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Notes & Quotes

Notes & Quotes throughout the years that expose Christine Dorchak, Carey Theil, Grey2K USA (Grey2K) and the animal rights agenda.
Here are some notes & quotes throughout the years that exposed Grey2K as well as Christine Dorchak & Carey Theil, better than I ever could.

Date Unknown, Linda Jensen - "Today Grey2K and their extremist allies at the Humane Society of the United States are engaged in a crusade of distortion and misinformation designed to trick voters into destroying the livelihood of hard-working people who make their living because of Massachusetts greyhound tracks."

NOTE: The lies remain the same 12 years later but now they are being pointedly directed at Iowa, Arizona, and Florida.

Date Unknown, Linda Jensen - “One woman held negative feelings about the racing industry but all of her information had come from the media and Internet,” Linda explained. “After working a week at the kennel, she became aware of all this misinformation. The volunteer now wants to become actively involved in correcting the misinformation about greyhound racing industry in Massachusetts."

NOTE: This is a recurring theme that we here at Grey2K Lies have discovered. It resurfaces throughout this blog, people who were anti-racing based upon the Grey2K USA information that, when they actually investigated the claims on their own found that all was not as Grey2K USA presented. Things were totally different! They discovered that racing folks love and care for the dogs. They discovered that racing folks hurt when their charges hurt. They discovered that racing folks were not the evil monsters that Grey2K had portrayed them to be. They realized that Grey2K and its minions were vilifying a group of good people based upon isolated incidents of evil men. Evil men exist in all walks of life: the clergy, educators, sports coaches....  None of them are as vilified or held to such an unreasonable standard as are professional greyhound racing people.  What is wrong with this picture?  Should not those people to whom we entrust our children be held to a higher standard than those that work with animals? 

This is not an attempt to excuse the evil perpetuated upon animals by people such as Ronnie Williams. However, it is an attempt to put their actions into an appropriate perspective. 

Date & Author Unknown - "PETA has links to Grey2K on their website. And we all know how PETA feels about anyone or anything having to do with animals in this country either as professional competitors or even as cherished pets! Additionally, the leader of Grey2K, Carey Theil, holds a board position with the National Coalition Against Legalized Gambling. Carey Theil is against ALL gambling, dog racing is simply the platform he seems to use to further his national agenda."

NOTE: For Carey Theil quotes on gambling... continue reading!

From the November 6, 2000 column in the Boston Herald by Joe Fitzgerald: "...you should be equally appalled by the efforts of a group called Grey2K to wage a ruthless campaign of deceit, distortion and defamation of character. Radical animal rights activists are determined to kill the greyhound racing industry in this state by any means necessary, which is why they weren't the least bit embarrassed when forced to admit that much of their advertising has been fraudulent. So if you go to the polls only to vote No on Question 3, you will have made a compelling statement, rejecting this attempt to ambush an industry through the dissemination of lies."

November 6, 2000 - National Catholic Reporter - "Fr. Michael Guarino, a priest in the dog-racing city of Revere, went on TV with his adopted greyhound to say he would vote against a ballot initiative to ban racing in Massachusetts. "I felt very sad that people were being led astray by something that isn't true," Guarino said in the ad, referring to anti-racing publicity. More than 100 angry callers protested to the Boston archdiocese, which had no role in the advertisement and has not taken a position on the ballot issue. The calling campaign seemed to be coordinated by animal activists, Walsh said."

NOTE: These are the same bullying tactics that Grey2K and its minions (Carey Nation) used to protest the cute Skecher's ad during the Super Bowl in Feb 2012 and to intimidate the very worthwhile Ronald McDonald House Charity. Skechers stood up to the bullies and ran the ad during the Super Bowl. The Carey Nation howled! How DARE Skechers stand up to them! And, poetic justice prevailed as Skechers saw their sales figures rise, not fall as predicted by Grey2K. 

2004, Florida Ballot Amendment 4: Slot Machine Gambling, Gambling Expansion - Against the measure and supporting the Political Action Committee (PAC) - No Casinos:

GREY2K USA                                   $19,00106.27% General BusinessSee Records

NOTE:  For groups that are supposed to be for the dogs & animals, they sure do support a lot of anti-gambling measures. If I were a supporter of Grey2K, I'd be thoroughly PO'd that they are taking money that is supposed to be "for the dogs" and spending it on anti-gambling measures. Just sayin'...  You don't think it's because Grey2K is actually a group trying to outlaw greyhound racing to achieve their true goal....  outlawing legalized gambling?  

November 30, 2004, Grey2K Press Release by Carey Theil - “The fact that at least one racing greyhound recently tested positive for cocaine is very troubling, and calls into question the integrity of wagers being placed at Massachusetts dog tracks,” said Theil.

NOTE: At no time in the press release does Theil express any other concerns for the dogs.  Carey Theil's biggest concern appears to be the integrity of the wagers, protecting the GAMBLERS. That jives with his connection with the National Coalition Against Legalized Gambling. Again, Greyhound racing is just a convenient vehicle for him and the other Board members and staff at the National Coalition Against Legalized Gambling to effect outlawing gambling!

May 14, 2005 in the Boston Globe by Bray Hiawatha - "Critics of legalized gambling, already appalled by the spread of online casinos, view the coming of cellphone wagering with undisguised dread. "Anytime you are expanding gambling on an electronic platform, I think there are concerns about gambling addiction," said Carey Theil, a Brighton resident who sits on the board of the National Coalition Against Gambling Expansion. "Studies have shown that the faster [the] forms of gambling are, the more addictive they are."

NOTE:  Once again, no reference to greyhounds.  Comments are about gambling.

March 12, 2007 in Laconia Daily Sun - "Burt Cohen, a former state senator from New Castle, declared that "this is about money. It's about gambling. The platform for gambling is the racetracks." The bill enjoys strong support from Grey2KUSA, an organization seeking to forbid dog racing wherever it is staged, and the Humane Society of the United States, both of which insist that greyhound racing is cruel and inhumane, from the conditions in the kennels to the perils on the track. Two of the directors of Grey2KUSA — Reverend Tom Grey and Carey Thiel — also sit on the board of the National Coalition Against Legalized Gambling."

NOTE:  In researching this blog, I was amazed at the number of times that the two organizations, Grey2K USA and the National Coalition Against Gambling, were found together in articles, at protests, and at government functions. They give every appearance of being bound together at the hip, like Siamese twins. Yet, Carey Theil denies any stance on gambling. When asked, he says that Grey2K has no position on gambling.  Yet....  the above quotes inply otherwise.

August 23, 2007 by John O'Donnell in the Patriot Ledger - "Wayne Pacelle (HSUS) failed to mention that this action, which failed to pass in 2000, was denied in 2004 when the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court voted 5-0 against it because, attempting to play on the public's emotions and gain support to ban greyhound racing, the measure included police, seeing eye and fighting dogs. Fortunately, though, the presiding judges saw through the smokescreen, noting that it was a cover-up and just a scam to get rid of dog racing."

October 2008, Mansfield News - "Question 3 is being aided and abetted by the MSPCA and Grey2K’s Carey Theil, under false pretenses. It is your typical “wolf in sheep’s clothing” ballot question. Did you know that Cary Theil holds a board position with the National Coalition Against Legalized Gambling http://www.ncalg.org/about_us.htm ? Now you know the real reason behind this ballot question meanwhile the governor and the legislature continue to try and bring more legalized gambling to Massachusetts via casinos? Go figure."

October 10, 2008 by the MA Animal Interest Coalition - "The Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animal's job is to investigate any and all forms of animal cruelty and abuse. So where's the proof since there are no complaints, investigations or prosecutions against the tracks?"

October 15, 2008 by Rev. Dominic Martin - "I am continually shocked by the behavior of organizations like Grey2K. Obfuscation, distortion, lies and slander, defamation and libel are all part of standard operating procedure it seems."

October 31, 2008 by Gun Owners Action League - “What were once legitimate animal welfare organizations, some even once supported by sportsmen, have been highjacked by radicals whose true objective is unknown.” (See email)

October 31, 2008 by Greyhound Pets of American - Letters signed by Attorney Ann Hochberg were sent in June 2008 to GPA chapters in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Connecticut, as well as three other greyhound adoption groups in the area, demanding IRS Forms 990 and Massachusetts Forms PC and threatening the groups with exposure to fines of up to $10,000. Ms. Hochberg, who is an attorney with the Boston law firm Broude & Hochberg, also sent a letter to an individual greyhound adoption volunteer, informing her that if her GPA chapter did not comply with the demand for information, she would be turned in to the IRS. This volunteer was not on the board of GPA Massachusetts and had no power to provide the documents demanded.

Greyhound Adoption Volunteers
These local volunteer “mom and pop” adoption agencies, devoted to finding homes for retired racing greyhounds, do not have resources to fight a downtown law firm and, Goree believes, were regarded by Grey2K as susceptible to an intimidation campaign of threatening lawyer’s letters.

All of these groups appear to have been targeted because of their participation in a yearly event that is hosted by and held at the Raynham and Wonderland facilities. Known as “The Greyhound Adoption Expo: Back on Track,” the event allows retired racers and their owners to revisit their former workplaces, and also to reconnect with the trainers and handlers who worked with them there.

(To read the full press release, please visit GPA Complaint & Investigation.)

NOTE:  Back to being the schoolyard bully! Strong arm tactics at best...  Illegal activities and based upon the date, timed to influence the Massachusetts voting on Question 3.

November 2008, author unknown - "Carey Theil, G2K's messiah, sits on the board of the National Coalition Against Legalized Gambling (NCALG), google it. He doesn't care about dogs, he cares about banning gambling. When in Florida this spring, he, as a registered Florida lobbyist, lobbied against the Florida slots bill. Yet he couldn't find the time to lobby for SB 590 right down the hall. SB 590 would have given Florida greyhounds some of the protections the MA dogs enjoy here. Protect the dogs? Not a chance, that's not the plan."

Gents Without Cents
NOTE:  Again - no protections for the dogs, they don't matter. The Carey Nation talks a good line but they don't "walk the walk".  To them, what matters is outlawing legalized gambling by way of outlawing greyhound racing. They attempt to accomplish that goal at all costs, regardless of who or what gets hurt. They become demented and I cannot help but envision Carey as Moe Howard in the Niagara Falls skit from Gents Without Cents...

And then I came face to face with the rat that ruined my life, it was in 'NIAGARA FALLS', 'NIAGARA FALLS'." (Moe takes a few paces forward and turns around slowly. He has a mean, demented look on his face as he has his hands rolled in fists and is shouting at the top of his lungs in an evil and demented voice) "NIAGARA FALLS, slowly I turned, and step by step, inch by inch, I walked up to him, I smashed him, I hit him, I bonked him, I bopped him, I socked him and I mashed his face and I knocked him down."
Grey2K USA believes in smashing, bonking, bopping & socking the little guys - the professional racing owners, breeders, and trainers. They are bullies and their tax exempt status needs to be pulled

On March 25, 2009, Sherry Mangold (Animal Protection of New Mexico and Greyhound Companions of New Mexico) stated in an article that "It is common for unprofitable greyhounds to be killed." Then, only 8.5 months later on December 10, 2009 in the Albuquerque Journal, Monica Garcia (Animal Protection of New Mexico) stated, "In this country, healthy greyhounds are not automatically euthanized when it’s time for them to retire, or when tracks are shut down."

NOTE:  Which is it????? I think Monica goofed and actually spoke the truth! Oops! It is estimated that more than 90% of greyhounds are being placed into pet homes. 

March 2010, President's Message by Christine Dorchak - In other states, we are working to defeat proposals to prop up dog racing:

In NEW MEXICO, GREY2K USA opposed a proposal to legalize simulcast gambling on dog racing. We were delighted when the bill was defeated because of the hard work of Animal Protection of New Mexico and Guy Clark of the New Mexico Coalition Against Gambling.

March 16, 2011 in the Miami Herald by Dick Ciampa - "Have you ever wondered why Grey2K has never filed a complaint for animal abuse against a greyhound owner? Seems strange that a group that tells you they are trying to protect the dogs, doesn't. Were they at the farms, were they at the kennels, did they see anything firsthand, or did they make most of this up?

Carey Theil, co-founder of Grey2K, sits on the board of Directors of a group called Stop Predatory Gambling. Hmmmmmmmmmm is this Grey2K's agenda? To stop gambling?"

NOTE: Dick Ciampa is a greyhound owner but he raises very legitimate questions.

March 17, 2011 in the Miami Herald by Carol Rink - "Grey2K aka Christine Dorchak and her husband Carey Theil are the Bernie Maddoffs' of this greyhound demise. Taking all the money they receive from mislead people and pocketing it for themselves & the Animal Liberation Front. Christine Dorchak was prominently featured and promoted on the Animal Liberation Front website. This is one link between Grey2K and domestic terrorist organizations."

March 17, 2011 in the Miami Herald by Jen Krebs - "I am the Vice President of GREY2K USA, and I spend many hours every single day, working to end dog racing - and I do so as a volunteer. Our all-volunteer Board of Directors is comprised of humane-minded individuals whose common bond is working to end the cruelty of greyhound racing."

NOTE: Liar! Liar! Pants on fire! Per the Grey2K USA website, the current VP of Grey2K is Michael Trombley. As for "all volunteer Board of Directors", both Theil & Dorchak, husband & wife, are on the Board AND both of them draw a salary. Nope... NOT ALL VOLUNTEER!

Just to be certain, I also checked out the Grey2K Education Fund, which is the actual organization to which donations made are tax deductible (donations made to Grey2K USA are NOT tax deductible, but try to find that detail on the webpage. You have to search long & hard.), Ms. Krebs is not listed as the VP there either. The VP of the Grey2K Education Fund is the "messiah" himself - Carey Theil.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Zen of Grey2K, Part 4 - Advocacy by Extinction

*Originally published on the website, All About Greyhounds, prior to the 2012 Super Bowl. Reprinted here with the permission of the author & All About Greyhounds.*

By Rockingship,

During their brief sorties in West Virginia last year, somehow a high ranking official of “Carey Nation” (aka Grey2K) wound up having his name included on a complaint lodged by federal authorities against an alleged extortionist.

“The Tomblin campaign has called on Maloney to release all emails from staffers, consultants and advisers to/from Rae and Carey Theil, an anti-greyhound racing activist who endorsed Maloney and is also mentioned in the federal complaint against Rae.”—-National Journal, 10/02/11

Apparently the accused individual, Marshall Rae, is alleged to have attempted to extort money from certain greyhound racing business owners in WV, who supported the campaign of Governor Tomblin, rather than that of his challenger, Mr. Maloney, who Grey2K had endorsed. Word on the street is that Rae possessed a video which may have cast a harsh light on several individuals involved with greyhound racing. Tomblin’s family is also involved in racing.

The mind simply boggles at the possibilities of how the insufferably judgmental and self-righteous Carey Nation came to have one of their officers mentioned in this federal complaint. Particularly so, if one had donated money to Grey2K to “help the greyhounds”, as they are so fond of promising to do. It’s unclear, at this time, as to how having one’s name appear on a federal complaint against an alleged extortionist actually helps greyhounds, but it certainly has been no less of a help than anything Carey Nation has done in the past to physically or materially “help the greyhounds”.

Animal Rights Protestors
Which brings us to today’s subject. There is a national network of activist, extremist, animal rights, anti-racing businesses (yes, I said businesses, because in reality, that’s what they are). All of these businesses subscribe to the following basic premise. Racing Greyhounds would have been better off not having ever been born, than having been made to endure the ceaseless and incalculable cruelties they are forced to suffer at the hands of their greedy, exploitative, and abusive breeders, owners and trainers.

This powerful and well-funded network of extremist animal rights, anti-racing businesses, which includes the infamous and deeply deranged PeTA, the newly radicalized ASPCA, the diabolically, deceptively-named Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) as well as Grey2K, do not believe in the concept of promoting, supporting, assisting and enabling positive change. They all believe, instead, in the tyranny of prohibition. That’s why we refer to Grey2K and their cohorts as “Carey Nation”, after the axe-wielding, barroom-smashing icon of the temperance movement. “Carrie Nation” prosecuted her agenda not by rational, reasoned, empathetic and constructive compromise and negotiation, but by trampling the rights and literally vandalizing and destroying the property of others, namely barroom owners and their patrons, and the actual barrooms.

Now Grey2K does not actively promote, engage in or perform acts of violence or vandalism, to my knowledge. They seem far too clever and smug for that.

What they do, however, is to skillfully use the new and old media to call attention to themselves at every opportunity that arises, to impel donations by propagandizing greyhound racing and by negatively stereotyping racing professionals as cruel and mercenary greyhound abusers.

Recently, the Skechers footwear company provided them just such an opportunity, by having the unmitigated gall and insensitivity to include Racing Greyhounds in a commercial they are going to run during the Super Bowl television broadcast. The yowls of Carey Nation’s discontent shrieked and reverberated across the communications universe. The visceral outrage, condemnation and hatred was shrill and palpable as fingernails raked down a black board, and couldn’t have been more vitriolic in its expression than if Skechers had announced that it was going to boil King Charles’ own Cavilier Spaniels alive, in a sneaker-shaped cauldron, smack on the 50 yard line, during the halftime show.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the WE HATE SKECHERS demonstrations that were planned by Carey Nation and friends, to heap disrepute upon Skechers in their outlets and stores, cross-country. Many true advocates and lovers of greyhounds and the Greyhound breed, they being the ones who actually caretake and provide for them, or those who have come to know and love them by adoption, apparently saw through this little hate-mongering and donation-cultivating ruse. They realized that Skechers was about to give our beautiful, elegant, graceful and loveable Racing Greyhounds a priceless gift of positive exposure and publicity that would reach hundreds of millions of potential breed enthusiasts and potential adopters of retired racers. Skechers, to their notable credit, has so far stood strong against the onslaught of hateful rhetoric and physical occupation of their store’s venues.

Even Carey Nation seems to have done a bit of a juke-step, not suprisingly, in light of what looks to be some inhibitive feedback from real greyhound welfare providers, and I would imagine, from some of the donation-giving public. They now claim, if I’m inferring correctly, that the reason they have taken part in orchestrating a national boycott and campaign of disrepute upon Skechers, is only because the commercial was filmed at the racetrack in Tuscon, Arizona. President of Grey2K, Christine Dorchak, posted the following on the Mlive.com blog, 1/29/12.

“Skechers has turned a blind eye to the cruelty of dog racing. By filming its ad at Tucson Greyhound Park, it is glamorizing one of the most notorious dog tracks in the country…..”

So does this mean that Christine would have volunteered to be the leadout for Mr. Quiggley, the French Bulldog star of the Skechers commercial, had it been filmed at Derby Lane in St. Petersburg, or at Southland, in West Memphis?

Let’s have a moment of silence to ponder that one. OK—moment’s up. What it probably means is that donations were significantly down, and that they realized they had made a foolish, tactical error in selfishly, churlishly and childishly trying to deprive racing greyhounds of unprecedented, positive national TV exposure. This publicity would be of untold benefit to those who actually do the exhausting, welfare-giving, adoption work, and to the dogs themselves. Real greyhound advocates, and most greyhound professionals—whose earnings are dependent upon their greyhounds’ well-being, instinctively realize that “it’s all about the dogs”. Carey Nation, invariably, seems to think that “it’s all about them and their agenda.” Could people actually be starting to catch on?

Carey Nation, sadly, remains steadfast in its relentless, non-negotiable campaign to criminalize pari-mutuel greyhound racing at any cost, anywhere and everywhere it exists. Even, it would seem, at the risk of sticky, messy entanglements, like that unfortunate little escapade in West Virginia….whatever the heck that was all about.

Chris Grieb & Baby Doll
Collateral damage in their war on greyhound racing and greyhound racing professionals, in addition to the loss of thousands of jobs and careers, the disenfranchisement and displacement of hundreds of families, the scorn of a dis-informed public heaped upon them, would also include our dearly beloved Racing Greyhound himself.

For those who haven’t taken the time to reason through it, greyhound racing, whether one approves of it or not, is the only vehicle that supports the Racing Greyhound. It is the only viable, self and state-regulated structure that allows the existence of a vibrant, athletically endowed, genetically diverse greyhound population. When racing is gone, given the enormous costs of raising them, what greyhounds are left will certainly follow. There won’t be 200,000 happy, retired racing greyhounds living with their charmed and bemused families throughout the country. Those people who have come to know and love the Racing Greyhound as adoptive owners will no longer have access to these remarkable and beguiling creatures, because they simply will have ceased, for all intents and purposes, to exist.

That will be some of the fruit of those organizations and individuals who recklessly and ruthlessly choose to outlaw and destroy, rather than to work cooperatively to enhance and to try to perfect. Greyhound lovers of any stripe, who support and enable these destructive forces are no less guilty of having betrayed the breed, than are those greyhound owners who still refuse to do right by their own dogs, who willingly and enthusiastically served them to the best of their abilities.

Hunting Deer with Greyhounds, circa 1670's
The Greyhound has existed since before recorded history. In every era, in every country where he took root, he always had a job to do. He has been a hunter, a provider of food, a courser of vermin, and a racer of unthinkable beauty, athletic prowess and swiftness. The last one is the only job he has left to do in our modern world and culture. It is what he has been bred to do for some 30-odd generations. Our modern greyhound has evolved and adapted to the inputs and feedbacks of racing alone. The greyhound we know, respect and love, is from the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail, the embodiment and canine expression of competitive racing, his race-breeding, his race-raising, his race-training, his race-handling, his racing environment and his racing experiences. The anti-racing networks say that he and his job are “outmoded”. They would offer him up on the altar of their own myopic arrogance and sanctimony. They advocate for him by making his breeder’s, his owner’s and his handler’s jobs of care-taking him, a criminal activity. It is, when you strip away all the fallacious, non-contextual and ignorant anti-racing rhetoric, nothing less than “advocacy by extinction”. And that, brothers and sisters, is not now, nor has it ever been, a rational, reasonable, defensible or humane concept.

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The Zen of Grey2K, Part 3 - Kabuki Theater for Children

The Zen of Grey2K - The Age of Carey Nation - continuation of Part 1
*Originally published on the website, All About Greyhounds, prior to the 2012 Super Bowl. Reprinted here with the permission of the author & All About Greyhounds.*

By Rockingship,

Recently the fourth-graders of Sacred Heart elementary school in Hampton, NH, were subjected a manipulative, falsehood-filled and hate-fomenting presentation concerning the lives of Racing Greyhounds.

Zoe on Pillow During Skechers Protest
The guest of honor was Grey2K President Christine Dorchak’s pet, Zoe the greyhound, who, in her retirement, had seemingly become the traveling, canine, donation-extracting apparatus of Grey2K. They are a political action/lobbying group, whose goal is to outlaw pari-mutuel wagering on greyhound races while making lots of money doing it. The way they have chosen to accomplish this little miracle of wealth-redistribution, is to demonize an entire working class of racing professionals, by casting Zoe and her greyhound kin as objects of pity, and themselves as a greyhound welfare provider—which they most certainly are not.

Zoe, for once, got a break from what seem to be her usual duties as a stage prop employed to wheedle hard earned currency from the pockets of the easily fooled, and instead was brought to class to meet the children. (It is unclear at this time whether the children’s lunch money was accepted by Grey2K on the spot, or if they were sent home with envelopes to give to their parents.)

According to the Seacoastonline.com article and Grey2K USA volunteer Lorraine Nicotera, Zoe and all of her greyhound brethren are the victims of lifelong abuse and cruelty at the hands of greyhound racing professionals, whose depravity apparently began by having the effrontery to bring them into the world in the first place.

Looking at the photo (01/24/12, posted at Seacoastonline.com) of Zoe and the children, they all appear to be enjoying themselves in one another’s company. Zoe, in particular, looks perfectly relaxed and happy to have all that attention. This casual ease and charm that Zoe appears to be exuding here would seem to fly in the face of what the children had been told that day.

“ ‘I was surprised to learn how cruel they are to the greyhounds’, said fourth-grade student Katia Gaffney. ‘I didn’t realize how often they hurt themselves racing, or that they spend their lives in cages.’ ”

I won’t elaborate on the impropriety of a political action group burdening children with their hateful, demented and warped view of the small class of working people who have engendered, caretaken and supported the modern, racing Greyhound breed, nor will I dignify their lies, here, with a whopper-by-whopper clarification.

Julie with Her Newborn, Greyhounds Gabby and Gina
It should suffice to say that as a general rule, canines who are the victims of lifelong neglect, abuse and cruelty, require significant, professional and painstaking rehabilitation, and extremely careful and empathetic handling thereafter. Most would certainly be a questionable choice to get up close and personal with young children, who can, at times, be somewhat overly attentive, kinetic, and exuberant with loveable, hugable pets.

Needless to say, Zoe seems to have no problems socializing or mingling with the children (the look on her face says it all)—hardly the behavior of a dog who has endured a lifetime of physical and mental trauma.

Greyhounds in the Beck Home, courtesy Candy & Jerry Beck
Likewise, hundreds of thousands of adopted retired racing greyhounds have made that challenging adjustment of habituation from revered racing athlete to cherished family pet, easily enough so that they have become a literal phenomenon in the pet world. There is no group of owners who are more enthralled with or enthusiastic about their pets than are the members of that ever-growing sorority/fraternity who have been adopted by a retired racing greyhound—or as in many cases, a pack of racing greyhounds. Greyhound pet enthusiasts call the common desire to adopt more and more greyhounds “potato-chipping”—-because, as they say, it is impossible to have just one.

This is so, mainly due to the essence of racing greyhounds. They make fabulous pets. Like all dogs, they reflect their breeding, raising, environment and handling. Dogs who are treated with love and affection tend to express love and affection. Greyhounds are enthusiastically and increasingly sought after as pets, and have become phenomenally successful as pets, precisely because of this immutable cause-and-effect, not in spite of their lives as racers—-no matter how long, or for how young an audience Grey2K decides to perform its tragic, mythic Kabuki Dance.

Monday, April 9, 2012

The Zen of Grey2K, Part 2 - The Age of Carey Nation

The Zen of Grey2K - The Age of Carey Nation - continuation of Part 1
*Originally published on the website, All About Greyhounds, prior to the 2012 Super Bowl. Reprinted here with the permission of the author & All About Greyhounds.*

By Rockingship,

Carey Theil, a high priest in the national Greyhound Temperance>Extinction Movement, and a major player in what is known as Grey2K (a political action/lobbying group heretofore to be known as “Carey Nation”) has gone nuclear on his blog. Not only has he attacked the National Greyhound Association and accused them of perhaps fudging the yearly adoption estimates, but, I am told, he has cast that same pointy, fickle finger of condemnation at the former national Vice President of Greyhound Pets of America (GPA), the largest adoption organization in the country, Mr. John Parker.

Now, as a long time student, observer and handler of racing greyhounds, I find this remarkable. Particularly so, because not only is Mr. Parker a veteran adoption volunteer and an authority on the adoption of retired racing greyhounds—something Carey Nation takes virtually no part in, contributing little if any time or financial resources to it—-but John Parker is also an authority on the Greyhound breed, equally adept at discussing either the NGA racing breed, or the AKC non-racing breed. Carey Nation casting aspersions at John Parker’s greyhound creds, is a little like a gaggle of Steve Urkels calling out Dr. Dre for not being “gangsta” enough.

Former Trainer, Clifton Grey, and Hudson Brawl
I guess the non-contextual and skewed reportage of injuries sustained by racing greyhounds over the years has lost some of its power to vacuum money from the wallets of a well-meaning but gullible public. Or perhaps the wellspring of kind-hearted dupes who have been once, twice, maybe even three times snookered into donating their hard earned money to what they may have inferred was an actual, hands-on provider of greyhound welfare, has been bled nearly dry, after they found out that their money might have more likely been used to buy brie and zinfandel for the braintrust of Carey Nation, maybe even while dining with a few of their empowering, well-lobbied political cronies. One simply swoons at the thought.

No matter, Carey Nation is now trumpeting from the rooftops, all about the virtues of greyhound adoption, and how woefully inept the NGA and the 300 assorted racing greyhound adoption groups in the USA have been at keeping the records of how many greyhounds are actually adopted each year. Carey Nation usually avoids the subject of adoption the way turn-of-the century New Yorkers avoided Typhoid Mary. Strange, because adoption or actual greyhound welfare is what they would seem to prefer the donating public believe they are engaged in, rather than the tawdry political intrigues that lobbying for the Prohibition of greyhound racing might present, like that messy, little West Virginia dust-up—or the nasty, yucky work of smearing, disenfranchising and/or destroying the livlihoods of an entire class of racing professionals.

Greg Morse & Isabelle
Anyway, what ticked Carey Nation off and beckoned the Holy Modal Greyhound Temperance Hallelujah Chorous to full throat, was a claim made by NGA spokesman Gary Guccione, that 95% of its retired racers are eventually adopted. Unfortunately for Guccione, and I presume for Parker as well, they did not, apparently, state that this was an estimate.

 Since not all adoption groups are inclined to fill out and turn in their paperwork, the NGA cannot infallibly quantify the actual number of yearly adoptees, but must project that number from the roughly one-third of adoption groups who do return their dog’s paperwork to them. It’s an inexact science. But what’re you gonna do? Now I have no idea why Carey Nation has their whimmies in such a froth over greyhound adoption, anyway, since they contribute little, if anything toward it, and frankly, never have seemed to me to be much interested in it. Furthermore, this alleged fudging of the numbers fits the Carey Nation narrative to a T. That would be, if you’ve been following the production all along, is that not only are all greyhound professionals abusers, exploiters and evil-doers to racing greyhounds—-but now, in light of this stunning new revelation, they could very likely be members of local greyhound death cults!

Meanwhile, I decided for my penance, that I would have a look at what former greyhound-suffragette and board member of Carey Nation, Jen Krebs, might be saying about all this hubbub on her blog. Nothing.

But I did read a very interesting, recent (Sept,2011) article about blood pressure in greyhounds, and learned something for my trouble. I felt cleansed.

Interestingly enough, contained in Ms. Krebs’ report on greyhound blood pressure (which entirely sources OSU and respected greyhound veterinarian/researcher Dr. Cuoto) is this unsourced little tibit, which I assume is attributable to Ms. Krebs herself, former Carey Nation board member.

Most of the estimated 200,000 pet greyhounds in the United States are former racers that have been adopted at the end of their careers

Well let’s see here now. Jen Krebs estimates that there are 200K pet greyhounds in the US. Since greyhounds are usually adopted after a racing career of some duration, and they generally begin racing in earnest at 18-20 months of age, I think it’s safe to figure that the median age of an adopted greyhound is somewhere between 2 and 3.5 years of age. Since they generally live to an age of 10-11 or 12, sometimes even longer, most of the existing pet population of greyhounds, at the time of the article, would have been born between 1999 and 2008.

Here are the number of greyhounds born in each of the those years. These figures include stillborns.

1999 27,059
2000 26,464
2001 26,797
2002 27,142
2003 26,277
2004 26,262
2005 26,207
2006 22,951
2007 20,227
2008 20,365

Now, if we estimate—there’s that word again—that most retired greyhounds live about 8-10 years from the day they retire, and if we estimate, also, that the aggregate greyhounds born in those years have a premature mortality rate of about 10% (much less than most purebreds), and that 5% of that aggregate are retired for breeding—-any way you work the numbers, using the estimate of 200K extant retiree/pets cited in Ms. Krebs’ report, you’re not going to be far off what the NGA estimates is the adoption rate. It would take nearly 20,000 adoptions per year to sustain the retired population of 200K that Jen Krebs’ article cites.

So now, while I doubt that we have actually learned why Ms. Krebs seems to be no longer officially affiliated with Carey Nation, we have learned that the population estimate she has offered pretty much jives with the NGA’s adoption estimate. But as we know, it’s an inexact science.

Adoption "blue slip" - Pet Ownership Transfer Form
 Now, what we really have to learn is why so many anti-racing adoption groups, many of them sympathetic to, if not supporters of Carey Nation, encourage adopters not to turn in their blue adoption slips to the NGA for record keeping purposes, or to even contact their greyhound’s breeders and/or former owners. What’s up with that?

NGA Pet Registration Certificate

Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Zen of Grey2K USA, Part 1

The Zen of Grey2K touches on the effects that Grey2K USA's political posturing have on greyhounds, greyhound adoption, greyhound racing professionals and their families. How their propaganda campaign would make Joseph Goebbels proud.
*Originally published on the website, All About Greyhounds, prior to the 2012 Super Bowl.  Reprinted here with the permission of the author & All About Greyhounds.*

By Rockingship

Overlooking the unconscionable damage they have done to greyhound racing professionals and their families by waging a propaganda campaign to destroy their livelihoods that Josef Goebbels would be proud of, Grey2K once again shows their posteriors to the American public, and to everyone who loves racing greyhounds, whether they support racing or not.

Greyhound Racing - A Family Affair
Their most recent cause-celebre is the now, thanks to them, “controversial” commercial featuring racing greyhounds, which the Skechers footwear company plans to run during the Super Bowl broadcast on NBC. Never tardy in seizing upon an opportunity to call attention to themselves, or to extract donations from an uninformed or dis-informed public, they have been tom-caterwauling all over the new and old media to the extent that one might infer that Skechers is now a part of some dark, shadowy, national conspiracy to hurt, maim and abuse racing greyhounds.

Grey2K, above and beyond the negative mythology they have created about the lives of racing greyhounds, have also managed to mythologize themselves. The false image they project of themselves is to imply that they are a greyhound welfare organization, when in actuality, they are a Political Action Group/Lobbying concern, who are trying to criminalize pari-mutuel wagering on State sponsored and regulated greyhound racing. They are not involved in any hands on welfare, rescue or adoption of any dogs, and certainly not racing greyhounds. While they receive hundreds of thousands per year in donations, very little, if any of this money is spent on greyhound care or welfare.

They have been as quick to imply that the Skechers folks are greyhound abusers, for simply using racing greyhounds in their commercial, (without ever having seen the offending commercial) as they have been to similarly smear greyhound racing professionals, without ever having been to a professional greyhound racing kennel or to a breeding facility. Were racing greyhound professionals an ethnic or religious minority, Grey2K’s unceasing, ignorant, disingenuous and vitriolic diatribes against greyhound racing professionals could rightly be viewed as hate speech.

With this latest escapade, they have proven once again, that far from being advocates of the racing greyhound, their agenda is patently anti-racing greyhound.

More people are likely to watch this year’s Super Bowl than any other television broadcast. There will probably be in excess of 100-150 million homes tuned in. Most of those people have never seen a racing greyhound. For the 300-plus independent and racetrack-sponsored retired greyhound adoption groups in the United States, who, unlike Grey2K, do the actual hands-on rehoming of the 10,000 or so retiring greyhounds each year, this sort of interest-piquing breed exposure is priceless.

Helen and Jack
While the retired racing greyhound has become a pet-phenomenon among those “in the know” about their personable, tractable, gentle and loving nature, vastly millions more people are unaware of this best-kept-secret of the dog and pet world. Grey2K chooses to portray the racing greyhound as an object of pity, and thus a source of donations for them, rather than as the well-bred, well-raised and well cared for athlete that he actually is. While reasonable people who own retired racing greyhounds, as well as anyone who understands canine development and disposition, realize that populations of dogs who are the victims of cruelty and abuse don’t seamlessly achieve the universal, loving acclaim the retired racing greyhound has as a desirable pet, the general public is largely unaware, because greyhound racing is conducted in only a few states.

A 30 second spot during the Super Bowl would dramatically increase the visibility of the racing greyhound among those who might someday become his adopters in retirement. The tireless “advocates” at Grey2K, however, would seem to prefer that this positive exposure not be granted to the breed. At least not when censoring it presents a chance for them to rake in untold donations by railing against sharing the visage of the racing greyhound with the rest of the country, to his ultimate benefit.

Another Adopter Speaks...

Another adopter speaks about the differences between what Grey2K lead them to believe by way of the Grey2K USA propaganda machine, their lies and distortions of the truth, and what the adopter discovered for themselves when doing their own research. Her research was done in Massachusetts, prior to the ballot initiative, Proposition 3, ending greyhound racing was voted upon.The main forces behind Proposition 3 were: HSUS, Grey2K and the Grey2K PAC - the Committee to Protect Dogs, which is headed by Christine Dorchak - President & General Counsel of Grey2K USA.
By Brianna,

Back in June of 2008, we were presented an opportunity to make a visit to one of the two remaining greyhound racing tracks in Massachusetts. We had adopted Magic four years ago thinking we had "saved" or "rescued" him from a miserable existence. I was ready to get a first hand look at how our "poor puppy" had been treated.
Tracking Baker being weighed, Rachel Hogue Photography

We were met by the volunteer coordinator and given an overview of our day and then brought to the weigh in area where all the dogs are brought before racing. Here I learned that the dogs are weighed in and checked by both the track veterinarian as well as the state racing commission vet. After they are weighed and examined, they are placed in kennel crates-- one dog per crate with the measurements which were set by the MSPCA and Grey2K USA-- to await their chance to race. I was shocked at the level of security and the regulations that help to insure the safety of the dogs.

We were then taken to the post race area where the dogs are brought to cool down. They are walked by their handlers after the race so that they can relax their muscles, get some fresh cold water, a bath to clean any dust off their coat, paws. They even get their eyes washed out as well. There is another area sectioned off and controlled by the state racing commission. This is where they bring dogs selected at random for urine testing.

We were told about the training and schooling that the dogs go through, the selective breeding process which is also very tightly regulated to prevent inbreeding and over breeding. We were given an opportunity to ask questions and express our concerns and receive honest and straight forward answers.

We took a break for lunch and had the opportunity to watch a couple of the races. This was a first for us. We had seen our own retired racer sprint and run with some of his greyhound friends. Nothing compares to the beauty of these dogs at full speed. It is truly amazing and even more so that they really seem to enjoy doing it. As we watched the dogs walk to the starting gate I could see that they were excited. It was a beautiful sight-- seeing these dogs do that which they were created to do.

After lunch we paid a visit to one of the kennels. Now I was ready to see the horrible conditions we have been told about. The turn out area was clean and free of any piles of waste. There was an odor of dogs, we were, after all in a kennel, but it was not a foul smell. The trainer allowed us to let several of the dogs out of their crates a couple at a time. All of them were very happy and playful. Not one seemed skittish or scared at all! If a dog is abused, you can usually tell by the way it acts around its owner, and also around strangers. Happy, friendly and playful. Every last one of them.
Hank's Gipper in Whirlpool, Photo by Cathie Lambert (Follow That Hound)
The trainer told us about his days, often twelve to fourteen hours long. You can see his love for the dogs and their love for him in their interactions. The kennel and the crates are cleaned every day. (I wish our house was cleaned that often!) They are subject to unannounced inspections by the State Police and MSPCA.

I came away with a different opinion that day.

Unfortunately for greyhounds and the people associated with them, the Massachusetts voters were duped by Grey2K into believing that greyhounds are horrifically abused. More than 1,000 people lost their jobs with the bill's passage and that was only the people directly involved with the dogs. The ripple effect spread widely with restaurant employees losing their jobs and various businesses closing, many of which were not directly associated with greyhound racing.

Grey2K came in with their smoke & mirrors and when they left, they left all the dogs, saying that it wasn't their problem; that the adoption groups would take care of them.  They didn't even have the decency to donate any monies to those same adoption groups.  There used to be a saying, "beware a Greek bearing gifts". That saying had its origins with the Trojan horse as the Greeks came to Troy and left the Trojan Horse as a "gift". What a gift... lead to the destruction of a people and a culture.  Grey2K USA is a Trojan Horse and it leaves destruction in its wake.


Saturday, April 7, 2012

NY Times Article & National Geographic Special

Animal rights and the ownership of domestic animals, including racing greyhounds. The impact of the 1993 National Geographic documentary on greyhound racing 20 years later. Anti-racing quotes and sensible rebuttals.
Back in January 1993, National Geographic produced an episode on greyhound racing. It was titled, Running for their Lives. That documentary, so many years ago, is what motivated me to "rescue" an "abused" greyhound. Yep... make no mistake... I was VERY much anti-racing and believed that such a horrible & cruel "sport" needed to be shut down and made illegal. How could people abuse dogs... dogs which give so much to so many...  I was horrified!  In time, however, I came to find out that all was not as it was presented and that things were constantly changing.

To this date, nearly 20 years later, people still cite this program when they want to ban greyhound racing.  Do they believe that greyhound racing and the people involved in greyhound racing haven't changed in 20 YEARS????

Here's a for instance, on March 8, 2012, the New York Times published an article called, Greyhound Races Face Extinction At The Hands of Casinos They Fostered.  The article discusses how greyhound track owners, which also happen to own the casinos, want to end racing. That way, they can expand the casino operations and make more profit on the backs of people addicted to the proverbial "easy money".  To wager on either horse or dog races, you have to have some skills in handicapping, some math skills.  It involves some work other than putting coins into a "one-armed bandit" aka slot machine. Gamblers have voiced the opinion that it is "too much work" to handicap and bet on either horses or dogs. They want to "get rich quick".

A comment from "Edward J" of Ocala, FL, dated March 9, states:
"After watching a National Geographic TV special on Greyhounds, I looked into the grey rescue program & wound up adopting my first in 1993--her name was Butter & she was the best dog I have ever had. Since 1993, I adopted six more, once having 3 greys at once---I had 5 acres, 1 fenced in. I have loved each one---5 were females, none of which lived past 8 yrs of age, as they all died from some form of cancer. I was told that the females were injected with a medication to prevent them from going into heat while they were racing--this medication evidently results in disrupting their metabliism, which then can result in cancer.

I won't get into the wounds evident on each of my adopted dogs, as others have already done so for their greys. They are wonderful animals, gentle, sweet and affectionate, once they gain your trust.

I am pleased to read that the tracks arfe closing--it cannot happen fast enough for me.

The pro-racing folks should watch the National Geographic special on greys, then let me hear your spin on how great the `sport' is." (sic)

There are inaccuracies in his statement, the most glaring examples are that the drug(s) used for estrous suppression cause cancer and the implication that scars are from wounds inflicted by abuse. Estrous suppression using testosterone and its derivatives is an accepted animal husbandry practice for a wide variety of animals. There have been many, many studies on this accepted practice.

Estrous Suppression
According to the 1st edition of the 2007 publication, Care of the Racing & Retired Greyhound by Drs Linda L Blythe, DVM, PhD; James R Gannon AM, BVSc, FACVSc; A. Morrie Craig, PhD; and Desmond P Fean, MVB, MRCVS, the most common estrous suppressors in use in the USA are testosterone derivatives. In addition to suppressing the estrous cycle, they also increase muscular strength and endurance, allowing the normally smaller females (bitches) to compete with the larger males (dogs). Greyhound racing, unlike horse racing, does not have separate races for females (bitches). In the USA, there are limited types of testosterone available and ALL need to be obtained  through a prescription by a vet. The derivatives most commonly used in the USA are Halotestin, methyl testosterone (Vita Max Rx) and/or testosterone cypionate (Anicare).  Estrus can also be prevented by using a human estrogen contraceptive pill.

Yep...  greyhounds have "the Pill".  According to the American Cancer Society, testosterone derivatives are used to TREAT several types of cancers, including breast cancer. They are not implicated in causing cancers.

Wounds = Abuse
Wounds (scars) - Greyhounds as a breed have notoriously thin skin that tears fairly easily. It is a breed trait regardless of registry. Skin tears happen in both show & racing bred greyhounds. When the skin tears, an owner has to decide if the wound will be either left alone to heal on its own, stapled or sutured. Much depends upon the size of the injury, the type of injury and the amount of bleeding, if any. Regardless of treatment, there will be a scar. A quick snap of the jaws, and a dog is missing a piece of skin, leading to a scar. A swat of a sharp toenail from a littermate, the greyhound has a scar. A scrape to the skin just resulting in missing hair (no cut) and a greyhound has a scar.

The worst skin wound I've personally seen was a dog who all but degloved his leg in his crate in a foster home. To this day, no one knows how he did it. The vet drew up and sutured back together as much of the skin as possible, but there was still a very large area where there was no skin to suture! Use of a product called, Granulex, multiple times a day on the denuded area allowed good healing and skin regrowth with surprisingly little scarring.  It's the nature of the breed and does not indicate any kind of abuse.

Other comments from the same article...

Jon Rand of Kansas City, MO states on March 9, "The inhumane treatment of greyhounds is much worse than indicated in this very interesting story. Most people know how many greyhounds have been put down over the years when they no longer can race, and the adoption efforts barely make a dent in that population. The real dirty secret is all the pups that have been killed and tossed in dumps near breeding and training centers once it's determined they don't have a future on the track."

Greyhounds are no longer routinely "put down" when their racing careers are over. It is estimated that  90% of adoptable greyhounds are finding a 2nd careers after racing - being pets and companions.  An even smaller percentage are returned to the farm for breeding purposes.  I'd say that an adoption rate of 90% or greater is more than making "a dent" in the post racing population.   Also, puppies are not killed as an individual greyhound's ability to successfully race is not determined until the dogs are about 18 months of age and actually on a track.  Today, when a dog is determined to be unsuccessful, they go into adoption.

Nora Gloria, Newburgh, NY - "For all the proponents of dog racing and the "charmed life" the dog supposedly lives, let me sand your paws and keep you in a cell. No animal so housed lives a good life. All my pets are part of my family "pack", are treated as such, and given LOTS of space. Greyhounds may want to race natrually, but last I heard, no dog VOLUNTEERED to do so for humans, expecially at the cost of spending the majority of its existence in a cage (except, of course, for when there's money to be made). Just like the circus, horse-drawn carriages, racing AND industrial farming, anything that exploits animals for the almighty buck - and abuses animals - needs to be ended."

Sanding paws?  What???  I've been involved with greyhounds for about 20 years and I thought I'd heard all of the abuse myths but this is a new one even for me!  Please tell me what would be accomplished by sanding a dogs feet? The dog won't win and, in fact, it won't even be on the track as the supervising veterinarian would scratch the dog from the race due to its being sore footed! A licensed trainer would lose his license and how he makes a living.  The state's gambling commission would be all over the kennel and its employees.  What is to be gained?  This is, by far, the most ludicrous statement I've ever heard!

Despite my love for animals I recognize one very real truth: animals are not people. Animals, i.e., Greyhounds, neither "volunteer" nor live in "cells".  The only thing that Greyhounds "volunteer" for is eating and being loved on.  As for "cells", Greyhounds are kept confined for reasons of safety and health in large, spacious wire crates. They are turned out for exercise and to void many times a day. They have numerous interactions with people on a daily basis. Those interactions include, but are not limited to: massages, exercise, walks, feeding, vetting, and just talking to and petting the dog.

A previous post to this blog, James Campbell - One Year Later, highlighted the benefits of keeping greyhounds kenneled in an orderly fashion. Kenneling his dogs in crates allowed him to evacuate all the greyhounds (60 of them) from a burning kennel building with no loss of life! Can you imagine trying to do this with dogs running loose in a building?  Also, what about the possibility of their escaping from the building while carrying in supplies like multiple 50# bags of dog food to mix in with their meat?  What about keeping them safe from dog fights?

Other comments cite the Greyhound Protection League (GPL). The most recent comment on the GPL website is dated 2004 - 8 years ago.  They classify kennel cough, a common virus in dogs (bordatella), as "abuse".

From the GPL "abuse" page - "KENNEL COUGH STRIKES AGAIN - The virus, once again, started in South Florida and spread throughout the state. It then made its way to Alabama, Arkansas, Texas and to tracks in New England in spite of quarantines. Reporting of race dog deaths is not mandatory. The acknowledged death toll of 22 is contradicted by insider reports which put the number closer to 50. Researchers are attempting to determine why this highly contagious, but relatively benign virus turns deadly in racing dogs. The effects from the stress of racing are being explored. Source: Multiple media sources June - July 2004; University of Florida Veterinary School"What GPL did not report is that the virus, which swept across the nation affecting all dogs from all walks of life is a new canine influenza virus, not bordatella. It is H3N8, which is a Type A influenza virus believed to have mutated from an influenza strain that affects horses. It has killed racing greyhounds in seven states and has been found in shelters and pet shops in many places, including the New York suburbs. The extent of its spread can be seen in the chart.

Dr. Cynda Crawford, an immunologist at the University of Florida's College of Veterinary Medicine who is studying the virus, said that it spread most easily where dogs were housed together but that it could also be passed on the street, in dog runs or even by a human transferring it from one dog to another. Kennel workers have carried the virus home with them.

Boarding kennels nationwide had to shut down to be disinfected. Dogs at boarding kennels also died as did show dogs. This is not abuse.  It's a viral, infectious disease that is spread by direct contact and/or by contact with aerosolized body fluids, i.e., coughing, sneezing, etc.

Beth M, Atlanta on Mar 8. "Sugar spent most of her time at Dubuque, IA... Sugar refused to go into her kennel. Try putting a 75lb dog in a crated when they don't want to go in is impossible. Since adopting Suger, I have seen the crates that dogs are kept in at a track. These are little slices of hell for these dogs. They are filthy, dark little holes that they spend apx. 20hrs a day in. Greyhounds only race apx. 1 out of every 3 days for 1/4 mi. The rest of the time is spent in the crates"

Here's a picture of a typical kennel situation.

Typical Racing Kennel, courtesy of  Rachel Hogue Photography
Melanie, NY on Mar 8 - "I've been involved in Greyhound rescue and advocacy for over 20 years, I've personally funded more rescues and broken dogs than Gary Guccione ever has or ever will. I know plenty of people involved longer than myself, including dogmen who will attest that--"

She neglects to mention that Grey2K USA (Grey2K) does not fund dogs at all.  Period.  None of the hundreds of thousands of dollars that Grey2K takes in as "donations for the dogs" provides any direct services to "the dogs" nor to the adoption groups which find them homes.  Nothing... Nada... Zilch.

However, she's quick to assume that the NGA, specifically Gary Guccione, has not paid for the care of any greyhounds. Yet, the NGA formed the American Greyhound Council (AGC), which provides grant monies to adoption groups. From the AGC website

"The American Greyhound Council (AGC) was established in 1987 to fund and manage greyhound welfare, research and adoption programs for the racing community. It is a joint effort of the National Greyhound Association, the official greyhound registry and breeding organization; and the American Greyhound Track Operators Association."

Melanie's assumptions are grossly wrong.

By now, I think you get the picture.  If not, this one really spells it out...

"The Eagle" - "Ban dog shows! Those dogs are treated worse than racing dogs. They are in kennels their whole lives and never get to run. Or is that treading on the rich and famous and liberal elitist territory?

While we're at it, ban dog ownership in cities. Those dogs never get to run unless they go to a dog park - once a week.

Dogs are meant to run. What distinguishes them from any other animal in the world is their ability to run full speed for extended lengths of time and distance. How does cooping one up in the house or an apartment all day and then taking them for a walk on a leash seem humane?

What's good for the goose is good for the yuppie, for the metro sexual and for the liberal elite - who are always telling everyone else how to do things."

The statement above is ignorant and so very, very disturbing. It espouses the view of Wayne Pacelle, President of the Humane Society of the US (HSUS), who has stated that he has no problem with the extinction of domesticated animals.

Here are some of the most revealing quotes:

When asked if he envisioned a future without pets, If I had my personal view, perhaps that might take hold. In fact, I don’t want to see another dog or cat born. ----Wayne Pacelle quoted in Bloodties: Nature, Culture and the Hunt by Ted Kerasote, 1993, p. 266.

One generation and out. We have no problem with the extinction of domestic animals. ---Wayne Pacelle, quoted in Animal People, May, 1993

The entire animal rights movement in the United States reacted with unfettered glee at the Ban in England ...We view this act of parliament as one of the most important actions in the history of the animal rights movement. This will energise our efforts to stop hunting with hounds.” ---Wayne Pacelle, London Times, December 26, 2004

"We are going to use the ballot box and the democratic process to stop all hunting in the United States ... We will take it species by species until all hunting is stopped in California. Then we will take it state by state." ---Wayne Pacelle, Full Cry Magazine, October 1, 1990.

Grey2K USA and its efforts are sponsored and fiscally supported by the Humane Society of the US (HSUS) - an animal rights organization that does not run any animal shelters and, in fact, donates less than 1% of its revenue to providing services for animals in need and/or those that attend to them. On the website, Follow the Money, one can see who donates to whom and how much.

There, you will find that in 2008 that HSUS made large donations to the political action committee known as "Committee to Protect Dogs", an offshoot of Grey2K USA.

Committee to Protect Dogs Screen Shot on Follow the Money

Additional proof that the Committee to Protect Dogs is Grey2K USA under a different name includes:

1) The presence of Christine Dorchak, President of Grey2K. To quote the Somerville News on Oct 10, 2008, "Christine Dorchak, of the Davis Square-based Committee to Protect Dogs, would..."
2) Each and every link that has been found on said Committee goes back to the Grey2K USA website.
3) The online version of the Boston Globe on Nov 4, 2008 commented that "the Committee (Committee To Protect Dogs) -- formed by Grey2K USA, the Humane Society of the United States, and the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals-Angell Medical Center (MSPCA-Angell)..."

For more info on HSUS, please visit Humane Watch!  For the truth about greyhounds and greyhound racing, please visit All About Greyhounds. To see which legislators vote for Animal Rights bills in your state and nationwide, please visit Follow The Money.

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Routine cruelty to UK greyhounds? – a true story of a typical UK greyhound.

Routine cruelty to greyhounds in the United Kingdom is a myth... a fabrication... a lie. This is a true story of what is typical for racing greyhounds in the UK.
By Jayne Conway,

Flying Arkwright, AKA Stanley is a beautiful, big, blue dog and I fell in love with him the moment I saw him. I had bought him from a chap who buys a lot of greyhounds but only keeps the very good ones and Stanley didn’t fit the bill. This particular chap will only sell his reject dogs to people who he knows will take really good care of them so that was how I got him.
Flying Arkwright - Stanley

I was so excited when I went to watch his first trial and as he went round the track I knew exactly what the problem with him was. He was extremely fast on the straights but couldn’t get round bends for toffee. He took them so wide that he gave away 5 lengths on every bend. Still, I loved him and as long as he stayed sound and enjoyed his job then we were both going to be happy. His trainer thought that he would be better running sprints because in sprints in the UK there are only 2 bends, giving Stanley limited opportunity to hand the race to the opposition. He really took to this and was a dog that people watched because of his great pace. His trainer was just discussing getting him ready to have a go at taking the track record for the sprint when the track closed. Stanley won his race on the very last night beating the current track record holder by a short head.

Stanley loved winning, he loved coming home without the ignominy of having sand kicked in his face. I moved him to another track where he did well enough but the straights were too short for him to demonstrate his speed and after about 9 months I moved him back to his old kennel for a rest and to decide where might suit him better. Winter was very quickly upon us when I moved him and he managed to break a toe in the frozen paddock. It was the end joint of a third toe and so the vet thought it would be better just to take the end of the toe off. Stanley settled himself down for a luxurious recovery time.

When he was completely sound I moved him to another track and another trainer. He managed to hurt another toe in his second trial so he was off again. Eventually he graded on and started racing and how he loved it, he won his 4th race and I could really see him swelling with pride. Then after a few more races he strained a hock so he was off again, this time for 4 months. Again I waited with patience for him to become sound again. On his first trial back he injured his gracilis muscle and so ended his racing career. I was sad that I wouldn’t see him race again, or see him eager for the chase, or puffing himself up with pride when he won (and he really did know when he’d won). But I knew that the next stage of Stanley’s life was about to begin.

Stanley #6 in the Lead, Bashley & Crayford
When he was rested after his last injury I had him castrated as the first step in his ‘detuning’. Then when he was recovered from that I moved him back down to his original trainer and into the retirement block so that I could see him regularly, take him for walks and get him used to other dogs. I have a greyhound and a terrier at home so I needed to get this right. I had him assessed by a proper dog assessor who concluded that he would detune enough to live with a terrier but that it would take time and a lot of patience.

I might add that I do voluntary work up at the retired dogs’ kennel so I was up there twice a week, but hardly had Stanley’s detuning begun when something happened. Some people had just lost a greyhound and were desperate for another one to keep their remaining greyhound company. Stanley was the obvious choice for this, he had always been so gentle and laid back with his kennel mates. The people who came to the kennel thought Stanley was gorgeous and took him for a walk with their remaining dog, she also thought he was gorgeous. I had to make a choice, did I keep Stanley in the kennel and hope everything was OK with him and my terrier or did I let him go immediately to the perfect home? With a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye I did the right thing for Stanley.

Stanley of course didn’t know I owned him, he didn’t care who his human company was, he got on well with everyone. He went off with his new family and new girlfriend. He tried to walk on water and fell in the pond, twice. He’s chewed the coffee tables and the TV remote control. He’s eaten a display of dried flowers and thrown them up all over the hall floor. He’s kept his family awake through the night playing with his squeaky toys and they love him for it. I still love him for it.

Were Stanley’s injuries caused by racing? Well with the exception of the broken toe, yes. Could they have happened under any other circumstances? Yes. Did I ever think about having him put down because of them? No. Did I ever baulk at the astronomical vet fees? No. Did I ever think about having him put down when he ended his racing career? No. Did I pay for his castration and his keep in the retirement kennels? Yes. Am I a typical greyhound owner? Yes. My attitude to my dogs is no different to any other owners that I know, yet without ever having met me, someone who met Stanley whilst he was out with his assessor accused me of dumping my dog. My accuser wouldn’t believe the assessor and insisted that greyhounds are cruelly treated and are routinely dumped or put down.

Ignorance is a very comfortable state of mind, it allows the ignorant to claim the moral high ground with no foundation. How very nice for them.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Grey2K USA - Manufacturing Controversy?

Grey2K USA (Grey2K) manufactures controversy and conflict.
Put yourself in Grey2K's shoes... You bring in more than $300K in donations and of that amount, nothing goes to the greyhound groups that provide services such as finding good homes for the dogs retired from greyhound racing.  You know, those dogs that Grey2K and its minions present as beaten, starved and abused in many other ways to drum up more in donations for Grey2K. So, what happens to all that money?

Well 23% of it goes into salaries for the husband and wife team of Carey Theil and Christine Dorchak. Christine probably brings in a bit more as she is the "General Counsel", the chief attorney, for Grey2K. So, she's getting a salary as the group's President and also probably getting paid for any legal work she does on behalf of Grey2K. Sounds pretty lucrative...  Especially for those with absolutely NO EXPERIENCE with or knowledge of greyhounds and greyhound racing. That's right...  none, not a single iota of expertise with greyhounds and/or greyhound racing. However, in addition to that law degree, Christine Dorchak also has a degree in JOURNALISM. I wonder if she knows Geraldo Rivera? They use the same methods of "reporting" and Rivera also has a background in law and journalism.

Yet, for that glaring lack of expertise, the media has been all too willing to give them voice and credence, while completely ignoring the voices of those most closely associated with this noble breed - the folks involved in greyhound racing. The media has 'bought into' the hype that Grey2K USA has created by obfuscating their true goal and by equating the legal activity of greyhound racing, which is conducted under government auspices by state sanctioned and licensed breeders, trainers, and kennel operators, to the vile and illegal savagery of dog fighting, where the intent is to maim and kill.

Make no mistake... Grey2K USA (Grey2K) is an animal rights group, closely aligned with HSUS, PeTA, and ALF as has been shown in previous posts. Grey2K USA shares office space with the (government tagged) eco-terrorist group - Greenpeace  at

240 Elm Street, Suite B
Somerville, MA

Grey2K & Greenpeace Addresses
But why do the constant need to raise funds? There are several possibilities, but the law of parsimony (economy) aka Ockham's Razor seems to indicate that the most likely reason, the most likely option is that Grey2K is only in it for the money, especially since Grey2K does not contribute a dime towards any adoption group or directly to the dogs themselves before, during or after their racing careers.

Grey2K raises plenty of money using the dogs all the time portraying them as pathetic and abused.  The racing dog people don't have the same wallet-opening draw and they are very busy tending to the dogs: grooming, feeding, cleaning kennels, training, exercising, scooping poop... there are many, many chores associated with properly maintaining racing greyhounds. Racing greyhound people do not have the free time to run media blitz campaigns! Besides, bad news sells.  If it bleeds; it leads.  Telling the truth is not known for being a good fundraising technique. And, the truth doesn't fit into the Grey2K doctrine, which is to perpetually manufactures controversy to keep those dollars flowing in. Grey2K is a deceptive organization. Grey2K is one of the biggest scams going. Grey2K could not care less about greyhounds except for what the "plight of the greyhounds" provides to them - money, money, money...

I remember reading someplace that, "animal management is not for the squeamish or those whose reality was formulated by Walt Disney cartoons."  I think this is a very true comment. It also illustrates the tendency for people to now humanize animals by calling them "their babies", "fur children", etc. Much of this has sprung from Disney's animals with human characteristics and it has lead to animal rights groups like ALF & Grey2K that equate a dog's life to being the equivalent or even more valuable than the life of a human being.  Where will it end?