me a map to the track and told me that he would find me.

I then attended my first ever greyhound race. Sure enough he found me, he had called in one of his assistants to take care of his dogs and he spent the evening explaining all the procedures to me and the racing. It was great. As I was standing outside the paddock watching the dogs get inspected for any problems by the track vet one dog caught my eye. A little jumpy dog, by jumpy I mean she was excited to be there. She was on everyones shoulders, licking, hugging, etc. Everyone liked her and stopped to give her kisses and scratches. I saw 2 marshmallows slipped to her. OK, she went and ran her race. Didn't come in first, didn't come in last, but someplace in the middle. I'll get back to her a bit later. She walked right over to her trainer and jumped up on her shoulders and and licked her face, sort of like "mommy did you see that." Her trainer, who I now know as Carrie, rubbed her down, got her fresh water, and really took care of her before finding her a shady spot under a tree to lay down in and rest.

I headed home to digest my trip and what I had seen. The only thing that I can chalk it up to is there has been a drastic change in racing over the last 10-15 years. The tracks of the 80's are gone (thank God) and the welfare of the racers seems to be a primary concern now. I made a lot of acquaintances and some have turned into friends. Christopher Greib is probably one of the top, most caring trainers out there. I would entrust any one of my dogs to him. He now works on a farm in Abilene, KS. and is a wealth of knowledge.

I came away with a different attitude. Again, there are idiots and bad people in every walk of life and it's these bad people that always make the news. The same is with Greyhound racing. Most involved are good, and hard working people. THey have the dog's best interest at heart - they have to. Only happy dogs and well taken care of dogs excel and succeed.

Peanut aka "BL Mary Go Round"
Back to my little pup at Orange Park.... well, I watched, and waited, I got in touch with her owner and trainer, and November 2010 I got the email I was waiting for. Peanut was ready to retire and come home. Peanut (BL Mary Go Round) had had an impressive career at Dairyland in WI, Orange Park, Naples, Miami, and finally OP again and had reached 4 years old and her trainer felt she had raced enough. No injuries, just ready to retire. I drove down and brought home my third former racer.

I have now made 2 trips to Abilene, 6 more to FL, visited countless tracks, moved dogs from tracks to retirement, and more. The only abuse and unhappy dogs I have ever seen are the ones that I pick up from adopters who no longer want them. I have never gotten an unhappy dog from any racing situation.

Peanut, Mindy, Bracken (RIP) have all continued to race in amateur racing through LGRA events. After Bracken passed away the house was empty and 3 months later we took in a bounce from another group who was 15 pounds overweight and needed TLC. His name is Ranger (Racing name: Army Ranger). He is now back at his racing weight, now a happy, bouncy, 8 year old and is doing great. Again, the only problems I have seen with greyhounds are caused after the track.

Ranger aka "Army Ranger"
Full disclosure is also needed. Last January (2011) I decided to take one of the farmers I met up on an offer of a 50% ownership in a track puppy. I am leaving on Saturday to drive to Abilene to watch her compete in the Spring Meet at the NGA for the first time. From there she will spend a few more months training in Abilene and then probably head to Orlando, FL where a trainer I met on my journey will be taking care of her. When she is done, or if God forbid she gets hurt, she will be coming home to a doggy bed here in CT. But, I hope that I can watch her having fun doing what is her instinct to do - chase fast moving objects and playing with the rest of the pack. Look back in history this is what greyhounds have done even before racing was invented.

Check out for more information and pictures. You will also, starting Saturday night, be seeing a blog of my Spring Meet trip.

Sorry this was so long.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Why Is It.....

Grey2K, upon receiving pressure from pro-racing sources, immediately cries defamation of character to intimidate, coerce and beat into submission those voices that challenge the Grey2K propaganda machine.
Hmmm...  Grey2K must be feeling the sting of the truth from this blog.  It seems that they are getting a bit sensitive to the criticism and they are starting to squeal.

The Carey Nation, when it feels external pressure, cries "DEFAMATION"!

For instance, just the other day in the post, Making a Dent, it was mentioned that when Elaine S. asked about Carey Theil's position on the Board of Directors of the National Coalition Against Legalized Gambling, Carey Theil immediately accused her of lying and intentionally trying to defame.  Even when she stated that there was no intent to defame, he called her a liar and reiterated his defamation claim

Now, Jen Krebs responded to a statement in the blog post, Notes & Quotes.  Her very first sentence is, "Perhaps you should get your facts straight before defaming people on the internet."  There ya go again....  the claim of "defame"!  All the time they are hollering "defame", they are buying internet domains and, perhaps, engaging in trademark infringement and dilution... intentionally using URL's such as and  Trademark infringement and dilution can be prosecuted on a civil level and possibly on a Federal level.

Now then, I have to admit that I neglected to notice that the post she made, which was featured and where she stated she was the VP for Grey2K USA, was dated March 2011. These eyes read it in March 2012 and assumed 2011.  Oops!  So, an attempt was made to verify her claim by searching the Web Archive (Wayback Machine) for February & March 2011.  If my statement was proven to be inaccurate, an apology would have been forthcoming.  However, at this time, I can neither confirm nor disprove her statement. 

One has to wonder how many other voices, less confident ones, have been stifled & silenced by the threat of civil action for "defamation"?  We know that a local Ronald McDonald House was bullied, but who else?  

Will all people and groups bullied by Grey2K USA
Please Step Forward!  

Tell me your stories and provide pictures of documents, if possible, and I'll tell your tales. I will keep you anonymous, upon request, but the world really needs to know your stories and the truth behind Grey2K's bullying & underhanded tactics.  Please send your stories to:

Yours in greyhounds....

Making a Dent...

Grey2K Lies is making a dent in the propaganda spewed by Grey2K USA (Grey2K) and its founders, the husband and wife team of Carey Theil & Christine Dorchak.
Well, a couple of things happened on the way to the Grey2K Lies Forum...

We have recently discovered that Grey2K USA is buying up domain names, such as and Grey2K, and they are pointing them to the Grey2K USA website. That tells us that our little blog is hitting close to home, perhaps hitting them a bit in their deep pockets and getting their minions to think. Perhaps, it's time to investigate purchasing a domain or two and point them to this little blog. Perhaps, and If they've already been purchased, I'm not averse to using a different spelling such as Gray2KLies. It's a thought.

It's a known fact that Grey2K USA plays dirty and engages in deceit. Here is more proof. Carey Theil (Grey2K) appears to be purposely trying to confuse and deceive the public by buying & registering the domain name -! That probably qualifies as trademark infringement and may leave them open to civil action. It may also be a violation of the Lanham Act - a Federal offense.

Another thing... For the past couple of weeks, there was a contest going on over at the Good Maker website. There were more than 400 entries in the contest, including an entry by Grey2K USA. We did our civic duty and attempted to discuss the issues 
in a civilized manner only to be met with the usual Grey2K bull. It is unknown if our discussion encouraged people to vote for any of the other entrants, but we hope it did.

The Grey2K idea of billboards to promote greyhound adoption was a worthy one. However, even tho' greyhound adoption is very near & dear to our hearts, we could not support the Grey2K effort. Why? Because, it was a blatant promotion of Grey2K and their lies. The entire greyhound community could NOT get behind it because of Grey2K's "history" of deceit, partial truths and disinformation. The billboard idea even showed their deception. At right, were the proposed billboards. Please note the URL - That is a domain owned by Grey2K. There is NO such organization. It is YET ANOTHER DOMAIN NAME purchased by Grey2K and Carey Theil!!!

Several people offered suggestions to Carey Theil, who was participating in the discussion, to no avail. One such suggestion was made by Elaine S. in response to his comments that the billboards were about the dogs and to support the dogs.

Her idea was, "If it is truly about the dogs and not the Grey2K message, remove all references to Grey2K and from the billboards. Put info on the billboard to, a more complete page with adoption information. The only states with no listing on are both Dakotas & Hawaii. It's much more complete and inclusive.. Funny thing... when I put in the URL space, it takes me directly to Grey2K Education. Remove the Grey2K message and then, and only then, will it be about greyhound adoptions. Elaine S"

Since both URLs on the billboard lead to Grey2K homepages and NOT even to Grey2K's "adoption" page with its few anti-racing "rescue" groups, we can only assume that the dogs and adopting the dogs is secondary to Grey2K's goal with the billboards, which is to get more people to the Grey2K site to bilk more people out of money and to spread more lies about greyhound racing. Anyone who has visited the Grey2K "adoption" page knows that the only groups featured on it are those that support Grey2K and it's hate mongering message. Pro racing people suggested that Grey2K do the right thing and take their logos off the billboards so that EVERYONE could GET ONBOARD AND SUPPORT the initiative. This was the perfect opportunity for people on all sides of the racing fence to get together to support greyhound adoption. But would Grey2K remove their logo and the logo for Nope. We in racing were willing to work with Grey2K on this effort. Grey2K, however, was not willing to work with us and refused to put aside their POLITICS to do what's right for the dogs.

In the discussion, Carey Theil stated, "The dog racing supporter who is using my name is completely wrong. GREY2K USA supports greyhound adoption in many ways. We make adoption referrals to non-profit groups all over the country. We also make dozens of grants to adoption groups to support their efforts. CTheil"

On the discussion board, in response to his statement about "dozens of grants to adoption groups", Elaine S went and looked at the Grey2K 990 Form. She commented, "If Grey2K makes so many "grants to adoption groups to support their efforts", why have they not been reported to the IRS on the Grey2K 990 Form? They should be reported under "Expenses", Line 13-Grants and similar amounts paid (Part IX, Col A, Lines 1-3). Line 13 has an entry of $0.00. In looking at page 10, which is where Part IX is found, Line 1 (grants & other assistance to governments and organizations in the US) - $0.00; Line 2 (grants & other assistance to individuals in the US) - $0.00; and Line 3 (grants & other assistance to governments, organizations and individuals outside the US) - $0.00. Elaine S"

Lies... Lies... Lies.... Later Theil said he used the wrong word and that he should have said "contributions" to other charities rather than "grants". Hmmm.... We know of no "grants" or "contributions" given to ANY adoption group. Theil refused to provide the names of any such group for confirmation of his statement.

Here's some quotes from the Grey2K supporters during the discussion. They are very helpful - NOT!

"You are incredibly arrogant to keep assailing the protectors of Greyhounds in an attempt to continue the destructive industry of Grey racing. Stay on topic, or go home to your miserable cruelty. JoeyTWunderhundt"

COMMENT: They are calling the greyhound community arrogant for telling the truth? Whatever...

"OHMYGOD!! Will you people STOP using every greyhound topic on the web to bitch and moan about Grey2k? Grow up and find something productive to do with your life. I, for one, am sick of it!  Spira9"

COMMENT: Because we will not lay down & go away, we are told we are children and non-productive. Huh.

"Too chicken to give your real name "NotGrey2K" - you talk the talk but you sure do not walk the walk!!!! I am sure now you only talk to hear yourself talk, you never supported anything but your own hot air and you never did a damn thing for the greyhounds but since you chose to hide behind the user name I guess we will never know - better for you if no one does know because than more people will know you talk out of both sides of your mouth and in the end nothing really of any importance comes out of you!!!! couchracers"

COMMENT: With Grey2K's history of being a schoolyard bully... I'd not give my real name either! That's not being chicken... that's being SMART!

Carey Theil implied that Elaine S was an NGA greyhound breeder. She is not. Her only association with the NGA is that she has had retired racers. However, since Carey "Walks On Water" Theil said it, it must be true!
Elaine S & Litter of AKC Greyhound Pups
"Thank you for letting me know that "Elaine S' is a breeder - that would make sense for her to be for the cruel greyhound racing industry, to fight against them would be cutting her own throat. But if she and her misguided buddies think their bitching and complaining will ever change my mind!!!! couchracers"

COMMENT: Elaine S clarified that she has no vested interest in greyhound racing and that she breeds AKC Greyhounds for show. This came in reply.

"Guess I chose not to believe a single thing you claim either "Elaine S" - the facts are in front of your face about GREY2K USA and you chose to believe the lies of the racing industry instead. I am choosing to believe you somehow have a vested interest in keeping greyhound racing alive because if you didn't you would not be fighting so hard against billboards (and that was the topic - the billboards) that GREY2K USA wants to put up all over promoting adoption. As to being an angry soul - YES, I do get angry when I have to talk to block heads like you that would would rather see greyhounds suffer and die to keep an industry alive that no one wants anymore anyhow. Greyhound racing just like horse racing is disgusting, cruel and brutal and it needs to stop immediately, NO ANIMAL should ever have to race for their lives - no animal ever!!!! If I sound angry I am because even one dead greyhound, even one dead racing horse is one dead animal too many. If you think that this corrupt industry of greyhound racing does not and can not sweep things under the rug even from the IRS than you are the fool. Good lawyers can do alot of things that seem impossible including helping set murderers free so don't give me your BS it cannot be done - it can and it is. If you are so for the greyhounds and so not into the industry stop your bitching and do something useful - shutting down the remaining tracks. As I said before I do not give a damn what the money is raised for as long as I see the results that GREY2K USA is working for the greyhounds and everytime I see a track close I guess it is those dollars at work. I also agree there are abusive parents, educators, priests and attorneys and all of them need to be punished to the fullest extent of the law. But people like that "bastard" at Eubo are alot more common place than you want to believe. Not all greyhound track owners are bad, some are very caring and loving to their dogs but do not give me this garbage they chase away all the bad ones - if that was true than Eubo and other horror stories would not be happening in the racing industry!! Greyhound racing breds way more greyhounds than any group of adoption rescues can place and do not feed me your crap all the ones who do not race or are done racing go to homes - BULLSHIT!!!! No one knows the real number of greyhounds adopted out for sure, that is a well kept secret because to let that out would be to let out the number of greyhounds that are killed. How about the puppies that don't make the grade, where do they all go?? They DIE too just like the greyhounds who raced and now cost more to feed than they are making. And don't get me started on the shitty food greyhounds are fed at the tracks - it is 4D meat, dead, dying, downed or diseased meat. The list of reasons to close greyhound tracks is endless - the reason to keep them open, I cannot think of even one!!! couchracers"

Refusing to back down, Elaine S asked about Theil's position on the BOD of on the National Coalition Against Legalized Gambling. Theil's bullying was deployed and he accused her of intentionally trying to "defame" Grey2K. We can only think that Elaine S must have hit a sore spot with that question for him to pull out the "defamed" smoking gun!

His quote, "You are mischaracterizing our work, and you know better. At this point it's pretty clear that you are simply trying to defame us, with knowledge that what you are saying is not true. C Theil"

The more I read your comments "NotGrey2K" the more I laugh my ass off - you are unbelieveable!!!! I have talked to small children than have more common sense and can repsond with some degree of intelligent that far surpasses your IQ. Or maybe you can understand this better - opinions are like assholes - we all have one!!!! couchracers

COMMENT: OK... thanks for the anatomy lesson couchracers.

A long, long time greyhound adoption person, Sage Benoist, stated, "Oh dear heaven, promoting adoption is a good thing -- but Grey2K promoting adoption is a joke since they never do a single thing to take care of greyhounds or facilitate their responsible care or adoptions. This is obviously just another money making scheme by this questionable organization -- I honestly don't know why more people don't see through their hypocrisy--they should be ashamed of themselves!"

"And I cannot see why you "sage.benoist" cannot see the horrors of the racing industry but as you said more people don't see their own hypocrisy--they should be ashamed of themselves!! And as I have said before if you can do better than by all means please do better, don't just sit there and put the supporters of GREY2K USA down - do something for the wefare of the greyhounds!! couchracers"
"I must agree here. Sitting on your sofa, offering your philosophical blithering does not help the greyhounds. Get out of your own box and help the dogs. Bitching about an organization you may not like does not help. Schemsgreys"

Sorry about the length of this post. I really wanted you to see the lack of reasoning many of the minions employ. I wanted you to see the hatred that Grey2K has spawned from their effective use of "The Big Lie".

Yours in greyhounds....

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Canine Influenza Fact vs Fiction

In 2004, equine influenza (H3N8 aka equine2), a disease which was 1st recognized in horses in 1963 and created an epidemic in the Miami area, which quickly spread to the other continents. There have been other outbreaks in 1964, 1965, 1978 and 1981. Since the 1980's, it has diverged into 2 forms in the horse population and it has crossed species and now infects dogs. The dog form has mutated to be recognized as H3N8 canine influenza. Grey2K USA (Grey2K) is attempting to use this quickly mutating influenza virus to condemn greyhound racing and is blaming greyhound racing for the virus. Grey2K is also falsely stating that this disease has a high mortality rate, spreading panic & rumors.

It is with a heavy heart that we learned there appears to be an outbreak of canine influenza at Gulf Greyhound Park in Texas. Grey2K USA, douche bags that they are, is condemning the outbreak as cruelty brought about because the dogs are kept in kennels.

Here's some info about canine influenza -
  1. Canine influenza (H3N8) is an airborne and waterborne VIRUS that is highly contagious. airborne and waterborne. It can be transmitted between sick and healthy dogs on one's clothing & shoes. So, if one stops at the pet store on the way home from work and pets a dog that has the virus, it can be transmitted to and infect your healthy dog at home. Dogs do not have to be kept in a kennel situation to contract the virus.
  2. It was first seen in 2004 when it jumped species from horses to dogs as a mutated equine influenza, which had been around for 40 years. In September 2005, it had mutated enough to be classified as a canine influenza and it was recognized as a "newly emerging pathogen in the canine population". 
  3. The virus has been reported & documented in 30 states and Washington D.C. and is endemic in Colorado, Florida, New York and Pennsylvania. An endemic virus is one that is maintained in a population without the need for foreign inputs. Please note, of the states in which the disease is endemic, only Florida holds greyhound racing.
  4. According to the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta (CDC), the number of dogs that die from this disease is very small and some dogs, while infected, have no symptoms, while others are severely infected and contract pneumonia. Although a relatively new disease in dogs and with nearly all dogs susceptible to infection, most dogs, about 80 percent, will contract a mild form of disease.
  5. Dr. Cynda Crawford in a media briefing at the CDC on September 26, 2005 stated, "I want to emphasize most of all that this is not the deadly virus that certain sources have played it up to be. We have a very low mortality rate. And this is a disease that I would characterize as one of high morbidity (high infection rate) and low mortality (low death rate)." 
    Later veterinary papers show a mortality rate of 1% or less and state that the cause for the disease is unknown. Epidemiologists know neither how long the disease has been in the canine population nor where it first started. Getting that information is difficult because the disease mimics kennel cough.
    Info Sheet on Canine Influenza (H3N8)

      So, while a lot of dogs will get sick, very few die and this FACT directly contradicts the drivel that Grey2K USA is spouting. Drivel which falsely and inaccurately BLAMES greyhound racing for the disease!  Also, Grey2K is spreading panic with its rumors by declaring, "canine influenza, a disease far more lethal than kennel cough...".  According to the "statistics" provided below courtesy of Grey2K, a canine influenza outbreak infected about 10,000 racing greyhounds (high morbidity or infection) and 100 greyhounds died for a death rate of  1% (low mortality).  Compare this to the death rate of these other canine viruses: parvo (30-50%), distemper (50-80%) or even rabies (100%).
      Grey2K Info Sheet on Canine Influenza

    Thursday, April 19, 2012

    How Misinformed Are They?

    How the misinformation and disinformation spread by Grey2K USA (Grey2K) has done a disservice to the greyhound breed. How those rumors have spread and the myths about the dog that have been created.
    Author Irvin Cannon
    The article below, which is supposed to be a Press Release for a book, For the Love of Dog Tales, authored by Irv Cannon, shows how miserably uninformed or misinformed the general public is about greyhounds and greyhound racing. Some of the more glaring errors - myths perpetuated by the anti-gambling, animal rights group Grey2K USA are:

    • intentionally overbred
    • thousands are killed at the end of their career
    • greyhounds are "thrown away"
    • greyhounds are "slaves" (what an insult to people like Harriet Tubman!)
    • thousands of rabbits are maimed / killed when used to train dogs
    • track people abuse the dogs
    • greyhounds are timid and stubborn
    • greyhounds are confused and frightened by other breeds of dogs
    • greyhounds do not bite
    This article does a serious disservice to not only the breed, but also to those looking to adopt a greyhound. Seriously folks...  Adoption groups that are neutral and/or pro-racing need to jump on this big time.  We all know there are many, many cases of greyhounds biting those who have adopted them.  We all know that thousands are NOT KILLED but adopted at the end of their careers.  That they are NOT trained with live rabbits or kittens. That with few exceptions they are NOT abused!

    How to fight?  
    • Write letters to the editor of this and other publications.  
    • Borrowing from Grey2K, protest those book stores that choose to sell the book
    • Write letters to the Publisher.
    • Write letters to Irv Cannon.
    • Take a racing dog or one recently retired out in public.  Put them on display!  
    • When people ask, hand them a flyer with bullets countering the AR message. 
    • Act as an educator.
    Do not try to change anyone's mind, be polite and succinct. Point out the inaccuracies. In the end, we may not prove any particular point and that's OK. Our goal is to provide better sources and more sources of information than currently exist.

    It is OUR RESPONSIBILITY to take back the conversation, to challenge popular, but incorrect, information about greyhounds and greyhound racing that is presented by the media and by groups such as Grey2K USA. 

    April Is National Greyhound Adoption Month

    Author Speaks for Those Who Cannot

    Posted Apr 12, 2012 @ 08:27 PM

    Press Release
    Tens of thousands of greyhounds are bred every year for the 27 racetracks in the United States, according to the U.S. Humane Society (HSUS). They’re intentionally over-bred so there will be ample to replace old and underperforming greyhounds at the tracks. Each year, thousands of these retired dogs do not find a home; they are killed.
    April is National Greyhound Adoption Month, a reminder for animal lovers that there is an industry that “throws away dogs like they are defective products,” says retired police officer Irvin Cannon, a dog lover whose new book, For the Love of Dog Tales (, gives voice to man’s best friend.
    “These dogs have feelings and intelligence, but they are treated like racing slaves so people can gamble,” Cannon says. “Who is the winner in this scenario?”
    The Humane Society (HSUS) estimates thousands of retired racing dogs are put to death every year. Rabbits are another industry victim; thousands are maimed or killed in the race-training process.
    Cannon says there are some things to remember for those considering adopting a greyhound:
        • They typically don’t have issues associated with abuse: Greyhounds may not get a lot of love in the kennels, but are not oftenabused by track personnel. They tend to respond to fear and violence by either freezing in place or running. Since they are trained to chase rabbits, they may be inclined to pursue small running animals.
        • Greyhounds tend to be intelligent, timid: These dogs are considered gentle and reserved, but stubborn. If they sense they can take control, they will, so owners should quickly establish authority.
        • Not used to other breeds: Greyhounds are born and raised around people and other greyhounds only. They may become confused or frightened by other dogs, and may need to get accustomed to cats.
        • No fat, little hair: No dog should be left outside in the cold or heat. Greyhounds are especially sensitive to extreme temperatures and rain.
        • Sweet affection: They do not bite; they show affection by licking, leaning and rubbing, much like cats.
    Although there is a well-known and dedicated effort to find homes for aged-out greyhounds, Cannon said there is only one way to fix the racing industry – it must be ended. There are several national and international groups trying to put a stop to greyhound racing and gambling, including the Humane Society (HSUS), and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PeTA). Until then, Cannon hopes these gentle dogs find homes.
    “When you adopt a needy canine, you won’t find a better companion,” he says, “whether you bring home a greyhound, a mystery mixed-breed or a purebred Labrador.”
    About Irvin Cannon
    Irvin Cannon was a poor kid growing up in Detroit when his family took in a stray dog. It surprised young Irvin that his father would be willing to share the family’s meager groceries with a dog, but he soon discovered the return on their investment was enormous. A former police officer in Detroit and Denver, he also worked as a corrections officer.

    Comments (3)
    4 days ago
    I was dismayed to read an article that has no bearing to truthfulness or facts. Obviously the author has a personal opinion about the subject at hand. But the author does not have any substantiating facts to back up his personal opinions. I am saddened that articles like this can be published without the benefit of accuracy. I guess in today's journalism there is only one side to every story.
    Now me personally I have adopted Greyhounds since 1999. I do have personal experience with Greyhounds, unlike the author of this article.
    4 days ago
    Seriously? I doubt that Irvin Cannon has ever met an actual greyhound or talked to a greyhound owner..The 'facts' that he uses are straight from anti-racing lobbyists groups such as Grey2K, the HSUS and PETA. All of these groups are quick to call for an end to racing but none of them lift a finger or open a wallet to get the hounds into homes. HSUS and PETA would prefer there be no such thing as companion animals.

    Greyhounds are highly sociable dogs that are able to live in homes with multiple breeds. My hounds have lived with German shepherds, beagles, huskies and labs. Greyhounds recognize greyhounds because they spend their early years with their mothers, siblings and other greyhounds. However, they are not frightened by other breeds of dogs.

    Greyhounds are trained with mechanical lures not rabbits. They are born to run and do so with great joy. One of my hounds never raced and he runs along side the retired racer. The hound that never raced has a high prey drive. He's not cat safe. This has nothing to do with training. It is his personality.

    Irvin Cannon is incredibly misinformed. Do your homework. Read more than the rhetoric churned out by the anti-racing, anti-pet groups. Go to an adoption event. Meet the greyhounds and the people who own them.